Simple Birthday Marketing Ideas You Need to Implement Now!
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Birthday Marketng Ideas

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In this episode, we dive into the world of birthday marketing and explore surprisingly simple birthday marketing ideas that can transform your business.

From personalization to leveraging social media, we'll guide you through strategies that will help you create memorable customer experiences and skyrocket customer loyalty. If you're ready to take your birthday marketing efforts to the next level, then this episode is for you!

Unlock the Power of Personalization

Discover the importance of personalization in birthday marketing and how it can make your customers feel truly special. We'll discuss tips for collecting and utilizing customer data to tailor offers based on customer preferences and purchase history.

Examples of Personalized Birthday Offers

Learn from real-life examples of personalized birthday offers that have proven successful, like customized product recommendations or special experiences.

The Power of Social Media in Promoting Birthday Offers

Explore how you can use social media platforms to promote your birthday offers and encourage your customers to share their celebrations with your brand.

Beyond Discounts: Unique and Memorable Birthday Incentives

Understand the limitations of traditional discount-based incentives and why they may not create the memorable experiences your customers crave.

Creative Birthday Incentives That Resonate with Customers

Learn about innovative birthday incentives that go beyond discounts, such as exclusive experiences, events, or collaborations with complementary businesses.

Now that you know what's in store for you in this episode, get ready to level up your birthday marketing game! Listen in and unlock the potential of these surprisingly simple birthday marketing ideas to boost customer loyalty and drive business growth.

