How to Measure Success with Google Business Profile Insights
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Uncovering the Power of Google Business Profile Insights

In this episode, we take a deep look into Google Business Profile Insights and how you can use this tool to measure the success of your local business online. As the digital presence of local businesses becomes increasingly critical, understanding how to interpret and act on these insights is key to thriving in your local market online.

Understanding Google Business Profile Insights

We start by introducing Google Business Profile Insights, explaining what it is and why it is an essential tool for every local business operating online.

Google Business Profile Insights provides valuable data about how customers interact with your business online.

Reading the Data: The Key Metrics

Next, we explain the key metrics provided by Google Business Profile Insights, from views and search queries to customer actions and photo views. We detail what each metric means and why they are important for your business.

Understanding each metric and its significance is critical in utilizing Google Business Profile Insights effectively.

Setting Benchmarks: Establishing Success Metrics

We then guide you on how to set benchmarks using the metrics provided by Google Business Profile Insights. We highlight how these benchmarks can help track your business's online performance and success.

Setting benchmarks allows you to measure your performance and track your progress over time.

Turning Insights into Action: Strategies for Success

Finally, we show you how to turn these insights into actionable strategies. We provide practical examples and tips on how to use the data from Google Business Profile Insights to improve your business.

Google Business Profile Insights is not only a data reporting tool but also a guide for strategic actions.

Join us in this episode to uncover the power of Google Business Profile Insights and learn how to measure the success of your local business online. Tune in to get a step ahead of the competition. Listen now!

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Clarence Fisher

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Clarence Fisher: Hey, welcome back to Local Market Monopoly, Clarence Fisher, your host. Great episode 88, and today we are covering how to measure success with Google Business Profile Insights. Formerly the artist known as Google My Business. It is now Google Business Profile and what we're going to cover today is how do you measure the success of your local SEO campaign and also the success of your Google Business listing. Don't go anywhere. This is going to be really valuable for you. Stay tuned. Whoa,

Intro: You're listening to Local Market Monopoly with Clarence Fisher, uncovering the tools, tactics and strategies. The most successful small businesses used to dominate their local market and own the block.

