5 Game-Changing Ways AI is Shaping the Future of Marketing
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Navigating the AI Marketing Revolution

In this episode, we explore the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the future of local marketing. As AI evolves, so does its transformative potential for the marketing industry. We’ll uncover the top 5 game-changing ways AI is redefining marketing and how you can prepare for this evolution.

Personalized Customer Experience: Creating One-to-One Engagements

First, we discuss how AI is enhancing personalization in marketing, providing a tailored experience for each customer, client or patient. We'll cover real-world examples and tips for implementing AI-powered personalization in your own strategy.

AI can enhance personalization, providing unique, engaging experiences for each customer.

Predictive Analytics: Forecasting Consumer Behavior

Next, we tackle predictive analytics. By analyzing data and predicting future trends, AI is helping marketers stay one step ahead. Learn about the power of predictive analytics and how to apply it effectively.

Predictive analytics, powered by AI, enables marketers to forecast trends and consumer behavior.

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants: Automation and Instant Customer Service

AI has revolutionized customer service with the advent of chatbots and virtual assistants. We'll explore the role these tools play in providing instant, automated support to customers.

AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants provide instant, efficient customer service.

AI in Advertising: Streamlining and Optimizing Ad Campaigns

We look at how AI is making waves in the advertising sector, from ad creation to targeting and optimization. Learn how AI can streamline your advertising processes and maximize ROI.

AI can significantly enhance advertising efforts, optimizing campaigns for higher returns.

Content Creation and Curation: AI as a Creative Force

Finally, we touch on how AI is contributing to content creation and curation, helping marketers deliver relevant and engaging content to their audience.

AI can assist in content creation and curation, ensuring relevancy and engagement.

Join us in this episode as we dive into the fascinating world of AI in marketing. This way you can stay ahead of the curve and navigate the future of marketing with confidence.

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Clarence Fisher

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Clarence Fisher: Hey, welcome back to Local Markets Monopoly. My name is Clarence Fisher and I am your host. This is episode 87. If you're counting, and we're going to share five ways that AI is expected to change marketing not only in 2023, but beyond and what marketers can do to stay ahead. What you as a Biff, you're a business owner can do to stay ahead really, whether you're a seasoned marketing professional or you're just starting out or you've been in business for decades, you definitely want to understand the impact that AI is going to have on your marketing. It's essential for your success ahead. Whoa.

Intro: You're listening to Local Market Monopoly with Clarence Fisher, uncovering the tools, tactics and strategies. The most successful small businesses used to dominate their local market and own the block.

