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In this episode, Clarence shares what greeting cards provide a better opportunity than Christmas cards for engaging your small business customers and prospects. As the holiday season approaches, you may be looking for a way to set yourself apart from the competition and make a memorable impact on your customers. This greeting card is the solution. Not only can you express your gratitude, but you can also use the card to create more sales opportunities for the holiday season. What are you waiting for? Send this holiday card now!

So listen here to learn how to engage your customers before they get distracted by the busyness of the holidays.

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Clarence Fisher: Hey, what's up It's Clarence Fisher with Local Market Monopoly. And this week I'm going to share with you the number one holiday card you need to send right now. In fact, it's probably the only holiday card you need to send all holiday season. So you can rest assured that after you do this, you touched base with your best clients, but not only that you'll stand out from all the other service providers and vendors that they have. I'm also going to show you how to use that as a catalyst to get them, to give you more money before the year ends, and we'll also cover us sly way for you to increase your interactions with them in the weeks to come all of that anymore. So go ahead and tighten up your earbuds, put your phone in your pocket, and let's go!

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Clarence Fisher: This is going to be so awesome for you. Before we get started though, every week, we give you a chance to get coaching for your specific business about anything about marketing strategy, offers, your sales, whatever you need, all you have to do is go to Clarencefisher.com/ask. You're going to be asked one question, and that is what's the single biggest question you have about marketing your local business online. And you're going to be given an opportunity to leave a 90-second audio explanation of your question and I'll get it answered. So go to Clarencefisher.com/ask and I'll provide answers to all of your burning questions. Okay? Now let's get to the meat of things. We're talking about client appreciation. What better time than right now to talk about appreciation. You're grateful. You're thankful, it's going through your mind, it's going through your heart.

Clarence Fisher: What better time to let your clients know that you appreciate them and you do because, without them, you'd be out of business, right? Me too. So I definitely want to make sure that I let them know that I'm grateful for them, and I am thankful for them. So Thanksgiving is the best time to do that. And here's why. Not only because it's Thanksgiving and you're giving thanks. You kind of get the theme of that whole thing, but very few businesses send Thanksgiving cards to their clients. Most businesses send Christmas cards. I, Hey, Merry Christmas, or happy holidays. There are a few people who send Thanksgiving cards. So that alone sending a Thanksgiving card allows you to stand out. We've been doing this for years and sometimes very, very, very last minute. You know, things get distracted or whatever.

Clarence Fisher: And I've been very honest with you over in the podcast over the last few weeks, you know, last the, we went years without following our own promotion calendar. So we were hustling at the very last minute. I would be no joke in Walmart trying to find Thanksgiving cards. I say, aye, my very faithful, lovely. If you have ever met her wife is usually the one who has gone out and scavenged Thanksgiving cards and can only find maybe one package or two packages or three packages. And so then we ended up sending them to be like the very, very best of the best. So if you've got Thanksgiving cards, like in the past, before this year know that you are the creme de la creme, okay, now I'm going to get calls and they're like, Clarence, I haven't gotten a Thanksgiving card, but you will this year because I found a resource early and I'm going to share that resource with you so that you don't have to be like me or my wife and be at Walmart right before Thanksgiving trying to fill out cards.

Clarence Fisher: She's such a sweetheart. She would even, you know, handwrite them to all the best clients. You have to have an awesome partner. I'm telling you. So, all right. Thanksgiving cards, that's what we're sending out because you're going to stand out because most businesses, send Christmas cards. So that's level one. Level one is just sending the Thanksgiving card. For years we sent them around that first. No, it was the week before Thanksgiving. We were sending them. But then, and I credit this whole thing. I created learning this whole thing from Bill Glazer over at. It was Glazer Kennedy, but Bill Glazer did this for his men's stores for the longest time. And so I would send it. I would send these Thanksgiving cards and they were a big hit, but we'd get them out in the mail kind of last minute.

Clarence Fisher: But when we had time, as we do this year, we're going to do something a little different. We're going to go a little bit deeper. So level one, at least get Thanksgiving cards and send those out. You got plenty of time right now to go and find some that you like. You want to handwrite the address on there in blue ink. Or if you have so many clients that you need to have them digitally, you know, you need to have them digitally address to make sure that you get them in the handwriting font and preferably in the blue ink. So it looks like someone else or someone actually took the time to write that. And then also you want to use a real stamp on these, you know, what they call live stamps. You wanna use a real stamp, get the blue ink. If you have a chicken scratch, right?

