21 Ways to Monetize Your Lobby TV
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monetize your lobby TV

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In an era where every screen can be a source of revenue, this episode is the perfect guide for businesses seeking to transform their lobby TVs into profitable assets.

In this episode, I'll guide you through 21 innovative, practical, and actionable strategies you can implement immediately to monetize your lobby TV.

Whether you're a veterinarian, a salon owner, a corporate executive, or anyone with a lobby TV, this episode promises to enlighten, inspire, and equip you with the knowledge to leverage this often-overlooked asset.

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Clarence Fisher: Welcome Back to Local Market Monopoly, Clarence Fisher, your host. It's episode 79 and today we're going to talk about some quick ways, actually 21 ways, I believe at the last count to monetize your lobby tv, the screen that's in your waiting area. It could also, if you're a bar or restaurant, you definitely have screens, but everybody has TV screens that you know have for your customers, your clients, your patients. We're going to talk about ways to monetize that when we get back. Whoa.

Intro: You are listening to Local Market Monopoly with Clarence Fisher uncovering the tools, tactics and strategies the most successful small businesses use to dominate their local market and own the block.

Clarence Fisher: All right, so we're back and we're talking about digital signage is what it's actually called, and I was introduced to it probably a few years ago when we were introduced to a company that provides free players two businesses. It's called Loop TV, L O O P TV, and I'm going to share with you some ways to monetize. Actually, in my mind, working with our clients was coming up with ways to help them monetize Loop TV because disclaimer, we are an affiliate for Loop TV, but as we were looking into it, I mean there's all kinds of digital signage companies that you can just Google and look up. I think there's Atmosphere is one, lobby is one, there's several of them that you can Google. We use Loop and I'll put a link there for that, but what I share with you today is the same monetization strategies that you can use for any of them.
Some clients that we haven't convinced to use Loop yet are still using kind of a USB that they've plugged into their TV that has slides, what is it? PowerPoint slides that rotate. You can do that as well and you can use these strategies for that as well, so whichever way that you want to do it, okay? I will tell you that you need to do something because there's no reason not to. You have people's undivided attention, they're waiting for you. This is a perfect time to sell them more product. This, that's going to be one of the ways. First, lemme tell you, you want to be time relevant things that are going on now you want to put on the screen, make sure that your promotions are time relevant. If you're a restaurant, definitely you could do your launch promotions or happy hour promotions in there, but if you're not a restaurant, I mean it's fall this season, it's winter.
You know, can do promotions on the seasons on your screens, and then also make sure that you have direct call to actions. This is something that we talk about with any advertising that we do. Make sure you are asking people to do what you want them to do. I think so many times we're either too cute and we don't ask for the sale or we leave it up to them. That's what happens most of the time is when I'm reviewing advertising or I'm reviewing a promotion, there's no call to action because it is assumed that you, the person will do that. Let me tell you something. You have to tell them what you want them to do next. Do not leave it up to them. Stop leaving it up to them because I promise you what's happening, more people than not are being like, oh, okay, well that's nice.
Seriously. They're like, ah, well that's nice to know, and you're like, why didn't you call first? Here's a, okay, here's an instance. You go through the hard work of creating a really nice advertisement and then you put the phone number at the bottom. This is what typically happens. You put the phone number at the bottom. Do you know that most people will look at that and go, huh, that's nice. When I get a chance, I'll call that. All you have to do is put call right before that call now, oh, I should probably call now. We are that simple, I promise. So use a call to action. But if you're looking into digital signage right now for the first time and you're looking at all these things and you're wondering, okay, I have some screens in my business, but what would I even promote?
It's not an uncommon thing. You think, what would I promote? Well, let me give you some options here. Number one, and I don't know how the other signage devices work. I know on Loop you can choose your programming. Let's say you, they have different channels like GoPro and comedy channels, kids channels, news channels, sports channels, all these different types of channels. But the way that it works is you can feature a product, an item, a service, say however many videos you want. Say if it's like every five videos, like every five GoPro videos, you can have it show a different product or a different service, and this was the no-brainer when we were introduced to it was even if you're a service business, one of the things that we have difficulty getting clients to do is to upsell and cross promote other services consistently like your staff, unless it's a, you're running some type of incentive program for them to cross sell something else or upsell something else, they don't do it.