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Clarence Fisher: Thank you. Thank you so much. Hey, ah, hey, it's Clarence Fisher and we're going to party like it's your birthday, but it's not my birthday. But today we are talking about birthday marketing ideas that will skyrocket customer loyalty and boost your revenue. Today you're going to learn how to personalize your offers to maximize impact, leverage social media for brand exposure and create unforgettable birthday incentives that don't have to be a discount. Don't miss these game changing strategies coming up. All right, today, episode 74, we're talking about surprisingly simple birthday marketing ideas you need to implement now. Okay? And if you want me to help you implement these, by the way, go to mainstreetmarketingcoach.com and I will work with your head of marketing. Get not only this strategy, but all the strategies that we talk to, talk about, implement it into your business, and also hold them accountable to getting it done for you so that you increase revenue.
All right? Mainstreammarketingcoach.com, go check it out. So today, birthday marketing ideas before we get started. Now, listen, birthdays are something that is so simple to implement, at least I believe it's simple to implement, but a lot of businesses leave this money on the table. Literally. I'll start by telling you a quick story about a bakery. It was a family bakery they were losing to these bigger chains that had moved into the market, kind of crowding them out, and they knew they had to do something different. So what they did was huddle up and came up with what they called the birthday club, and they put this on their website, they put it in the store, and they started collecting their customer's customers. They started collecting the customer's data, the name, address, the phone number, the birthday, and putting that in their database, and they came up with an offer for a birthday consultation where they actually came in, which is interesting because I would think that you would have a consultation anyway, but they positioned this to where you could have a birthday consultation where you came in and actually sat with one of their bakers and designed the perfect birthday cake for maybe not even you, but someone you were buying a birthday, birthday cake for.
And this thing worked.
People started referring other people so that they could come and have the consultation and they signed up for the birthday thing and it exploded, and they were able to stay in a business. What I'm going to share with you today are some ideas that you can put into place for the birthdays of your customers, of your clients, of your patients. All right? Now, our first strategy of successful birthday marketing is you have to personalize it. Kind of like what they did, they personalized it. Well, first let me give you some ideas and then we'll walk through how to make those ideas blow up for you. So let's see. Idea number one is send an email. You have to collect the data first, just like the bakery, okay? You have to be doing that. Hopefully you have some type of system. You could be using some type of email system.
You could be using our Lead Connector System or ActiveCampaign or MailChimp or whatever you're doing, but you need to collect the information and collect their email so that you can send them an email on their birthday. You can also send them a postcard, direct mail while it can get, here's what you can do with direct mail. You can go to, what is that used to be? Send out cards, but they've got something, they've changed their name to something else, like events or something like that. But we'll put a link in the show notes. But you can go there and you can send out individual cards or you can hand write cards. That would go over very, very well if you had someone that would hand write a birthday card or you can just, there's got, there's dope marketing. I believe you can just have postcards that go out to people on their birthday.
I get that from my insurance agent. I get a card. Interestingly enough, check this out. This is how awesome birthday marketing is. I paid my insurance on time every month, tons of people. Well, one year I was like, you know what, babe? We never hear from our insurance agent, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. And so I started seeing this guy on Facebook and seeing that a lot of my friends were insured by him and do you know, I actually moved all of our stuff, home, house, everything to this guy because I talked to him and he said, why are you moving? He knew my other insurance agent. He said, why are you moving? I was like, because I never hear from her ever, and I'm telling you this right now. So as smart as he is, he must put me on some kind of reminder because I get a birthday card every year is pretty much the only time I hear from it.
But I'm happy because at Lee, and I know Dadgum well that this signature is probably not his in that blue ink or whatever, but it just makes me feel good and he keeps my money. That is crazy. It is crazy that I would move because I felt like I was just, and this is another thing most, you don't lose most of your customers' clients or patients because you did something wrong, especially if they've been with you for a while. Most people leave businesses because they feel indifferent. They feel like you feel indifferent. They feel like it doesn't matter if they are there or not. Indifference is why most people will leave you, and that is a prime example. So send some direct mail, do the birthday thing, okay? Send some direct mail. You definitely want to shoot a text message. If you have SMS software, you can give them a quick phone call.
Hey, no, no, that would really go over. Well, give 'em a quick phone call. Say, Hey, I know it's your birthday. We're going to party. It's your birthday, and they'll be like, it's not my birthday. A couple of things you could do. You could actually do the bars, do and kind of promote the birthday offering to anybody if you don't have their information. Let's say you don't have any information and you just say, Hey, if it's your birthday, you can come in for X. How bars say you can come in for a free drink and you can also celebrate your birthday, your company's birthday, you as the owner or anybody's birthday in your company. You could celebrate that, but the thing is to collect the birthday. Now, some systems, like our lead connector system, you can just set it and forget it. So you collect the birthday and it's in there, it's in the contact record, and then you just decide what you want to send, and then you have the email, you have the text.
You can have a voice drop that just calls and says, Hey, happy birthday. A voice drop is ringless voicemail. It's what they call it. The phone doesn't ring, but it just shows up. You want something like that actually, because you want to have a marketing system, as we always say, marketing systems where you can set it and then it just runs automatically and nobody's dropping the ball. Okay? So number one, decide that you're going to do birthday marketing. Number two, these are your action steps. This is going to be a quick episode to today. Number one, decide you're going to do birthday marketing. It is worth it. It's worth it. Every time your birthday comes up, you feel special and you want people to acknowledge you, your customers, clients, patients, no different. So decide you're going to do this. Then number two, what all can we offer? And I'll tell you it.
Let's see, how can I say this? Okay, if you're going to offer something, it needs to be valuable. Nobody feels, nobody feels val, nobody feels valued for 5% off on your birthday. I mean, unless it's a yacht or something, you should probably or you're 10% off. It needs to be special for it. And I'll tell you who was it? We were working for Christian Brothers Automotive, and we did a free oil change on your birthday. That was an offer. That was an offer, and to make it, a lot of people don't know about this, but in Facebook now you're going to know about it. In Facebook, you can create an ad that has your offer and you just say, show this on people within this zip code or this or these, this group of zip codes or this radius around my store. Show this to them X days before their birthday to X days after their birthday.
And then that offer, you can also in the offer just have it good for their birthday month in the case of something like an oil change, right? Because I mean, I don't necessarily maybe need an oil change today, but I need to come in that month. I think even one store was just like, Hey, just claim it on your birthday and you can use it any time that year, but use Facebook that way. And it's a button right there that says Birthday and Facebook already knows the person's birthday because they put it in there and your ad will show up on their birthday. So that's one thing that happens. Now, imagine that that's happening. Then they also get an email from you, and on that email, it has the offer. And if it's not what we call a jaw dropping offer where you're giving a really something value, you can add, you can not discount it, but add something cool. That's kind of how the bakery did. They didn't discount their cake. What they did was they added a consultation, which I would argue they were doing anyway, was the consultation. But by calling it a special birthday design, your perfect cake consultation, and you get 15, 30 minutes where you can come in, you click here, they make it an experience, you click here, you go to the calendar, it has slots, and you click a slot and then enter. It's a whole experience. You get there and they didn't discount anything. If anything, a

