Halloween Marketing Strategies
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Halloween Marketing Strategies

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The spookiest time of the year is just around the corner and it's time to get your marketing ideas together so you can watch your business grow this season.

In this week’s episode, I am going to go over some of my favorite Halloween marketing ideas that will help you stand out from the competition!

You'll learn what kind of content you should be creating, how to promote it, and other tips and tricks in order to get the most out of your Halloween marketing strategy. Listen now!

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Clarence Fisher

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Clarence Fisher: Hey, Hey, welcome back to Local Market Monopoly. My name is Clarence Fisher. I'm your host. And this episode, we're going to do something. I don't think I'm going to call it. I don't think it's annual, but we did do something like this last year. What we're going to do, this episode is get you prepared for Halloween. It's the Halloween promo prep episode. Does that sound, does that sound official? That's what we're going to do. I know it's a little bit early Halloween next month, but you should be ready. And so, I'm just doing you a solid, right? So hold on. Be right back and we'll get busy.

Clarence Fisher: All right, welcome back. We're talking about Halloween, Halloween prep, actually Halloween promo prep. And I'll tell you what, this is what I'm going to do. I actually did training for this, for our Inner Circle members. And I'm going to give you that absolutely free. If you want to check out that training, just go to Localmarketmonopoly.com/Halloween. And you can see the training that I did for there exclusively for the Inner Circle. There you go. Don't ever say I didn't give you anything. So let's walk through this. Halloween is next month, of course. But if, you know, like I know I'm a planner, I like to get things done beforehand. So that's what we're going to walk through right now. First, let's go through some holiday marketing ideas. This is kind of some of the stuff that I went over in the training for the Inner Circle members that you'll see when you go to check out that video.

Clarence Fisher: But anyway, you want to put some blue in it, you know, put some fun in your promo. Think about how you can add a touch, a Halloween to any of your products or your services that you have right now, you know, quite a yummy, quite, you know, I was about to say something super-duper intellectual. When you start with what is it quite honestly, quite truthfully. You probably already have a product or service that you've been, you've been doing for Halloween. If not, you've had a Halloween contest with maybe or a costume contest with maybe your staff. Maybe you can do that, but have you thought about extending that to your customers, your clients, where you put that on your Facebook and do a contest and judge that, and whoever wins maybe wins? I don't know that any, it really doesn't even have to be a prize that's related to your service or your product.

Clarence Fisher: They could just win. I don't know, an iPad or a dinner for two at one of your friend's restaurants or something, but you want to put some BOO in it or, or some spooky, some scary, all of that stuff into it. So you can do a photo contest. You could do a video, kind of upload a branded video, Halloween kind of theme video to your Facebook or whatever that could be. That could be super fun. You want to think of some hashtags, not hashtags or hash tots. Uh, am I getting hungry? Um, hashtag those sounds real good. Kind of like a split between hash Browns and tighter ties, but hashtags, create one for your promo, and people who click that hashtag will see all of the entrance into your contest, make sure that your website if you can is Halloween themed.

Clarence Fisher: And again, if you don't want to go all out like that, that's fine. But you know, Halloween is one of those, one of those holidays where people go like all out like there's a guy in my neighborhood that has a haunted house. Whether I will let my children or grandchildren go through that, I have, I've not yet. I mean, we've been here. I don't know how many years, and I've not, we've not answered that, but nonetheless, he has it. And you can give away tricks, or treats. But really what I like to do is for you to pick a product or service and create a promo around that. And as I said last week, if you listened to last week's episode on your holiday marketing plan, if you have not heard that you should go back, you're not listening to every single episode? Go back, listen to last week's, that's going to outline your complete holiday marketing plan.

Clarence Fisher: And then, so you will have picked out a product or service that matches Halloween, or you can promote a service or product of one of your buddies that you network with or it's always, they have a business that compliments your base. You don't want to just promote stuff to be promoting stuff, but if, you know how we all network with people who are complementary, but not in competition with us, promote their stuff and get a piece of the pie for that, but create a promotion. And then what you want to do is promoted in this manner. A really effective way is the 24-hour sale, the 24-hour flash sale. If you can get away with that. But you know, a lot of us are B2B, okay. And 24 hours over the weekend, we try that tons and tons and tons and tons of time.