Clarence Fisher: Yes. Yes, and we're back. For those of you who are a little bit older, you understand you are AI, way back in the day on a show called The Jetsons was a housekeeper named Rosie actually. She was a robot and I would imagine she would be part AI, but it's all here now and accessible to everyone. Well, we don't have a Rosie yet. I don't think we have a Rosie yet, but it's coming. I think Alexa was kind of the closest to it, and I don't know if you're younger than 35, you're probably shut up about Rosie. I'm telling you. Just go search about the Jetsons and Rosie watch a few episodes on YouTube or something. Okay. Alright. Back to today's episode of how AI is going to change marketing. Not even going to, it's changing it right now from personalization and automation to predictive analytics.
It's happening. So let's just jump into this. First of all, what's the role that AI has in marketing? This is something that is developing very quickly, especially with me and my team and other marketers. I mean right now I feel like if you are not embracing ai, please do not run from it. If you are not embracing AI right now, you are going to be pretty far behind in the next six months, so you really need to jump on it right now. I got a text the other day, I shared this in the last episode, got a text the other day from a good buddy of mine that he said he's a business owner his self, and he is like, Hey man, where do I need to go to learn about AI? I know this is a loaded question and I'm like, yeah, that's crazy because really it depends on what you want to do.
What do you want to accomplish? If you can just set aside or sit back and think, what do I do right now that I would like to do faster or better? Pick one thing and start there and see how AI can be integrated into that thing to make it faster for you or better for you. And then going down to that road, we'll open up this entire world of AI to you. And when that happens, when your nose gets really open, then it's like, okay, how can I focus, focus, focus, focus? Because very quickly you can get as I am where it's, well, what can I use AI for? Can I use it for everything? I mean, I'm actually right now trying to figure out what, how do I limit the AI access to things that I have? I could have AI do more for me, but I purposely on a personal note and trying to, I mean, there are things I don't want AI to have access to, and I think we're all going to run into that at some point of we can get conspiratorial right here where some of us are like, eh, I think we're moving towards this thing and governments and every, everywhere having access to everything about you, like your health, your everything.
And I think that's where everything's trying to move. Now, we could very easily go left in this episode, but let me bring it back on and just talk about marketing and just talk about these five things. But that was all triggered by this, Hey man, where do you start? And this, and I'm so deep into it right now that it is wonderful and it is extremely scary at the same time. Well, let's talk about marketing right now. Let's talk about 2023 and where we are and I will try not to go to where we could end up. Let's start about where we are right now. So right now, there's so much data that is out there that platforms and businesses have on us. You have so much data on your customer, client or patient that it is mind boggling even just through Facebook or any of the social media platforms.
If you have a Facebook page, then you have so much more data on the people that follow you than was imaginable 20 years ago. What AI is going to allow you to do is to go through all of that data and increase the personalization that you have with your clientele. Everybody prefers a business that will provide them with a tailored kind of personalized experience. And what AI tools will do is allow you to do that. You can use AI tools to the behavior that more, I'll say more easily predict the behavior that your customer is going to take. Because if you've been in business for any length of time, you pretty much know what customers are going to do, the value ladder they're going to climb. But what AI is going to be able to do is look at all of this data and say, and probably surprise you like, this is the time when you need to send this email.
This is the time when you need to send this offer because they've already looked at it and then, right? What's big right now are chatbots for sure, AI chatbots. If you don't have an AI chatbot, that could be the first place to start where you, on your website, you can have a chatbot that books the appointment for you. You can send out an email and with a link to a chatbot that it books the appointment. It answers customer questions for you. I mean, any frequently asked questions, man, these chatbots are just amazing right now because it's plugged into chatGPT. At least that's the way ours works [email protected] or lead connector chatbot. I mean, you're just having a conversation. It's almost like having a conversation with a person, but the chatbot's whole aim is whatever you tell it to do. If the aim is to get that person into the store, then you program the chatbot for that.
And no matter what that person says, the chatbot has the conversation that leads to getting them into the store. The same thing with getting them getting an appointment booked. And in the QA sessions that we're having, for instance, with our chatbot is saying, we're throwing everything. I'm throwing everything at this chatbot Ebonics everything, and it's ending up with, Hey, let me get you in to see the doctors. It is ending up with, let me make the appointment. It's ending up with, I tell you, why don't you come into the store and look around and we have sales going on all the time. It is incredible what chatbots are able to do. I think a couple of years ago, yeah, it was a couple of years ago, I started to become really aware of how good chatbots were going to be when we bought our current home.
So this must have been a few years ago when we bought this house, we were going to close, the closing was moved to a day where I was scheduled to fly out to San Diego for a conference and I needed to rearrange the schedule. So I called and I ended up talking with a bot and I know it was a bot and it even had the fake typing sounds as I was on hold, but it went so smoothly that I actually told the bot thank you. I was like, okay, thank you. And after I got off the phone, did I just tell a robot? Thank you. So I mean, that's where it is right now. I tell chatGPT, thank you all the time too. That could just be an Oklahoma thing. But anyway, increased personalization is going to be the number one, the biggest thing. It's been going that way for a long time as Google and Facebook have tried to personalize all of the ads that you see, you and I that we see, and AI's just going to make that better.
