Competitive Edge: Using Readwise to Stay Updated on Industry Trends and Outsmart Your Rivals
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In this episode, we delve into a game-changing tool called Readwise. It's designed to revolutionize your reading habits and help you retain valuable knowledge to outperform your competition.

Staying updated on industry trends and developments is essential for success, and we'll show you exactly how Readwise can be your secret weapon in achieving that.

Imagine having all the valuable insights you've ever learned right at your fingertips, ready to be leveraged at any moment.

If you're ready to gain a competitive advantage and take your business to new heights, listen to this episode now.

Don't wait—your competitors won't. Listen today and unlock your competitive edge with Readwise!

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Hey, welcome back to Local Market Monopoly. I'm Clarence Fisher, your host. It is episode 75 and I am going to give you a competitive advantage using a wonderful app called ReadWise. I've been using it for years to outsmart your rivals. Leaders are readers. We know this, but what happens when you forget everything you've read? If you're like me, I have a bookshelf full of stuff, I have a phone full of stuff, a computer full of stuff. I'm finding stuff all the time online. How the heck does someone maintain all of this? Goodness. I'm going to show you. Hold on.

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Clarence Fisher: All right, we're back talking about ReadWise. Before we get started, I want to let you know that MainStreetMarketingCoach.com is open now for founding a members. If you want me to coach your head of marketing on all of the strategies that we go over on this podcast in our newsletter, you can now have it. Just go to MainStreetMarketingCoach.com. We've got a special offer for our founding members right now, and as long as you see the special offer there, it's still valid and we will honor that. So MainStreetMarketingCoach.com. Okay, back ReadWise, what is it? It is awesome. Check this out. Do you know, as I said in the intro, leaders are readers and we read a lot. I know you read a lot and you have Audible, you have all of these books that you have possibly read on marketing, leadership business, and most people do not.
The comprehension is low. Do you get that? You experience that. So you read a book and this is what I don't get about people who say, I've read 3000 books this year. Who cares? Who cares if you read 3000 books this year because you have likely not retained any of it, you know want to be, what do you hear? Like Bruce Lee is like, he's not afraid of the guy that knows 5,000 kicks. He's afraid of the guy that only knows two kicks and practices them 5,000 times because he is a master. So we would really benefit by picking just a few books and going deep into those books. There are some books that I read every single year. One of those is Maxwell Malts. Ah, I'm drawing a blank right now. Oh, Cy Psycho Cybernetics. Dan Kennedy rewrote it with Maxwell Malls. He's gone. Gone now, but Dan Kennedy rewrote it and it is great.
It is so great. That's one of the books that I read every single year. But being in business, I read a lot of books being in marketing for sure, but I really wanted some somehow to just retain the key points as I'm highlighting all of these books because I've got the highlighter, I'm highlighting them. You write in notebooks and you never really go back. At least I never really go back and that's where ReadWise comes into play. All of my highlights on Kindle, there are what else? There are so many different places that will import all of your highlights from where you read digitally for sure, digitally for sure imports into ReadWise and ReadWise. What it does is, or one of the main things that I use it for is every day I get a digest of some of the highlights from some of the books that I read.
Let's see, today I got a, and you can choose how many different highlights come to you. I think I've got five or six here. This one is How Not To Die by Michael Gregor, MD and Gene Stone. And it says that one unifying diet found to best prevent and treat many of these chronic diseases is a whole food plant-based diet defined as an eating pattern that encourages the consumption of unrefined plant foods, discourages meats, dairy products, eggs, and processed foods. This is something that I favored it, so this will show up to me more often than something I haven't favored it. But then also I've got here Work the System by Sam Carpenter addressing the problem. Then taking this second step to fix the cause of the problem distinguishes people who are in control from people who are not the successful from the unsuccessful. Also in here is, and this is just one digest that I get.
I get this every morning and it mixes them all up. So this is The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz. I got what got you here, won't get you there. If you press people to identify the motives behind their self-interest, it usually boils down to four items, money, power, status, and popularity. Now I want you to think about something. Think about all the books that you've read, all of the highlights and major points. If you could have those pop up on you and rotate through those, those would eventually stick. What I find is that every day I have something that comes up that I can use that day and I'm like, oh man, I, I've fallen off of that principle. So what I did was I started, when I discovered ReadWise, I started reading Kindle books. I was never a big fan of Kindle. I like to hold books if I'm going to read books.