Clarence Fisher: Unless we're like losing money on the promo and it has cut down markdown that much over the weekend, people are just, people are just busy for whatever reason for the B2B stuff now. And it could be that, you know, our price point is not low enough for people to just, Hey, just pull the trigger like that. So, but what has worked better for us is a four-day sale, or I got, maybe I stopped using the word sale because when I do that, my B2B clients were like, Clarence, you know, we're not the sounds like gimmicky. We don't do sales. Okay but promo, okay, let's say promo. A four-day promo where you get the core service or the core product and then if you sign up or, or purchase or schedule an appointment, even within these four days, when we do close, you will get not only these, this service, the core service, but you will also get this valuable thing and this valuable thing, but only for these four days. Okay?

Clarence Fisher: And then you want to write your email. You want to have email marketing that goes out to that. You can use your MailChimp, your active campaign, um, uh, the local monopoly software that, that we have, if you don't have mail, Chimp is free having, um, if you want, uh, you know, active campaign or any call us, we can get that set up for you, but you probably likely already have it. What you may not already have is the ability to use text and text is so powerful right now. I mean, like it's 99% open rate and you can use a software called Easy text. If you don't have it's. I think it's like 1 cent, 2 cents, 3 cents, more, 2 cents, or 3 cents a text. If you're on our platform, you have that automatically, by the way, and this is not like a pitch of our platform, but you have it.

Clarence Fisher: And you also can send the voicemail drops where you know, it goes through it doesn't ring, it just drops the voicemails. Hey, it's Clarence with TulsaIM. And, and it's booze hall. It's, it's, it's this Halloween just wanted to make sure that you saw the email and the text and the pin in the messenger pigeon that we sent about our promo. Um, you know, you can do that, but then also have your promo on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, for sure. I would assume that if I'm saying anything about a promotion, you are assuming LinkedIn. Now you may not be assuming Google My Business, but you should put a post on Google My Business. And as I've been saying, Google My Business, your Google profile also allows you to turn on messaging. So you should have your messaging on because when people see that post, they will message you most likely and say, Hey, I'm interested in that.

Clarence Fisher: And you want to be able to reply back to that. If you don't have that capability, holla at a brother. Okay. but you want to have fun with it and what I think, you know, what we should do team, when do they, when they go see that video, let's also put in kind of some email, uh, what am I thinking? What am I thinking? Oh, the flight, you know what to send, like, you know, when I send the emails and the text message and all of that stuff, like the timeline put, put all that in there, all the goodies. Okay. localmarketmonopoly.com/Halloween. There we were habit for you. So get your prep on for Halloween. This is what you're going to do. Find a product or service that blends very well with the holiday of Halloween.

Clarence Fisher: If you do not have that reach out to a complimentary product or service that is in your sphere of influence say, Hey, man, I'm going to send you some leads. Can you just, maybe, I don't know, buy me a pizza or something. We're trying to eat healthy here though. So can you give me some free range, chicken grass fed chicken breasts, chicken. I don't eat grass. I don't think, I don't know. Anyway, work out a deal and then promote their stuff. And, then also, uh, give your website a, make-over have a costume party if you like, if you get down like that, I don't really get down like that, but you could have a costume party, just do it up for Halloween. The main thing is don't just sit there because it is a free opportunity for you to get into the conversation that is going on in your customer client patient's mind right now.

Clarence Fisher: And if you just sit on the bench, you're going to miss out. Okay. They are expecting for you. They're not going to be surprised for sure if you jump into that conversation, they're expecting that and they're expecting you to give them an offer. They're expecting it. So why don't you do it and start now, you have a month. There is no excuse. Please send me, what are you doing for Halloween? Let me know. Okay. So hopefully this was helpful to you and if it wasn't keep it to yourself, but go ahead and pass this around to whoever you think may benefit from it. If you would kind of like to subscribe and leave us a review on iTunes or wherever else, you're listening to it. Follow us on social media and Hey, we've got a brand new Facebook group.

Clarence Fisher: It's absolutely free for you. If you go to what is, what is it? I was doing so good. Wasn't I tell you, I wasn't forgetting a single, if you go to, what is it? localmarketmonopolygroup.com. Yes. localmarketmonopolygroup.com.You can join the Facebook group for free. And what we're trying to do is just create this community where we can all get together because I'm looking at the downloads and the numbers. And every episode comes out. There's like a thousand downloads which is awesome. We're still young. We're still young in the game, but I feel that a couple of phone calls, but you know what, we're all out there. And we're listening to my crazy self, but we're not like talking to each other. So I thought, how cool would it be? Let's try this, create the community and make it free. So localmarketmonopolygroup.com, you can join for free. If you want to check out that video that I recorded for the Inner Circle members, you can go to localmarketmonopolygroup.com/Halloween. All right. So do this go out and out market your market and own the block.


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