The second thing is intelligent content creation. This is being led by chatGPT I read an article just yesterday from a doctor, a physician who did a trial to see if chatGPT could explain things better than your physician. And what brought this up is they're noticing that people are going to chatGPT, that ask them about the ailments that they're having. So you know how you would Google things and your doctor is always, do not Google it because you pull up whatever that site is and you're like, I can't breathe very well. And that site brings up the absolute worst thing that could possibly be wrong with you. Everything leads to cancer. I didn't even want to say the word, but everything leads to that. If you Google it, if you Google what's wrong with you. So now people are going to chatGPT.
And in this article, it was very interesting that it was thousands of people that they put through this and thousands of kind of diagnoses. And although chat GPT was good, it was not better than the doctors at this point in diagnosing things. But where it did stand out and was better was explaining things. The responses that it gave to people were better than the responses that doctors give. Now, if you've dealt with, I'm sorry if you're a doctor listening to this, you're a physician listening, well actually you know this, a lot of times we don't understand what the heck you're talking about when you say something and it's not fully, you don't fully explain it to where we feel like we understand it. And so evidently the responses that chat g p t gave were better than the responses that the doctors gave. So maybe if you're a physician, maybe you need to just jump on ChatGPT, put in those little scratch notes that you have and let chatGPT spit out what you're really trying to say and then post that into my chart.
You can have your assistant do that. That's exactly, that is the SOP that needs to happen. It is your assistant needs to have chat g p t up and then take your skibidi and put that in chatGPT when it spits out something that I can understand. Put that in my chart. There you go. I just solved everything right here. You heard it right here, but we're using chatG T for blog posts. I use it for the outlines of even our podcast. I'm taking an idea, I'm jumping over to, I'm talking about this Headline Studio is what we're using right now, so it helps me write headlines. Then it also pulls out is so cool, it looks at the headline and it goes and searches the internet and gives me the SEO keywords that my headline is hitting.
So now I'm able to give that to Kristine on the team and say, Hey, this post needs to hit these focus keywords. Now, this is based on an idea that I have that I've created the headline, they've given me a headline, given me the SEO stuff to do, and now I'm like, Hey, push out an outline for this episode so that I stay on point. I mean, this is stuff that used to take me hours and hours to do, walking around, drinking coffee, just kind of thinking, looking out at the lake. You know what I'm saying? Just this rider kind of, if you could just imagine a writer on the back porch looking out before I get to a dagone podcast episode, but chatGPT spits it out. Here's the outline, and I can take that, throw it in Evernote, move it around, edit it.
I want to talk about this. Oh, and research, my goodness. So we come up on something and I'm like, Hey, I need to research that. No longer is it that I have to spend all this time on Google. I say, Hey, I need some research for this point or a stat for this point, and it just gives it to me. So that's how quickly we can do things now, and most businesses aren't doing a podcast yet. I mean you're doing, you have blog posts, you have social media, and you can definitely have it write your social media posts or at least give you the ideas. That's one thing that I think, like right now, you can't just take chatGPT for what it is. I tell people on my team this, I tell clients this, look, it's good, but you really have to look at it because ChatGPT will lie to you at some point, and I, I'm sure these doctors figure this out too, is that ChatGPT will start making some stuff up towards the end of what it's giving you.
So you have to still look over it or have someone, it's not going to take over the job of your riders at this point, but it is going to make the job faster. Okay?
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The next thing that AI is going to be able to do is improve the ROI of your campaign, which everyone wants. I guarantee you, the people that are running your ads, they want that. They want AI to be able to look at it and give you suggestions on what needs to happen. Google and Facebook started this years ago. It's been one of those things that as an agency owner we've battled with, and for the longest I thought, okay, it's a great idea. It really is where they really want to really want to cut us out as the middleman and say, and make it easier for you, the business owner or the person who is doing marketing for a business owner, I want to make it easier for you to just log in, say, I have this type of business and I want to spend this amount of money a month and then hit enter, and then they go out and they get you more of those type of customers, clients or patients.
That is the end goal, and I love that idea. Here's the rub. If you run a business still, I guess you would have time for that. You would have time for that. The strategy part is still missing, which is why we started Main Street Marketing Coach, MainStreetMarketingCoach.com is because the strategy part is still missing. What they're not able to give you is should you even be like, how should you be a pro? What angles should you be taking? Should you even be running these ads? I mean, but by the time you find that out, it's too late. So there's still some things that ai, I guess, thankfully that all of our jobs aren't being taken that AI is not able to do, but it can definitely help a lot. But Facebook and Google are really trying to make it easy for you, and you've noticed this.
