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holiday marketing plan

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Looking to maximize the potential of your holiday marketing plan and efforts this year?

In this week's episode, we dive into the essential steps for developing a robust marketing strategy that will whip your business into shape for the upcoming holiday season.

You'll also learn the best tactics to use during this time of year and how to keep customers coming back again next year!

Whether you're a small business owner, solo entrepreneur, or marketing manager at a large brand, this episode is for you. Listen now!

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Clarence Fisher: Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, nobody had presents because we set no promos out. Don't let this be you or your family. You want to listen to this episode. Welcome back to Local Market Monopoly. I'm Clarence Fisher, your host. And in this episode, we're going over your holiday marketing plan. And this episode, I'm going to show you, actually, I'm going to give you all of the promos that we run with us and our clients. Beyond that, we're going to go over three specific things you can do to make sure that your promos, your campaigns are as profitable as they can be. And finally, I'm just going to give you a resource that you're going to find infinitely helpful this year. Don't go anywhere. We'll be right back.

Clarence Fisher: It was October 25th, 2020. When I realized I don't have my stuff together, at least for the holidays we're running behind. Halloween is in a week and we didn't have a promo. Normally I wouldn't celebrate Halloween, but since I'm in business and it's another opportunity to get my name out in front of my clients, we typically should take advantage of that. But just like every year, Q4 quote-unquote snuck up on me. It's kind of like Dave Ramsey says, whoa, Christmas snuck up on me every single year. So I vowed at that moment that this year would be different and it has, it has been. And I'm going to share when we've put together with you so that you can use it. In fact, if you want the actual Q4 holiday promo calendar that I'm going to go over with you, you can just go to localmarketmonopoly.com/q4calendar.

Clarence Fisher: Yes, team. I just changed that up at the very last minute, localmarketmonopoly.com/q4calendar. And you can download it for absolutely free. Who's your homie a big juice. Okay. So let's go over this . Luckily I snapped to and was like, Hey, we're not going to do this again next year guys. And we didn't. And so we're going to give that to you, but we're going to go over, um, this Q4 promo holiday calendar that, that you could have, and just so much happening in Q4. You have to schedule, you know, you're doing your planning with your team for next year. You're planning your budgets for next year. Give us a call and beyond that, you definitely want to make some money, hopefully, right? Maybe you're the type of business. Maybe you're a consulting business and you're like, Hey, Clarence high, we don't run promos, but you still need to get in front of your clients' faces. If you have any type of business, this is the best time of the year. So let's jump into it episode. Can you believe this it's episode 40? No, this is episode 50. We've been doing this for longer than a year, not at episode 52 yet, but if you count all of the weeks that I totally missed the deadline again, sorry, team. We've been doing this for more than a year.

Clarence Fisher: Maybe next year, we can have a sound effects. Have we made enough to be able to invest in sound effects, but that's another day we'll have the anniversary. Let's get back to the holiday promo. As you can see that I am prone to jumping off course, bring it back. Clarence, back to the promo, starting from right now to I'd say mid-October, you probably want to get your team together. If it's not your team, it could be you, you yourself, and how you talk to yourself. It could be that team if you like, but if it's your immediate team, get yourselves together and say, Hey, what holidays do we want to celebrate this year? And really it boils down to your base, your customer base, your client base. The first thing you want to do is figure out what holidays matter to them because it's not even really about you.

Clarence Fisher: It's not even, it's not about me. You could go get this promo calendar and say, Hey, my people don't believe in anything. So we're just to make up holidays. Okay? Um, fuddy-duddy today, you can, you can celebrate that, but figure out what holidays your audience cares about most. I know Christmas is super big for my audience. So we celebrate that yours maybe Kwanzaa or Hanukkah, or I don't know what atheists celebrate could be that, but figuring out what it is that they are down with and make note of those. If you download this Q4 calendar, you can just delete the holidays. You're not going to be using, and we're going to figure out what products or services we're going to offer. Hey, here's a quick tip. You don't even have to offer your services, get with the people that you've networked with, maybe in your networking groups or maybe tools that you use that your customer client, patient base could use and work out some type of deal with them where you could even just refer.

