Why Everyone’s Buzzing About Threads – Should You Dive In?
October 23, 2023

Threads is a new digital platform that has got everyone excited.

You might be wondering if you should join the bandwagon or stay away and watch from a distance.

Let's take a closer look at Threads and see if it aligns with your online presence.

Are you ready to explore? Let's get started!

First off, what is Threads?

In the simplest terms, Threads is an offshoot of Instagram, designed as a “camera-first” messaging app.

Think of it as an exclusive lounge, connecting you with your close friends’ list on Instagram.

It's more personal, more intimate, and more selective.

OK… Now, the big question: Should you be on it?

Let's break it down.

1. Quality over Quantity

If you value deeper connections over widespread networking, Threads might be for you.

It's a cool way to connect more intimately with the people on your “Close Friends” list. It's like your own little safe space for sharing and interacting with each other.

2. A Visual Narrative

Threads focuses on sharing photos and videos instead of text-heavy content like Twitter/X, taking a camera-first approach.

This is perfect for people who communicate best through visuals, or businesses that rely on imagery, such as artists, designers, and photographers.

Threads could become your new best friend.

3. Swift and Seamless Communication

Remember the good ‘ol days when social media was about spontaneous sharing?

Threads brings back a bit of that.

It's less about curated content and more about real-time sharing.

4. Privacy First

Threads promises a more private communication avenue.

Your interactions remain confined to a selected few.

5. Yet Another Platform?

On the flip side, if you're already juggling multiple platforms and feeling stretched thin, adding Threads might not be the best move.

The decision to join Threads should align with your personal or business goals.

If your ideal customer, client, or patient is on Threads and If you're looking to cultivate deeper, more meaningful interactions with them, it's a yes.

If visual storytelling is your forte, Threads could be an excellent arena.

However, if you're feeling the weight of too many platforms, it might be wise to think again.

As with any new platform, there’s a learning curve.

Experiment, play around, and most importantly, listen to your audience.

Their engagement and feedback will be your compass, guiding you on whether Threads is just another shiny object or a lasting medium for you.

Until next time, here's to making informed choices, whichever platform (or rent house) you choose.

Either way, own the block,


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Clarence Fisher

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