I mean, you've probably tried it yourself. Hey, I want to, you know, boost this post and you say, I want to cover this area, but as easy as that is, you may not know that you are going to waste money if you go beyond six miles. So if you have a physical location, I'm telling you right now, own your six mile zone that's owning your block. You're running Facebook ads boost to six miles. You can thank me later. All right, so improving your campaign ROI by analyzing all of the data such as conversion rates, all of your click-through rates, the cost per click, all of that stuff that we do manually right now, AI will be able to help with that, and again, that's going to be awesome. It's going to be awesome for you. It's going to be awesome for the agency. That is if you have an agency running your ads, but definitely if you don't, it's going to be great for you because you want to be able to trust those suggestions that Google ads give you.
I don't particularly right now, trust them. We see a bunch of campaigns where Google Ads is saying, we have suggestions for you, and you can even tell Google ads to just automatically implement any suggestions so that you don't even have to touch it. So you can say, Hey, just implement whatever you see and you think it's not there yet. You have to remember, Google gets paid, Google wants you to spend as much money as possible, and that doesn't always end up putting you in the best position as far as your ads go, if that makes sense. So it's just not there yet. Dagum well, that I will tell you straight up when it gets there. Okay, so the next thing is voice search optimization, which so many people sleep on. We've been talking about this for probably three years, is voice search, and if you don't start paying attention to this right now, you're really going to be behind.
It's happening more and more and more, or people are using their voice assistant on their phone to do search. This is a different search than the typical SEO, the typical search on a browser, okay? It's hitting different points, so all of your reviews are brought into play with this. There's so many different things that this assistant is taking into account on who to bring back, who to return to, the person answering or asking the question. AI is going to have a significant impact on voice search optimization. It's called NLP, not neurolinguistic programming, but Natural Language Processing technology. AI is actually going to be able to, and this is going to happen in your phone where you ask your phone something and then your phone is going to predictively understand what you're going to ask next. That was really creepy for me to even say that, but what you're going to search for next, you have asked for this thing and this is happening now.
You see it happen, you're asking for this thing, and then it tells you, well, because you asked for that, you're going to need this other thing. By analyzing the data from past voice searches, AI tools are going to be able to help a business identify the patterns, the trends that their customers have to optimize the content that they put out for future searches. Sounds kind of crazy, but just understand start. We got to do an episode on voice search, so I will let you know we're going to do an episode and dive deeper into voice search because I think you need that. Okay, and so the last thing that I want to share with you is sentiment analysis. Now, we kind of do this manually. When you look at your reviews, you at least you think you understand the sentiment of your customer base by looking at your reviews, you're looking at the messages that you're getting, the feed, all the feedback, the survey responses, you think you understand the sentiment.
What AI is going to be able to do is go out and look at all of your reviews on all the different platforms. You can input your survey responses. They're going to look at the social media posts about your company and bring back a sentiment value and let you know how people really feel about you. This, my friend, will be awesome because when someone leaves, here's the marker that we have right now. We believe that when one person leaves a bad review, they're really speaking for 10 people. When one person leaves a good review, very few people like one out of 25 or 30 people, even a hundred, leave a great review for you, but one person leaves a bad review is really speaking for quite a few more people, so what if you actually really knew what was going on, at least digitally, you know, got that sentiment analysis back.
That's going to be big. A lot of these tools that I'm sharing with you already exist. I'm going to give you a website that you can go to and kind of tweak out on it's, tweak out it's Futuretools.io. If you go here, they're collecting and kind of organizing what they say, all the best tools, but it's a whole bunch of tools of AI because stuff is coming out almost every single day. You can click here again, as I told my friend, what are you working on right now? What do you want help with? If it's chat, you can click chat, you can click copywriting, you can click finance images, marketing, inspiration, gaming, just for fun, productivity, text to speech, video editing, all this stuff, and it will list all of the AI tools that you can have fun with and play with, okay?
It's called Futuretools.ai. Whatever you do, whatever you do, set aside some time to play with AI now so that you're not totally in the dark in the next 90 to 120 days, 180 days, because if you wait six months, I'm not going to be a doomed. I'm just saying it's going to be really hard to catch up if you have absolutely no AI going on in your business. Okay? One easy way to do that is from our sponsor, Local Marketer Pro, where you can go to localmarketerpro.co, all in one marketing software that uses, as the AI marketing comes about, all of that stuff's getting implemented as quickly as we possibly can and make sure that everything works great as far as having your social media posts written, your email newsletters written, all of that stuff, even like the chat bot that we talked about before.
That's included in there as well. And then you can even run your ads directly from that software localmarketerpro.com. All right, if you dug what, if you picked up what I laid down today, go ahead and share it and tag me at Clarence Fisher and hashtag Local Market Monopoly, and if you have a question that you want us to tackle, you can go to localmarketmonopoly.com/ask, or just go to the website and hit the ask button and you can leave a voicemail, kind of a voice message for us. We'll get it on the air, and then we'll solve whatever problem you have going on in your business. All right? So until next week, go out, do what you have do, but own your block.

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