Clarence Fisher: Alright, we are back. Thanks for sticking through the intro there. Today we're talking about Google Business Profile. Finally, I've got that down Google Business Profile. They change the name all the time. Remember it used to be Google Plus. I'm not sure what it was before then, but Google Plus and then went from Google Plus to Google my Business and then from Google My Business to Google Business Profile. Interesting. I don't know what it's going to be next, but right now it's Google Business Profile and we're going to talk about how to optimize that. Before we get started, definitely got to let you know about MainStreetMarketingCoach.com. If you are wanting coaching on how to implement all of these strategies that we talk about, either you or your head of marketing head over there, all of our founding members right now are getting a great deal, an unbeatable combination of coaching, training, tools and community to support you so that you can own the block.
So let's talk about this optimization, not optimization of your Google Business Profile. If you want to learn that, you can go over to episode 41. I'm going to mention this here shortly about optimizing your Google Business profile, but we cover that a little deeper in episode 41, but you can go and check that out. And then I think we also have some other episodes around Google Business Profile optimization. We'll go ahead and and link to those in the show notes. So make sure you visit the show notes page to get some other resources to dive a little bit deeper. But what we're talking about today is you have your Google Business Profile and what that is is your profile on Google when you type your name, that little box that shows up on the right hand side, it's called a knowledge box that shows up.
But what we want to do is actually take a look at it and see how it's performing. It is one of the easiest ways to check what's working and what's not, and very few business businesses have actually looked at this data and well, you may need a little help interpreting it, but it's very, very user friendly as you can see. So pull up your computer right now or you could be working out. So don't pull up, you can't, don't, don't stop your workout. Definitely get your sweat on, but when you get back, come back to the episode and just press play and pull up your computer. Those of you who are drinking some coffee right now and looking at your computer or on your iPad or whatever, pull that out and we're going to walk through it, okay? If you're working out, continue doing that.
Good on you. Alrighty, so the way that you access this is log into Google using the email address that is associated with your Google Business account. A couple of ways you can do that. You can go to Google Business Profile, just kind of Google it, go to Google Business Profile and click a log in and use your email address. You can also log in or see your insights through the search engine now. So just go to Google or the search results, go to Google, type in the name of your business and the search bar. If you're logged in to Google with the email address that is associated with your Google business profile, you're going to see a, you manage this business and you can see some initial metrics right there, but if you're logged into the desktop, you're going to see the insights on the left hand side.
So let's go over what you can see here, what insights are going to provide for you. It's going to provide for you the number of profile interactions is what they call it, and that's an overview of all of the calls, the directions, the clicks, the impressions, well, the interactions that people have with your Google profile. You'll see that number. You'll also see how people discovered you, and that's broken down by platform, by the device they were forwarded from Facebook or something and the device they used, was it Android? Was it iOS? You can see the search terms that your listing appeared for when people search something. You can also see the calls that have been made to your business, the number of calls, the number of messages. If you have it hooked up to a booking app, you can see the number of bookings. You can definitely see the direction request, how many people clicked that they needed, needed to see needed directions to your business.
You can see website clicks, how many people clicked your website button, if you're a restaurant, you can see food orders, definitely product reviews and customer reviews. And if you're posting to your Google business profile, which you really should be, this is something that many businesses are failing to do, maybe because they don't know that they can do it, but just as you're posting to Facebook and you're posting to Instagram, you should be posting and LinkedIn, you should be posting to Google Business through Google Business profile as well. I mean that's going to help with your s e. It works the same as if you had a blog or a social media property. So post there, you can use hashtags there, you can use links there as well. All right, so let's look at the overall performance. If you're looking at this right now, and you'll see performance, you'll see some tabs that say overview.
Then you've got calls, messages, bookings directions, website clicks. At this point, this is what the dashboard looks like, and right now we're just talking about the overview, and so it's going to give you about six months worth of data and it's very easy to see the numbers, how many interactions you got this month versus last month versus the month before, so you can see a trend that's happening. You can always narrow it down of this month compared to last month, but I really like to see this six month kind of trend of where we're going, and this is for customer actions. It's the overview of how many interactions you got, and so now we want to dig into it and look at what the actions are that your customers are actually taking. Let's for instance, let's look at direction requests. What does this mean? If you have a bunch of direction requests, well, you may want to start, I'll give you a couple of things you could do if you're getting a bunch of direction requests, you may want to put up some pictures of businesses around you, parking lots around you so people can get a feel of where you are.
But even more impactful than that, you can dig into, you can click into there and get a directions heat map, and then that's going to outline the location of where searchers are asking for the directions, where are they when they're asking for directions to your business? And that's going to tell you where they're coming from. That is huge. When let's say you've got a restaurant or any business brick and mortar business, and you can look at this heat map and look at the zip codes that people are coming from, that's going to tell you, Hey, if I'm advertising on Facebook, you can put in the zip code where you want your ads to be showing too. You can do the same thing with Google. You can just make sure that you are advertising in those zip codes that people are coming from or those, even if we get more hyper local hyperlocal, which is the point of this whole podcast, the neighborhoods, what are the neighborhoods that people are coming from?