They don't rarely do it. They're just not thinking about it. So any opportunity that you have to have a systematic way of upselling people through your newsletters, through your Lobby TV, which is what we're talking about right now, you should do it. Also asking for referrals, it's, it would be a great way to have a screen pop up every now and then asking for referrals. Now, this is what I'm going to do as I'm going through these today. I am going to be talking about, as I said, Loop TV. Understand you can use any other device. If you want to use Loop, you can use our link, I think it's it's freelobbytv.com, FREElobbytv.com. Also in the show notes there, but if you don't use something else or like I said, use the USB. I think if you use ours free lobby tv, you can get rewards at the end of each month for the time that you use it, which is great.
Alrighty, so here we go. Featuring a product or service or item, you can explain the value of your service, like this is what you get with us versus a competitors. You can also do that with any item that you're selling, but definitely your service. You can create urgency there as far as this promotion is good for this time. Now, under your video, you can have a ticker that goes across the bottom at all times. You can say, Hey, welcome. You can have your tagline or your slogan there. You can also say, don't forget that our summer sale is over at the end of summer. Don't forget Mother's Day, so create some urgency, a sense of urgency, a great way to upsell anything that, any offer that you have, you can entertain your customers. You can take pictures of the staff doing silly stuff. If this is your personality every now and then have that show a picture of an office party or if it's Loop, you could interrupt programming with a funniest home video that plays well.
What I really like is the ability to play as many videos as you want, because some of our doctor's offices don't want to play videos. All they want is the signage, so you can do that. You could have just your signage rotating, whatever your messages are, but if you wanted to, let's say every five signs that you have, you play something, a GoPro or some scenery, or you could interrupt with a music video or you could interrupt that like every five signs that of yours with what else could be with some news or something like that would be good too. Interrupt your signages with some news, but you can decide how you want it to be, which is great.
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Also, if you have video, if you have video this, if you have a video testimonial, let's say you have a cell phone testimonial, download that video and upload that video and put that in rotation in your waiting area, that would be awesome, especially if it is a video of a service that could be upsold on top of your normal service, so someone who actually had a win with one of your higher tier services. Get them on video, a two minute video testimonial. You can go to, which episode did we have? The video testimonial formula, episode 54, The Perfect Video Testimonial Formula. You can go there and get the questions that you want to ask, but even if you didn't do those questions, even if all you did was open the phone and they talked and you had a couple of minutes there and you put that in rotation, that would be awesome because as the video plays, you could have the ticker at the bottom telling them what they need to do or what the service is and tell 'em what they need to do next in order to get the same results.
So that's one thing that you can do. You can also inform your customers, your patients, whoever on closings or things that are happening soon, giving them the information that they need. Take pictures of your staff and have those in a rotation or take picture of one of your staff and say, Hey, this is the employee of the month. Have them give them a spotlight, or maybe they're not even the employee of, what I'm going to do right now is I'm just going to riff, okay? And so you can take notes and do one or all of these things, but introduce your staff as a whole. You've got a picture there. You could introduce one person, take pictures of each one of your staff, and you could throw those in rotation every now and then. So let's say you have a picture of Melanie. Then there's a little paragraph about Melanie.
Again, you can decide how long this particular slide is going to stay up there so that they can read that. So introduce your staff. Maybe you have a little video of Melanie talking about herself or introducing people there. You could communicate your values. What are the values of your business? We just installed loop players into a sports bar in grill. Big shout out to the golden sombrero over in Jinx where their value, what their main value is in there. You are treated like an MVP. That is a value that is on the ticker when you go in there, so communicate your values. You can turn it into another revenue source. Imagine this, some of our people are in like BNI or you could even do this even if you're not in a networking group. All of us who are in business have other friends who are in business.
