Five Types of Social Media Content That Are the Most Likely to Be Shared
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Unlocking Share-Worthy Social Media Content

In this episode of our podcast, we dive into the art and science of creating highly shareable social media content. The power of sharing can't be understated, and we're here to help you unlock it. Join us as we explore the top 5 types of social media content that are most likely to get your audience hitting that share button.

Engaging Videos: Captivating Content That Can't Be Ignored

First, we explore the magnetic power of video content. In a world where scrolling is second nature, videos have the ability to stop your audience in their tracks. We'll share tips and tricks on how to create engaging video content that's irresistible to share.

Engaging video content holds the attention of your audience and is likely to be shared.

Infographics: Unpacking Information in a Visually Appealing Way

Next, we move on to infographics. Perfect for sharing useful information in a digestible, eye-catching format, infographics are a surefire way to make your content more shareable. We share the best practices for creating effective and visually compelling infographics.

Infographics offer an appealing way to present information and are frequently shared.

Interactive Content: Encouraging Active Participation

Interactive content is a powerful tool to stimulate engagement and prompt shares. We discuss different types of interactive content, from quizzes to polls, and how you can use them to boost shares and audience engagement.

Interactive content promotes engagement, increasing the likelihood of your content being shared.

Emotional Stories: Connecting on a Human Level

Everyone loves a good story, especially when it tugs at the heartstrings. We talk about how you can use emotional storytelling to connect with your audience on a deeper level and encourage them to share your content far and wide.

Emotional stories create a deep connection with the audience, leading to more shares.

Expert Insights and Thought Leadership: Sharing Valuable Knowledge

Finally, we touch on the impact of expert insights and thought leadership. Providing valuable knowledge can position your brand as a trusted resource, leading to increased shares. We share strategies on how you can showcase your expertise effectively.

Content that provides expert insights and demonstrates thought leadership is highly valued and often shared.

Tune into this episode to uncover the secrets of creating share-worthy social media content to amplify your reach, engage your audience, and increase your brand visibility.

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Clarence Fisher: Hey, welcome back to Local Market Monopoly, Clarence Fisher, your host, and we're in episode 85 where I'm going to share with you five types of social media content that are most likely to be shared so that you can concentrate on what works. Stay tuned, we'll be right back. Whoa.

Intro: You're listening to Local Market Monopoly with Clarence Fisher, uncovering the tools, tactics and strategies, the most successful small businesses used to dominate their local market and own the block.