Ultimately now I like Audible and so most of my books, I have 200 titles in Audible. A bunch of titles on the bookshelf and a bunch of Kindles. But I was highlighting in this Kindle because ReadWise will automatically import my highlights into their system. Now they also have the Apple or it's a bunch of other things that you can see it. I'm, going to put a link here where you can get 30 days free and then if you end up signing up for it, you can get another 30 days free or something like that. Full disclosure, we are, I am an affiliate for it, so we, I'll get a month of ReadWise for telling you about it, but I love it and this is why I'm telling you about it.
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Okay, so I started with Kindle and then I was like, I really don't enjoy Kindle that much. I need to find a way to get my audible highlights in there. And so then I discovered in ReadWise, this comes in so handy, you can just go in and they have a library where it's called Supplemental Books or Supplemental Highlights and you just type in the book, okay, type in the book that in my case I have listened to on Audible. I type that in and then it pulls up the most highlighted passages in that book that most people highlight.
So it's there. Now, in the case of Audible, it's, it's not necessarily all my highlights, but these are the highlights. When you read Kindle, if you read a Kindle book and it has the underlines of this passage is the most highlighted by everyone who read this book. Well, that shows up in ReadWise automatically. This is where this also has come in handy for me. People recommend just like probably to you. People recommend, I read books all the time and I used to drive myself crazy trying to read a book a week because I, because hey, so and so recommended this book. You can only read so many books. But with ReadWise, what I can do is if you recommend a book to me, this is what happens. I go into ReadWise, I type that book in the supplemental highlights and then I let ReadWise bring up the most important passages to me over time.
So anytime anybody recommends a book or I see a book that I'm like, yo, I got to read that. I got to know what's up in that book. The principles in that book, I will put it in ReadWise. I can say, Hey, I want more of this book, more less of this book, more of this book, less of this book, and it will jumble up all of the highlights and make sure that I get 'em. This is crazy to me. Here is the competitive advantage. Let's say there's a part in your business that you really need to know about. Let's say it's How to Read a Financial Report. Go find there, and that's an excellent book too. How to Read a Financial Report. Go put that in your read. In your read wise, you put that book in there, you go find other books, straight numbers or straight talks, straight numbers, straight numbers, straight talk.
That's what it is. Put that in there, go get your financial books and then in ReadWise, put the dial almost all the way to the right so you get more of those passages than anything else. And every morning ReadWise will send you a highlighted snippet and before you know it, you're the king or the queen or the whatever, okay? You want to be okay. So ReadWise can be your friend and it is your friend. So that's one of the biggest ways to use it is make a list of your businesses challenges. You're challenging business or personal. Make that list, do a little bit of research and find out what the best resources are to help you solve that. Then use ReadWise to customize and organize the reading material and so that it sends it to you with these tailor-made reading lists.
I mean, you can't go wrong, especially if you've been trying to make a reading habit stick. If you've been trying to make a daily reading habit, this is the easiest way to go. I mean, it only takes a few minutes to put everything together and just seconds to put in your books, but in the morning it only takes about a few minutes to read these passages. So it's great. So here's the deal. I don't care what's going on in your life. If you need to improve your marriage, your business, you want to learn about woodworking, you want to learn about underwater basket weaving, it really doesn't matter ReadWise is going to give you the edge. So is I said, so here's the deal. Can't say. So here's the deal again, I wanted to talk about the sources, give you the sources. So it's Kindle, Apple Books, Cobo, whatever that is, InstaPaper Pocket, and they've got dozens of other sources here, and you can export to a notion just now getting to learn about Notion and let's see, they've got man all kind of stuff here.
It's localmarketmonopoly.com/readwise, and let's make sure that they have the link and the show notes there. But just wanted to share this with you. It's been on my mind actually for about a year to share this with you. And just, we had a break and I thought, Hey, I should just tell everybody about ReadWise. So I really hope that you check it out, sign up for free and try it. I mean, you may think it's super weird right now because everybody I share it with are like, dude, that's the, that's weird. I don't really read like you read, but if you read like I read or you want to read, then this is awesome. All right, so go and do what I'm going to catch you next week. If this helps you at all, share it. Tag me, hashtag Local Market Monopoly. And until the next episode, hey, make sure you show up for the next episode because I want to continue helping you own your block.

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