Clarence Fisher: You could run a promo and ask for their service or their product and get a piece of the pie. Okay. Now you're thinking now brain is like, whoa, Clarence we don't want to run a promo for our stuff, but we can definitely do that. Yes, you can definitely do that. And we're going to put together offers, and we're going to create a sense of urgency with every one of these promos. Just the fact that it's called a holiday promo gives it a sense of urgency, but even on top of that, you're not going to leave it open forever. You know, typically on B2B cases, you can either go, you can have one promo for an entire month or you can do like we do and just run it for a week. Okay. Now when you get, okay, so if you got your holidays, then matter to your people, to you people.

Clarence Fisher: And now you've got your services that you are going to offer them your services or products could be yours, could be someone else's could be a mixture probably of all of it. And now we're going to say, Hey, of those services, let's look and see what ads have traditionally worked. And you can go and you can look at competitors' ads. Um, you can Google the Facebook ad library. Did you know this Facebook ad library and then type in your product and your service. And since Facebook got in trouble, a couple of years ago, they have to show who's running what. Like every ad that's running on their platform, they have to show it and they have to show who's running it. So you can look up all of your competitors' ads is basically what I'm saying, or the number one gorilla in your marketplace look at their ads.

Clarence Fisher: Where are they running? I'm not saying just totally copy them, but you can model them and see what angles they're taking, but find out how the services are being sold. Especially if you're offering something that you don't necessarily do, but it's a partner that you have, and you're about to get maybe a referral fee on it. How are they being positioned is really what you're looking at. Okay. And then for your own services, just take note of, Hey, what was the most successful service that we had this year? What worked the best? And then you want to create content. And if you can a, I say content, yeah, you do want to create a concept, but if you can a holiday-themed page for your website, or even if you don't do that notice, have you noticed, I try to always go the simplest way.

Clarence Fisher: And I think that's because I've been working with small business owners for like 10 years. So, you know, it's like Clarence, just tell me what the heck to do. All I want is the thing to do. So this is the thing to do. You can just send an email, it can be as simple as that, but if you're really wanting to get jiggy, create a holiday specific landing page for each of these services, and you can even put a deadline on that landing page. You know, if you really want to get crazy, you can put a countdown timer on there, you know, give us a call. We can do all this stuff for you if you want. But if not, you can do it or have your web person do it. So there we go. We have figured out what our people care about.

Clarence Fisher: We have figured out what we're going to offer. Okay. Okay. And we've created a, maybe a specific landing page for that. If we're not going to create a landing page, we're just going to use a good old email. But without further ado, let's look at all the options we have for this queue for so much stuff. So much stuff is happening. So remember now until mid-October, say the October 15th, okay, you need to have all of that part done, and now let's create your emails or your I'm not going to do that for any one of these. You can do email. You can do definitely Facebook, Linked In, definitely promo. If you're on Tiktok, your Tiktoking to the knock to the AM to talk, you don't stop calling me back. If your tiktoking, you can do that as well.

Clarence Fisher: But here's the list. Number one in October, while everyone's trying to figure out their budgets, send them a tax-saving email, perhaps you can offer them a discount for paying upfront for however many months. So this is something we do for our better clientele. Give them the offer, say, Hey, you know, you can save money on your taxes for next year. Just give us some of it. And we will knock off X amount, 5%, whatever 10, whatever the percentage is for however many months, you pay in advance, put that on your calendar for October, because I guarantee you just like you, everyone is sitting down and saying, Hey, what are we going to do next year? All departments bring me your numbers and your budgets. Okay. So there's a tax-saving email campaign followed by Halloween. Okay. Halloween on the 30th. In each of these campaigns, you really want to have your stuff together, like two weeks prior.