Clarence Fisher: Writing like me, find someone with pretty writing. Like I said, my wife has, and my niece, I think one year helped not just trying to say that all women have pretty in writing, but they have definitely had better handwriting than I do. So they would do that. So that's level one, at least get the card. And like we always say, now that you're doing that this year, put it on your calendar for next year. So that now you have this a promotion on your calendar. Okay. Now let's move to level two. If you really want to get into it. Level two would be to put in the card in the envelope, another little note, put in to put a note in there that provides a deadline-based four days, an offer. An offer that is only good for four days. And you want to mail this card, put it in the mail the Monday before Thanksgiving.

Clarence Fisher: Thanksgiving usually falls on a Thursday, right? So you want to mail this out, put it in the mail on Monday so that they get it on like Tuesday or Wednesday. And when they open it, Bill says to put on there, do not open until you display your Thanksgiving card. Of course, nobody's going to do that. Nobody's going to follow that right. But you can definitely put it on there. But the key is to have that little note in there. And inside of that note, have your special, I would say, have your Black Friday special in there, right? Cause you're going to do that anyway. So have your Black Friday promotion. Remember we, what episode was it? I've got to, I've got to start having these episodes numbers. But if you go back a couple of episodes where we talk about your holiday or your holiday plan and having your Black Friday offer with the deadline stacking the cool.

Clarence Fisher: If you're a service business and you don't want to lower your fees, just stack the cool, make it something that is irresistible. But put that inside of a little bitty note inside the envelope of your Thanksgiving card. Now, you do want it to be time-based. You don't have to get super technical like we do. We use something called deadline funnel. And what it does is it puts a timer on the web page where we have the offer so that it disappears. You know, when those four days are up if you are a retail establishment and they are coming into your store, you don't have to do that. You do coupons all the time. Then there needs to, you know, it just expires and run it all the way through Monday, run it from black Friday, all the way. Well, you know, from the time they get the card, all the way through Cyber Monday, all the way through that Monday because you may have people that are on the road and they can't take action, but they can that Monday and you'll get more response now.

Clarence Fisher: So level one is just get the card. If that's all you do this year, that's all I'm telling you. You're gonna, it's going to be awesome. You're going to put some goodwill out there. Your clients are gonna love ya. You know, you definitely want to send these to your best clients of the year, but then if you want to broaden it out, if you have a little more money that you can spend, send it to your dream 100, we'll talk about that, got to get the episode number, but send it to your dream 100 for sure. And then you can send it to other people. I'll tell you what you do after you get your dream 100, then you can send an email out to the rest of your list, your B and C type contacts, and give them the offer as well. Speaking of that, you can use voice broadcasting to remind them, send a message.

Clarence Fisher: What is it? Wednesday or Thursday morning and tell them happy Thanksgiving. Oh, by the way, make sure that you got your card and remind them that Slybroadcast does that. We use Infusion that has it built-in Slybroadcast. I believe if you don't have a system that does, that will allow you to give a ringless voicemail, basically, they open up their phone and they've got a voice message from you. Very, very cool, but leave them a message in the morning. And then for everyone who didn't, who the message did not go to, or it didn't get through, send that out again in the evening. So there's another way for you to kind of reach out to them and touch them. So level one, send the card. I keep saying that send the card. Start now. You cannot believe, I think they don't stock as many, but you can not believe how difficult it is to find Thanksgiving day cards.

Clarence Fisher: If you wait until the last minute, like Mr. Fisher has done for so many years again, Oh, that's how I was going to tell you this year. It ain't. So it's not like that. Who did I use? It was Brook-hollow. I think it is. I will put the link in the show notes there. So you can have, I ordered 100 cards, custom, put our message in there. You can put your logo on there. If you want to. We designed the cards and they have some less expensive ones, but I think ours ended up being a dollar and 49 a piece or something like that. So definitely going out to our dream 100, which includes our top clients. And then we'll also send out emails to the rest of the list and yeah, we got the voice broadcast going out and then that's it. So if you're like me, your biggest biggest quarter is this is this quarter. So you definitely want to reach out to your clients and let them know that you're grateful, that you're thankful, but there's nothing wrong with giving them an offer at the same time. And then following up. Everybody in their mother is going to be selling something over that week of Thanksgiving. And there is absolutely no reason that you shouldn't be too. And especially if they've already spent money with you, chances are that they're going to spend money with you again, unless you royally messed up throughout the year, which sometimes it happens.

Clarence Fisher: And you're like, Hey, thank well. I'm so thankful that you've given us the chance to serve you, but no, seriously, you can, you can fix that. All right. Especially when they're feeling all warm and you sent them a card, okay? Well that is it for this week. Here's what I want you to do is if you like this, share it, subscribe of course to the podcast, leave us a rating on iTunes, share the URL comment, tag me, #localmarketmonopoly #owntheblock. And speaking of that, I'm going to let you go so that you can go own the block. We'll see you next time.

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