7 Tips to Get Your Business Live Streaming on Social Media
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Business Live Streaming on Social Media

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Have you ever found yourself wondering why those products and company photos you keep posting don't seem to be attracting enough interactions or why that infographic only netted you 3 likes on social media? Take advantage of business live streaming in social media!

If you haven't yet discovered the potential of business live streaming on social media – now is a perfect time to get in on the action and include it in your marketing strategy.

In this week's episode, I'll share practical tips to help your live streams be successful and valuable to your audience. Listen now!

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Clarence Fisher: Welcome back to Local Market Monopoly. I am Clarence Fisher, your host, and just a real quick side note. You always hear me say welcome back. And that's on purpose. You know where I got that from? You know, where I got that from? I know shame in my game. McDonald's. This I haven't been to McDonald's in a long, long time, but when I did a frequent this establishment, one of the things that I did notice is they always said, no matter what, welcome back. And I thought, Oh my goodness, there are marketing lessons everywhere. I feel like I'm at home. I feel like, you know me, could I get a number four please? Alrighty. So welcome back to Local Market Monopoly. Again, I'm Clarence Fisher, your host for this voyage. And today, we're going to talk about live streaming. You should be doing it. You know, you should have, you should be doing it.

Clarence Fisher: You see other people do it and you are probably envious of them. I don't know. I don't, I don't want to put an envy on you, but you probably want it to be live streaming. I know I do. So this is, as you know, this is how this thing gets kicked off all the time is I am getting my life together and our business life together. So I share this with you. And so what I'm going to share with you is seven tips to get your business live streaming so that you can connect with your target audience. You can get more engagement. You can trick Facebook. Yes. I said, trick Facebook into showing. You're putting your message in front of more people, even more than uploading a video itself. And we're going to make it super duper easy for you. So don't go anywhere. Uh, put the, uh, the apparatus, the phone, whatever in your pocket. And let's roll.

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Clarence Fisher: All right. We're back. Thank you for staying with me, man. I'm so glad I said, man, man, woman, person, I'm so glad that spring is on its way that, uh, the blue birds on my shoulder. Yeah. Hey, I could've had a career. I could've had a career before we get started though. Every week, we give you a chance to get coaching for your specific business about your marketing, your strategy, your offers, your sales, whatever it is you need. Just go to Clarence fisher.com forward slash ask. That's a S K and you're you will be asked one question. What's the single biggest question you have about marketing your local business online. I have to get this produced. I think I need to get this produced that one question, but either way, if you go there, you will be asked that question and you'll be given the opportunity to leave us a 92nd audio explanation of your question.

Clarence Fisher: I know someone, someone is recording their question and probably getting to the end and not being able to get it in 90 seconds. But right now we're trying to 92nd bang, but you have 90 seconds. Leave an audio explanation of your question and I will provide the answer right here on the show for everyone. Just go to Clarence fisher.com forward slash ask. Now what you came here for today, live streaming. We're going to get all the way live. As you know, live streaming is a big thing. All the cool kids are doing it, which means we should probably do it without question. Not at all, but live streaming is a powerful way for you to connect with your target audience for you to deliver a uniquely personal message. One that is personal to you. It's a very simple, very simple process, and it can give you really huge results.

Clarence Fisher: For instance, when you go live. And when I say live, I mean, you know what I mean? When you get on Facebook and youu click the button that says live, and all of a sudden you're showing the world everything that's going on right now, the same thing happens on Instagram and YouTube and all this. But you get instant feedback when you're live streaming. It turns your video into a broadcast communication. You can broadcast anything nowadays, since COVID you see here's the good essence. You see weddings, you see funerals being broadcast live. Everyone has access to a television studio right now and you'll capture eyeballs. 80% of your audience would rather watch a live stream than read a blog post. Really 80% would rather watch a live stream like it's real. I mean, this started years ago with, with MTV, right? The real world, it was probably seriously where all this started, but you create this connection when you're live and people, there are a jump on a live, you are creating a connection. It gets real. And then because of that, Facebook, the other property, the other social media platforms, especially Facebook puts you ahead of the line. You kind of skip their algorithm because it's live it's happening right now.

