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Are you expecting too much from your business logo?

While having an attractive, brand-building logo is essential to your overall marketing strategy, the truth is your logo isn't as powerful or influential as you may think.

In this episode, Clarence covers the mistakes far too many business owners make when they allow their logos to take up too much space on their websites. He explains how the logo only works when it has compelling, optimized headlines and content to support it.

Listen now to learn how focusing on content creation may be one of the most important things you do for your business website this year.

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Clarence Fisher: Welcome back to Local Market Monopoly. I am Clarence Fisher, your host, and I have one question for you this week. Are you expecting too much from your business logo? You can tell me. Listen. While having an attractive brand-building logo is truly essential to your overall marketing strategy. The truth is your logo isn't as powerful or near as influential as you may think. So in today's episode, we're going to cover the mistakes that I see far too many business owners make. When they give their logo too much real estate on their website. I'm also going to give you the two things that you must have optimized for your logo to even work. So stay tuned. Actually, after that, I want to tell you the one thing that you should be focusing on probably for the rest of the year to make your websites smash. Don't go, yes, that's a smash. Don't go anywhere. We'll be right back.

Intro: You're listening to Local Market Monopoly with Clarence Fisher, uncovering the tools, tactics, and strategies the most successful small businesses used to their local market and own the block.

Clarence Fisher: Hey, welcome back. And thank you for enduring that super duper hypey intro. Clarence Fisher here. You're a host to a Local Market Monopoly. And today we're talking about your logo. So your logo really does matter as far as your overall branding picture goes. But I do want to tell you something, your customers, your clients, your patients care far less about your logo than what you may think. I am so sorry to tell you that. I know people spend a lot of money. A lot of time on their logo. All they're worried about is what can you do to solve their problem? What can you do to solve their need? When people come to your website, you only have, and we know this by now, right? You only have like a split second, like two seconds, right? All they want to know is what can you do for me?

Clarence Fisher: What have you done for me lately that... we're got to get some sound effects in here. They don't really care about how beautiful your logo is. I'm sorry. I know that hurt again. And now I'm going to stop saying that because I think you get it. Really the very first thing that they are going to see. This is going to be a short episode because you almost stop, press stop, and moved on. Just because I told you what I just told you. The thing that they care about the most, the thing that matters the most is your headline. That's what they're there for that you open the website. The first thing that should pop them in the face. The biggest thing on the page should be your headline. What are you going to do to them? How does this business help them? Am I in the right place?

Clarence Fisher: This was inspired because we do a lot of websites and no matter how much work we put in on it, the very first revision is always what make my logo bigger. Absolutely. We want to see, we want, we want to see it, but I'm just, I won't say it again, cause you really are going to leave, but just believe me, your headline. And um, you know, you let's see a good headline. What's a, what's a good headline for you. I like what Frank Kern does a lot. He says, Hey, get yay or yay without boo. So get this good thing without this bad faith. That is one of the all-time great formulas, get this without this thing that they typically would have to go through or they think they would have to go through. And then that is like, Oh, I'm in the right place.

Clarence Fisher: Or you could just have a, how-to headline, you know, here's how to get this thing that you know, that they're looking for. And then beyond that, the next thing, do you know what I'm going to say? The next thing is your content. So the headline's job is to keep them on the page and they can make them read a little further. If you're doing really good, the headline can actually get them to opt-in or, or make the phone call. So you've got the headline. Then you got a little bit of a description that kind of explains a little bit further of what the head further into what you do or what they need to do. And then you can just ask for the call right there, above the fold, but further down for the people who need a little bit more a little bit more information.

Clarence Fisher: This is where you want to put your time in optimizing your content, getting to know your customer, client, patient, and then putting down there, answering the objections before they even have them really. If you do a little bit of homework, you can answer those objections, give them their benefits. This is not the time to really tout your horn about you still. If you notice, and I say this a lot, and one of the things that I say when I'm, when I am looking over copy or looking over website, copy, even the people that are in the Inner Circle, they will hear me say my Inner Circle members will hear me say, this is talking about us too much. They don't care about us. They really don't. So let's talk about the benefits, talk about what they want, talk about what they're going to get. And then in a very, very small section, if you want to on the home page, you can say I've been in business since whenever. Okay. So there it is. This was really short. I know probably shouldn't have even recorded this thing, but I got another request to make my logo bigger and I've thought, you know, uh, I need something to just send people. So there's nothing wrong with wanting a bigger logo. Hey, everybody wants a bigger logo, right.

Clarence Fisher: But please think about it. And when you get the, when you get, when your web person sends you the email back saying, Hey, you know, I really think we should concentrate on this headline and maybe reduce the logo a little bit, but be okay with it. I guarantee you, you will make more money. So follow me for more recipes. That was pretty simple today. I didn't even know that I should have recorded that. Sorry. Hope I did not waste your time. Especially I probably made you mad didn't that hopefully, you will come back. If you would like more bad news like this, then go to localmarketmonopoly.com. And we have a thing that we're starting now called the Fisher Inner Circle. And we meet every single week via Zoom, whichever region you're from. And we do stuff like this. We go over the copy. We create ads. We do anything you need done. All right. So just go check it out there. Other than that, be sure to like rate review us because it really does make a difference. And we'll see you next week.

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