Use that data, the direction request for that. Okay, now let's move to phone calls. This is pretty self-explanatory. You can see the listings of a call. How many calls are you getting from your Google business profile and did you know that you could get messages from your Google business profile? Absolutely. People are increasingly more and more messaging businesses directly from the profile. Now, I do get a lot of feedback saying, Hey, Clarence, I don't know where these messages are going to, not able to find where the messages are happening, and I am going to plug right now our lead connector software over at localmarketerpro.com, which is one of our sponsors for the podcast. You can plug in your Google Business Profile and then all of those messages go into your what's called a one inbox, where the Google business messages, the Facebook and all of that go into and really, I mean, I'm supposed to say this at the end of the podcast, but everything that is happening on your Google Business Profile, if it's plugged into that system, then it puts it on steroids for you. So localmarketerpro.com, because I said it now, I'm not going to say it at the end of this podcast because I don't want it to become a commercial for that.
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Alrighty, so let's dig into this. We've got the directions, we got the messages, how you can get your messages from people messaging you from Google Business Profile. If you have a booking app connected to your Google Business Profile, then you can see how many bookings actually came from that, which could be really important. I mean, this is really telling you how your local SEO is going. Are you targeting the correct keywords? Is your strategy on point? This is what you're going to find out by digging into your Google Business Insights. So after the bookings, you can look and see how many people are clicking through to your business website or clicks going up or clicks going down, and then you can also see how customers are searching for your business. Here's how you tell the difference between a discovery search. This is the difference between a discovery search and a direct search.
Just so you know, when you see this, a direct search, it means someone went to Google and they typed in either your business name or your business address. That is a direct search, a discovery search, which is what we want a lot of, is someone typed in a keyword that is associated to your type of business and Google pulled you up and they click through to your Google Business Profile. So that's really the SEO that you want happening. You want to see a really big discovery search number, and you can dig into that to a section called Queries used to find your business, and it's exactly what it is. This is a breakdown of the keywords and the keyword phrases that people were using to find your business. There's also a section of where customers view your business on Google, and this insight is going to show you where you're showing up the most.
Are you showing up on organic, which is under the map pack, the three pack or whatever we call it, the maps there, the results that show up under that, that we call that organic search, or are people finding you in the Google Local search the most? This will show you where you're showing up the most. Then the next section only pertains to people who are using DoorDash and places like that, your food orders. Then you can also see product reviews and you can also see your Google business profile post insights. That's a tongue twister. All right, so this is what I was saying as far as businesses not posting, not knowing, to post to Google Business Profile, you definitely should be doing that right now. Use it as another social profile. It's just like we did with Google Plus, and for whatever reason, when it turned to Google My Business, people stopped posting.
I think Google Plus was positioned as a competitor to Facebook, which they failed. So after moved to Google My Business and kind of pivoted the business or their product, people stopped posting, but they kept that feature, they kept that social feature. So you need to be posting on that. That's going to help with your SEO. I wanted to give you, while I'm giving you kind of going through the insights, definitely when you get a chance, go log into your Google business profile and check your insights. But I wanted to give you some benchmarks of general businesses. Now, your particular, there are numbers out there that fit your particular business and where you should be, and I would highly advise Googling that, or if you're part of the mainstream Marketing Coach Program, then we can work that out for you, help you find that.
But you can Google this information for sure, but the average business is found in 1009 searches per month. 84% of those are coming from discovery searches. That is awesome. So 1009 searches for the average business, and that's overall not really dependent on a niche or a market. So take that number for what it's worth. When you're looking at your insights, 49% of businesses receive more than 1000 views on their search per month, meaning their Google Business Profile is showing up over 1000 times. Car dealerships got have the highest number of phone calls and website visits and get this 5% of Google Business profile listing views result in a click a call or a direction request. Now, we want to assume that a direction request means they're coming by your store, they're coming by your office. So 5% of GBP views result in some type of action.
So if we're looking at 1000 searches per month, and so 10%, I'm going to do live math, which is never a good idea. So 10% of that is a what? A hundred. So 5% of all of that is going to be 50. Yeah. Okay. If it's not right, I'm fi listening back to this and it's, it's wrong. It's not my fault. You should never do live math, but let's say that's 50 new customers every single month from your Google Business Profile. That's going to stick in my head. Okay. I think it's right. Alrighty. But I'll say that's 50 new customers. So you definitely want to pay attention to these insights so you can kind of extrapolate what traffic and how many new customers your Google Business Profile is bringing you. It's not exact, but it's pretty close if you just know these numbers. So take that and then take what I just gave you, even that 5%, like take that number right there and then go look at your Google Business profile insights and you will know kind of roundabout how many customers you're getting from your Google Business Profile. Isn't that awesome? Righty. So if you got some benefit out of today's episode, go ahead and share it. Will you send it to somebody that you think could use it? And you can look me up on LinkedIn at Clarence Fisher and tag me hashtag Local market Monopoly. And I said I was not going to mention Local Marketer Pro at the end, but go check it out all in one software sponsor of the episode. Until next week, do what you have to do. Go check out your Google Business Insights so you can own your block.

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