Clarence Fisher: They want to put that on as many news feeds as possible so that you can get people who may be interested in what you're doing. A quick story. You know how this started. It started with Facebook trying to come up with a way to allow celebrities to interact with their fans. And it was, it was initially only used by celebrities so that they could interact with their fans. Oh, thank you. Thank you. You can't wait for my new movie. You can see me now and I can, I can interact with you now. Well, it was such a big hit that they rolled it out to all of us peons, and now we can use it in our small businesses. So what I want to do right now is like I said, I mean, this is what we're doing. And as we create, start creating SOPs and tips for the team, it's like, Hey, Haydn, you know who needs, who needs this?

Clarence Fisher: Who I need to share this with you? So here are the tips. I'm give you seven of them. Okay? So number one is you have to decide where you want to go live. So the platform that you choose for your live streams, it's all going to depend on what we say this all the time, where your audience is, wherever your avatar, wherever your perfect prospect profile is. That's where you want to go live. If your folks ain't on Twitter, you should not be on Twitter. Okay? Okay. So that's number one, live streams on Facebook. They have six times as many interactions as pre-recorded videos. This is what I was telling you. 10 times more comments, crazy, crazy tests. You can do it yourself. We uploaded a video. And then when you go live, it's like, everybody comes out of the woodwork. Now, a lot of people say, Hey, I don't want to go.

Clarence Fisher: I don't go live because people don't stay on my entire life. And let me tell you this. This is why you want to go live. Because immediately after your live, your video, your livestream turns into a video. So you're killing two birds with one stone, so to speak, okay, you're getting the interaction and you're not taking a whole bunch of time to overthink it and just hitting the button. And I'll tell you, you do want to have a couple of bullet points that you want to cover. Say you have the main topic, and then you have a couple of supporting bullet points. And then you have a call to action, which is, you know what, the purpose of you doing this live and you'll get all of the engagement. And then when it's over with then Facebook turns it into a video.

Clarence Fisher: If you do that once a week, like seriously, just once a week. Can you imagine the library that you're going to have floating out there? And Facebook puts it at the top of news feeds when you go live. So you're instantly getting eyeballs. Okay. So number one is decide where you want to go live. Where are your people? Are they on Facebook? Are they on YouTube? They're on Instagram. Are they on the gram? Number two, have a purpose. This is what I was telling you have a purpose. What is the purpose of your life of your live stream? Are you releasing a new product? Are you going to share a tip, share trick? Are you hosting an interview? Maybe it's you and someone else going live. One of the easiest ways. And we keep going back to, this is writing down your frequently asked questions, the questions that people should be asking.

Clarence Fisher: Okay? Right. Just write the query. All you have to do is write the question and then take that you know more about what you do than anybody on the planet almost. So take that, write the question down, write down three bullets. And this is just for you. Three bullet points. That's going to support the answer. And all you have to do is you could even just grab the piece of paper and read it in front of people. Okay. And then answer the question. We want to know the answer and then tell us what we need to do after that is it to call you for a 15 minute conversation. Is it to call for a free audit? Is it to call for a walk down? Oh, not walk down. I don't know what you call it, but call for something. You have to put a call to action on there.

Clarence Fisher: We talk about that all the time as well. You have to put a call to action, or there's no reason to even get up in the morning. Okay. Number three, be prepared as prepared as you needed to be. I will say that don't get over-prepared. I can do that myself. A lot of times on this podcast, I'm getting over prepared. And then I have to tell myself, Clarence, I tell myself self, just do it. You know what you're talking about? Okay. So just start with good lighting, wherever you can. Maybe it's a natural lighting. You don't have to get the big fancy kits, get some lighting in your face. Not necessarily behind you, because then that will cause all kinds of problems. But right before you start streaming, just make sure you turn off your notifications. I'll tell you that and ask me how I know turn off all the notifications that you possibly can because everybody knows you have 10, 15, 20 notifications.