Clarence Fisher: Okay. So set on your calendar to make sure that two weeks prior to the actual holiday, you have your assets and stuff together. Alrighty, all the graphics, all the emails, have it all together. Then we have Thanksgiving, of course, Thanksgiving is happening. Now, the reason you want to do all this stuff, I would try to get it all done pretty quickly. Even before Thanksgiving. Like you just have it all scheduled prescheduled because you know how it is after Thanksgiving. You just eat some turkey and you're pretty much done for the rest of the year. I mean, that's it nap time, that's it? Typically how it goes. So, Thanksgiving, the next day, Black Friday, or you could say the day after, however you want to do it, there's typically a chance for a promo there and Cyber Monday as well. If your product or service matches that, then we talked about Christmas Hanukkah, any of those types of holidays, and check this out, a countdown to new year's Eve. This is something that we're doing new this year.

Clarence Fisher: And it's kind of explained to me that, who came up with Billie Jean. Yeah. That's what it's got to give credit where credit is due, was like people are always saying that time between Thanksgiving and New year's, they are like, we're not gonna start anything. We're looking forward to starting things at the beginning of the year. Hey, January 1st, I'm starting this new year. I'm starting this. So why not hold a class or a webinar or something like that, or give him an offer that says, Hey, you don't even have to say the webinar or the class saying, Hey, start your new year with a new payroll company, you know? And here's the introductory offer for you to start. And it doesn't even start till January 1st. You can make the decision right now. All you have to do is fill out this form and we can get everything ready for you to start at the end, January, no commitment right now.

Clarence Fisher: I don't know if it's no commitment or whatever, but you get what I'm saying. You're on vacation. Just fill out this form, do whatever you need to do. And we're going to start on the first. Okay. But there's a countdown to that new launch, whatever it is, then you can have your new year's Eve definitely your new year's promo, and mixed in here. I don't know if you do it or not, but you can have your customer, client, patient type appreciation party. Whether you do that, or you do that for your referral partners or even your team there. And something super big, if you really want to get big into it, which we're again doing this year is 12 deals of Christmas and we're service. And you know, don't, don't get me wrong. We're a service business and I don't do discounts.

Clarence Fisher: Okay. And I know. And that's your thank you. Cause I was thinking you were saying, we're going to do, you know, get your will done for a dollar. No, no, I do not condone that. What I am saying is we do stack the cool though. Okay. Thank you, Frank Curt. We stack the cool and that cooler. When I say stack, the cool is typically when you hire us to do this, it doesn't include this or this, but if you sign up this month or this week, you not only get the, you know, the gold standard, this that we're renowned for, but you also get one of these. And by the way, two of those, all of this, if you sign up this week, I'm sorry. Can you tell, I'm just psyched about the 12 deals of Christmas that we're doing. So you can do that as well.

Clarence Fisher: All of this is on the calendar that you can go download right now at guess what team I'm going to remember. The URL localmarketmonopoly.com/Q4calendar. Yes, you can have it. I'm having too much fun in this booth. I think it's Q4. Q4 is upon us. Fall is upon us. My wife's favorite time of the year, which makes it my favorite time of the year. You guys, you married, people know how that, how that goes. So hopefully you enjoyed today's episode and hopefully, you put it all together and put it to use. And I want to hear Clarence. We were not blindsided back Q4 this year. We got it done. We got one more sale. We got two or three or four more sales than we normally did if you're a retail establishment and you're listening to this, my goodness, it's a gold run for you. All right. So as always, if you need anything, by the way, if you need us to write these emails for you and run these promos for you, just give us a holler. All right. And you know, or put something together for you. So until then so much love, please share this on Facebook, Instagram, take a screenshot, hit me on LinkedIn, tag me own the block, subscribe on Apple Podcasts or wherever you're listening to this, and share it with a friend. But whatever you do go market and own the block.


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