Clarence Fisher: Person in and sits with a cake designer and they leave with a cookie, so you don't have to discount it. Think about it. All right, so you've got the data, you've decided you're going to do it. You've got your offer, you've got your Facebook ad that is going to automatically show on people's birthday that are within your service area. Then they get their email. They get the email from you. And this is what I was going to say on the strategy is make sure that it's personalized, not the, Hey there, if you can avoid it, make sure that it at least has their name on it. You could also, yeah, it'd be kind of tedious to give 'em a shout out on social, but they should get a text message from you at that same time. They've seen you on Facebook. You get the email, they got the text message.
If you have the ability to do a voice drop, that would be in lieu of a phone call, but it would be kind of the same thing. So they get a ringless voicemail from you all of a sudden on their phone, Hey, Tammy, it's your birthday girl. And then you give them the message, just come in anytime and we'll take care of you. Click. Oh my goodness. Can you imagine you've seen me on Facebook. You got the email, you got the text, you got the voice drop. Then you get something in the mail, and it could be a personal postcard or it doesn't even have to be a personal postcard at this time because you have really, I mean, you are really celebrating their birthday.
How loyal do you think that person's going to be to you? Very, very, very. And they're going to share it and tell their friends about you. So the beauty about this is it's happening every single day and you're not really doing much anymore after you've set it up. So these are the easy birthday ideas that I feel like we should all be doing right now. I mean, we are in the position where we actually reach out to our clients on their birthday as we are growing the Mainstream Marketing Coach Program, some of these other things that we'll be putting into place as well. Hey, another reason to join Mainstream Marketing Coach, because you'll get a shoutout on your birthday. So as we wrap up, speaking of which, before we wrap up, the entire inspiration for this was me cheating on my diet this past weekend, and I walked into Sin City, otherwise known as nothing, bunt cakes.
Don't tell them that, I call them that, but it's crazy. They used to be clear on the other side of town, and then they opened up a store right next to my house, right next door. Not literally next door, but pretty close. And so I avoid it because I don't need those cakes and the bunts are delicious. This is a free advertising for them. So I go in and I tell my wife what I'm doing it. We had one of these days where we played hooky and went to go see a movie in the middle of the day, and before we got back, I said, I'm going to stop and get a couple of butts. And so I walked in, I got my butts. Yes, I did say A couple, don't hate, don't judge. And when I got home and I opened the bag, there was this little business card in there that says, join our E clubb today and get a free bunt lit for your birthday.
Couple of things that are happening here, join our e clubb. So join our email newsletter and get a free bunt for your birthday. They're killing two birds with one stone, which is what I'm telling you to do. And then here under your birthday, it says, you'll also receive exclusive offers, featured flavor announcements and more. Basically, we're going to sell you some other stuff too. Come on now. Then it has their address on here and it says to sign up, scan this QR code has a little bitty QR code on the bottom, and then it has the URL, nothingbuntcakes.com/. Another thing I do recommend doing is do not just because you have an A QR code, a lot of your younger heads of marketing will tell you all you need is the QR code, but you need the actual email address as, not email, but web address as well.
Put them both there. Okay? Very simple. This business card, I'm sure is going into every bag that leaves that store. You need to be doing this. If you have a retail establishment, this needs to be going in every bag. If you're not giving out bags, it needs to be handed, just handed to them. You could also, on the back of this, they're not doing this, but on the back of this, you could have the link and QR code to give them a review. It could double right as that, but at least let's get them joined onto your email newsletter and give them, if you can give them a little free something, that's great, but you decide what you want to do. Okay, so wrapping up today, let's recap. You can rewind. We've got all these strategies that you can do, but the top things that you want to do is make sure that you personalize it.
Personalization is key. Collect as much customer data as you need and that as you can use, so you can tailor that birthday offer to their preferences, even their purchase history if you're able to do that. And then leverage social media. Get on Facebook, create your offer so that it shows up for people who have a birthday in your area. You can also use hashtags if you're a salon. You could do hashtag birthday glam, any type of hashtag thing that you can kind of put into use in make it your thing for your store, but leverage social media in your birthday marketing campaigns, and then think beyond discounts. You don't always have to discount things. You can stack the cool, as Frank Kern says, stack the cool and provide other incentives that resonate with your customers, resonate with your clients or your patients. Okay? So these are surprisingly simple birthday marketing ideas that you need to implement now, if you found this valuable, hashtag local market monopoly, hashtag own the block, tag me, and it's shared with somebody like review and all that stuff. I'm going to see you next week when I continue to help you own your block.


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