Clarence Fisher: I'm the, probably the only person on earth that I know so far that does not have any notifications turned on on my phone. So there you have it. If you, if you're brand new to my universe and you're asking, why does Clarence not call back until a certain time? I do not have notifications on my phone because I'm doing things like this. Okay? So at least make sure your notifications are off while you're going live. One Ninja trick for step four, tip four is to promote when you're going live before you go live. The first time I saw this, I thought, well, that's stupid live means live. But the, they let me know that they were going live. I could get ready. I could finish. The email will come through that. They're going live in 15 minutes or the next hour. And I could finish the project that I have and, you know, stop by and go live for a second.

Clarence Fisher: You know, who really does this? Great is Dean Graziosi and KK from Tony Robbins team. You get the notification, you know, KK is going to be on, you know, Dean's going to be on and they take it even a step further and they are going live and you should do this to go live the exact same time around that time, every single week. So every Monday I know it's Dean every Tuesday or Monday, I think it's KK. I know for sure. So follow that. Use that same time, same place, same channel. And if you want to pick the right host, if you're the business owner you're listening right now and you say, Hey, we should go live. We should have a representative from our business going live, but it's not me. That's okay. That's okay. And I, you know, if you're a business owner, then you understand that there sometimes are people.

Clarence Fisher: Well, really there's typically always somebody who can do it, do a thing better than we can, which is why we have teams. Right? I say all that to say, but there's things that we can do better as well. Right? We need everybody. I say that to say, if you are not the one to be on the screen, don't worry about it. Just pick someone, but pick the right host. And if you need to grab someone else, two people can offer support to each other, bring a friend. That's my sixth tip. Number one, make sure that the person on screen can be okay on screen. We just did a project and I want to big up my client for this. They wanted their salesperson to do the video. And I said, Hey, Mr. Client, I know that sales person knows everything about this product. But in my experience, when we stick a camera in front of a just anybody's face, they don't necessarily know what they're going to do.

Clarence Fisher: And we could, I mean, Hey, we can give you day rate and we could be here all day, helping that person get this line down, or we can bring in some professionals. And they decided to bring in the professionals and guess what? We were done super quickly and had all, I mean, it was just incredible. So you don't have to have professionals, but don't force someone to be on screen who absolutely does not want to be. And if they want to, if you want to bring a with you and it's easier because it's easier to just kind of talk off each other. The only thing you have to watch out for, with that is when to stop. When to shut up. What's your thinking right now about me. So I'm going to move to number seven. And number seven is if you, when you really get jiggy with it, when you really get advanced, you can use slides.

Clarence Fisher: You can use polls, you can use questions are really simple thing you can do is Hey, put a heart in, in the window. If this is true, if you love this, put a heart, hit a heart. If you love this, hit a hard thumbs up me. If you know, thumbs up me, you know what I'm saying? You can play around with the emotions, not to be, not people's emotions, but you can play around with the Facebook emotions. Okay? So here's a quick things to remember. As we close out over 70% of YouTube, people who watch YouTube are on mobile, over 80% of Facebook users access Facebook from their mobile phone. And 93% of Twitter video is viewed on a mobile phone. Guess what? That means. Make sure if you're sharing any type of content, make sure it's mobile optimized. No, teeny tiny teeny fonts.

Clarence Fisher: Okay. So those are the seven. If you're going to go live, go live. I mean, it's been around for a few years, started with the stars. Now we have access to it, but many, many businesses have been slow to adopt it. I don't want you to wait any more. There's still plenty of room to grow here. Jump in, live stream your business. And if you're in sales, we have to be, we have to do this. I mean, we have to do it. Don't even don't think about it. Okay. We have to do it. So I am done talking your ear off. We were gone almost 20 minutes on this one. So, get live. I want, please, please ping me and let me know where you're going live so that I can stop by and wave and say hi and I, and I want to see it.

Clarence Fisher: Maybe give you a couple of tips. I don't know. And you can swing by Tulsa, go by the agency side Tulsa, Internet Marketing. And you can see some of our lives that have turned into videos and you can see how really you don't have to be a professional. You can be here in Oregon and they think this is not very professional. It doesn't matter. Okay. So until next time, take what you learned and put it to use please, and go own the block.

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