What if you used some of your signage to promote, cross-promote them, and then what if they paid you a little bit, I don't know, a dollar, whatever you work out to do, so you have the eyeballs. You could do that, and then also your customer reviews. You could create a graphic, take your customer reviews, create a graphic. You've seen these graphics. They get shared on social all the time by savvy business owners. Upload that and have that show every now and then. Okay? Have your hashtags have a slide that says hashtag Get back to the speed of life. One of our chiropractor's, taglines, whatever your tagline is, have that hashtag, it'd be hashtag Local Market Monopoly or hashtag own your block. You could ask for their email address, offer a lead magnet, excellent idea. What do you have a free report for? Make sure that you give them. Make sure that the domain is memorable, just like I told you. What was it?
I don't remember the domain. Yeah, actually it was get, no, it was freeLobbytv.com, freelobbytv.com. Make sure, make sure it's memorable. You could promote an event if you have an event coming up blood drive or a block party or anything. Definitely want to put that in there as far as like I'm saying, a blood drive. You could raise awareness for a cause. We have a client that has the neighborhood blood drive every year, come and park in their parking lot, and people come and donate blood in their parking lot. That would be a great thing to put there. You could also show the weather. People talk about the weather. What if these TVs are placed in a lobby where no one knows? It may help them find the bathroom. You could tell them. You could tell them where the bathroom or certain things are.
Frequently asked questions. This is a great one. Frequently asked questions. Write down the 10 questions. Oh man. You can write down the 10 questions that people frequently ask you and answer those questions. You know what I'm going through? If you've been with me for a while, I'm going through the FAQ SAQ Framework, episode 46. If you go to local market monopoly.com and search FAQ and then hit enter, it'll pull up, so you could write those down and create slides that answer each question and have those kind of randomly show up, or you could just record yourself a video on cell phone and input that. Okay, so you come up every now and then and say, one of the questions that we get asked all the time is this. This is a great question, answer, answer, answer, answer, answer. We are here. You're in the right place.
We'll see you in a moment. There it is right there. Or if you recorded that video, let's say you already recorded the video because you have listened to episode 46 and you went and created your frequently asked question videos and you uploaded those to Facebook or YouTube or wherever. Just download that video and put that video inside of your loop player where it goes round, and in case you haven't listened to that, that I'm going to take it another step and say, answer the questions that people should be asking but don't know to ask. That is where your real authority is going to come from. Put those in there as well. You really should go to 51, episode 51 and check that out. One other way is to display your special hours. If you have a restaurant, definitely you're going to do happy hour, but also, let's say you're going to be closed for Labor Day or any holiday.
Then you could also put that tons of things you can do with digital signage, but let me pull it back to maybe the absolute things that you need to do, the absolute basic things you need to do. Figure out your products or services that you want to upsell or cross-sell. Make sure that they are at least being shown on the signage. If you want to partner with some other people that are not competitors to you, but are related to your service, definitely would be great. You could reach out to those people and work out some type of referral opportunity and then promote them on your signage. And really, all of these are great ways to use it, but you definitely want to utilize this. It is, it's missing money. It's free money for you right there, and the programming is free. If you want these channels of music videos or news or trivia, you can have kids programming all types of different programming.
It's free for you, so why not use it? So anyway, I wanted to, as we were creating these ways to hand to our clients on how to monetize their loop TVs, I wanted to make sure that I shared that with you, and again, you can use any other device besides the loop or don't even use a device if you have a smart TV plug in your USB I really like the loop players because you can get really crazy with it and the programming is totally awesome. Again, you can go to free Lobby TV and order as many as you need for absolutely free and to get rewards at the end of the month when for your usage. If you're using it a certain amount of time, they give you rewards. So it's a great deal. Listen, if this helps you, please share it. You can also tag us. Clarence Fisher Tag. Yeah, tag Clarence Fisher, hashtag Local Market Monopoly. Other than that, I'm going to see you next week where I'm going to continue helping you own your block.

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