Clarence Fisher: Alright, here we are and it's episode 85. Got to give a big, big shoutout to Melissa Strottman over at Osage Hills Retreat Center reached out to me on LinkedIn and let me know that she's binged the podcast last week and is finding a lot of value. She's doing a lot of stuff right already, but still found some value in what we're giving, so that makes me feel good and just wanted to say hey to Melissa. Now, check this out. Before we get into the episode today, I do want to let you know about mainstreetmarketingcoach.com. If the tools, the strategies that we're sharing on the podcast are great, but you want a little more hands-on direction, go over there and with that, you get coaching, you get tools, you get strategy in order to help your business own your block mainstreetmarketingcoach.com.
Let's talk about these five types of social media that get the most shared, be we both. We all know, I was about to say we both know. We do both know you and I that keeping your social media platforms stocked up with quality content, getting your audience engaged with that content. Those are two totally different things. You can put out content as most businesses do, where we're putting out the content every single week, but getting people to engage with it, that's a whole other thing. And one of the things that I am often the feedback that I get when I'm telling business owners, Hey, you need to be posting on your social media platforms. If you can't do it every day at least once a week, we need to not be a ghost town here. People need to know that you are alive, that your business is alive.
I get the feedback of Clarence. I mean, no one's liking anything, and is this even worth it? Yes, it's worth it. Even if you look at influencer platforms, and I say influencer, I mean local influencers, not the Kardashians or whoever else you look up to. You're like, dude, I do not look up to the Kardashians, but whoever it is that you consider a national big time influencer, yeah, they probably post things and get thousands and thousands of likes and number one, they know what works. But if you look at the biggest people in your city, even your region, like it's likely that a lot of their posts are not getting as much engagement as you think yours should. They're not getting hundreds of likes and hundreds of hearts on all of their posts. They will get crickets on this one, crickets on six posts, and then one hits viral.
And that's the reason you want to post a lot of times you want to post as much as you can once a day because think of it as, think of it as viral posts being this lottery that you win, and if you post once a week, you're getting to spin the wheel four times a month. If you're posting once a month, which is not enough, you're only spending the wheel 12 times a year. But if you're posting every single day, you get to spin that wheel every single day for the chance of one of your posts going viral. Okay, so what I'm going to give you today are five types of social media content that are more likely to be shared so that you get a little bit of a head start on it. The number one thing, the first thing that I'm going to share with you is interactive content.
If you remember back in the day, Facebook doesn't allow you to do, I say allow you, it's not necessarily allow, but they used to really reward people that would create these contents of create these posts of like this. If you saw them all the time like this and then it morphed into this, give me a heart if this is your answer, a laugh. If this is your answer, thumbs up if this is your answer. And all these posts are trying to do is increase engagement from their audience. Everyone loves interacting with something. You could have a video moving images, you can have text that moves audio, video games. Content marketing is not just a flat kind of one-dimensional dimensional thing now. So quizzes, quizzes work awesome, and I guess that's kind of a spinoff of the like this, but you can have a quiz. Those are great.
I mean if you're active on Instagram, you can also do Q&A session and Instagram polls. You can actually do polls on Facebook as well, but those, that interactive type content really gets shared. Another type of media that gets shared a lot is infographics. What infographics do is take a whole bunch of information and put it in a very easily digestible, kind of visually appealing graphic. This kind of jumped off in 2017 and is still working today. So Sumo mi, Noah Kagan, who is famous in his own right amongst people like me, he recently conducted a study of over 100 million different articles, and the result of that is that more than anything else, infographics were shared. I mean, this is likely due because it's appealing visually as well as when you're reading it, you see everything at a first glance. So content is received better when it's matched with visual elements.
When sales coaches will tell you, never sell without a visual because a lot of people need to see things. They need to see what you're selling them, especially with what I sell for digital marketing and stuff like that, people need to see it. If you're a consultant, people need to see it. But I would argue even if you're a veterinarian or a chiropractor, people need to see the plan. If you're selling them on, let's say you're a chiropractor, you're selling them on ongoing care. They've come in on a new patient offer, but now you're selling them on ongoing care, it's going to help you if you have some type of graphic that you can point to as you're walking them through what they're going to get, the steps they're going to take, graphics work.
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So the next type of content that you want to share is content with images. Now, on my personal page, I'm super lazy. I don't want to go find an image to put with my content. I just want to write the content and I get some engagement, but I'm aware that I would get a lot more engagement if I put a compelling image with that post. Now on our business page, we make sure that there's an image with everything. So you can take the picture or you can go to some of these free sites, Pixabay free sites where you can get access to images and post those with your content. Now, AI makes it super easy except for you got to look for the hands. If you go to a Midjourney or DALL·E, you can create any image you want. You can tell it to create me an image of a person sitting on a red bicycle, driving, riding down the highway, riding the wrong way down a highway.
It'll give it to you, but if you look at the hands, the person may have six fingers, the hand may be backwards, so it's not 100% yet, but you can keep spinning the wheel like I'm saying. I was saying, get lucky with a great visual, or you can take the visual, take the picture yourself. But image rich content is more widely shared than just text, especially on Instagram. Even on Twitter, if you're looking on LinkedIn, even now, people are using images of their tweet threads and that is getting more interaction, more engagement than just plain text all around. Images are better, images are better in sales, in your infographics, images are better in your posts. There's another type of post that gets shared quite a bit, and this really works on LinkedIn, but it it's list posts, and that is 10 ways to five tips to These things work.
We're experimenting with it with the podcast episodes of, I think next week is 21 ways to Make Money with Your Lobby TV or your tv that's in your practice. Ah, that's not next week, but that is coming up. But the five tips to, the 10 ways to stuff like that really get shared because people like everything combined into really quick actionable content that they can use, and now if you do a list both, let's say you've got the five ways to, and then you add an image to that as well. Now you're really cooking with gas, as they say. Alrighty, so the fifth way is to post an A post that's evoke strong emotion. Now, this is one that I do pretty well and it's because I'm always kind of experimenting with it, even on my personal page, is to spark strong emotion. If your post has higher emotional value, there's all kind of emotions, happy, sad emotions of, I will post a lot about the struggle, the struggle of entrepreneurship, but even more than that, I post funny stuff.
I try to get people laughing to take a break from their day and just laugh. I myself personally, find humor in almost everything, way more than I should. Those people that laugh at things that you're like, oh my goodness, why are you laughing at that? That is not funny, that dark kind of humor. But I am the person that will laugh my way out of a bad time just because I don't want to cry. So I post about that about little bitty stupid stuff, and most of my engagement is laughter, at least on my personal page, but you can post depending on your business, what coincides with your business the most. If you're a funeral home, you don't, definitely don't, you don't want to post comedy all the time. Definitely. It just doesn't, doesn't match. You don't want to be tone deaf, but posts that evoke a strong emotion will definitely get shared.
Speaking of strong emotions, newsworthy posts, any type of content that is shared regularly are going to be news articles, things that are going on in current events, especially between the left and the right. Something happens, there's a post that comes up and it's going to get shared as a point made by a conservative or a point made by a liberal person, and I'm saying that just to say newsworthy events get shared, but also not even political stuff, like let's say a celebrity, something happens, a celebrity passes away, or a celebrity gets indicted or something like that. Then those types of things get shared. The bottom line is you want to, the first thing that you need to do is make sure that you're creating interesting content. Hopefully the text that you are creating is interesting, but then look at what graphic can I add to it?
What picture can I add to it? Is it an infographic? If you make a list, that's going to be great, as well as as an interactive type post, something that's moving or something that is calling for the reader to actually interact with that post, to engage with that post, which is a, Hey, do you believe or did you know? Or something like that. Quizzes, excellent. So there you have it, five different strategies. And speaking of posting, if you can use something like Hootsuite or what is it Buffer a lot of people use, you can also use our lead connector, which is our sponsor, one of the sponsors for the podcast Lead Connector over at localmarketerpro.com. It is an allin-one marketing software where you can schedule your posts, people that reply back through Messenger. You can reply back through your app and all that stuff's everything. Email, text, voicemail, social, all in one place. Go check it out, localmarketerpro.com. Until next week, what I'm going to share with you next week we're going to go into YouTube, YouTube lead generation. I promise you've been thinking about YouTube, but you not pulled the trigger on YouTube. That's going to change next week when I continue to help you own your block.

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