How Eastern Oklahoma Chiropractic Broke Their Practice’s Sales Record 3 Months in a Row (and Counting!)
March 21, 2024

Tired of busting your marketing budget with little to no return?

Do what Dr. Travis Ring of Eastern Oklahoma Chiropractic did to market smarter, not pricier …

How many business owners really want to throw their marketing dollars away? Not one.

“Oh, you want me to spend more than $1,000 a month on a billboard that is essentially a blown-up business card?

Sign me up for that!”… said no business owner EVER.

Yet, many continue to do just that. Month after month.

And then feel like they are banging their head against a wooden billboard when they don’t see the return on investment, a.k.a new leads and paying customers.

When It’s Time to Take a Different Marketing Approach

In the case of Dr. Travis Ring of Eastern Oklahoma Chiropractic, he knew he didn’t want to go down that ineffective and expensive marketing path.

But there was a problem: his business was at a standstill, experiencing slowing sales with no new patients.

It just wasn’t growing fast enough through networking and referrals alone.

He knew it was time to step up his marketing efforts to take his practice to the next level.

But then came the hassle…

Everyone wanted to sell him on various advertising options—from phone book ads and billboards to radio and television spots.

But they were outrageously expensive and came with no expectations or promises of new leads and customers.

Because he prefers to run his practice on cash, rather than going into debt, Dr. Ring just couldn’t bring himself to write a $1,000 or more check each month for marketing methods that may or may not produce results.

This is where things got interesting!

Dr. Ring connected with Clarence Fisher and Tulsa Internet Marketing and began to realize there was a better, smarter way to promote his business — online.

After sitting down with Clarence and sharing his goals, the two went through an online marketing plan and considered the best options to reach Dr. Ring’s specific target market.

Rather than a pushy, expensive advertising executive who couldn’t provide any guarantees for the investment, Dr. Ring was happy to find a marketing consultant who came from a place of service.

Never pushy, never forceful.

Someone who is full of options that worked with his budget AND promised to deliver real results.

Marketing Success from Day One

So what happened next?

Eastern Oklahoma Chiropractic started getting results on Day One of their new marketing plan. More leads. More patients.

All of these without going into debt.

While the answer wasn’t as simple as running any old Facebook ad, Facebook did become the primary vehicle for marketing success.

Clarence utilized his proven formula to target Dr. Ring’s ideal patient, in order to meet their needs with Eastern Oklahoma Chiropractic’s solutions.

How did they do it? With eight key ingredients:

1. Created the Ideal Patient Avatar
This step was all about getting to know the chiropractic practice’s audience—the ideal patient.

Creating the avatar takes the ideal patient identification process a step further by naming the patient, coming up with a photo or cartoon likeness, and providing details that reveal what this person is all about, so you can actually picture him/her.

Once they created this avatar, let’s call her Pam the Work-at-Home-Mom, they asked and answered important questions, such as:

• What does Pam want to hear in a message from our office?
• Where and when is Pam hanging out online this week?
• How does Pam perceive chiropractic treatment? What is her need, and how can we provide the solution?

2. Uncovered Lifetime Customer Value

Calculating the Lifetime Customer Value or LCV of patients brought a long-term perspective to reaching new prospects and building relationships.

It was all about optimizing the acquisition to spend marketing dollars to maximize value.

In other words, this step enabled Dr. Ring to determine how much it was worth it to him to spend to reach and retain certain patients.

No need to throw money into the wind and hope for the best!

3. Matching Landing Page
Studies prove a well-designed landing page that matches up with an e-mail autoresponder is more likely to drive conversions than one that doesn’t match.

So the Eastern Oklahoma Chiropractic website got a makeover that perfectly complemented its e-mail autoresponder template.

Brand recognition and consistency can only make an online marketing campaign stronger.

4. Created an Irresistible Trip Wire Offer

Rolling out a tripwire offer prospects couldn’t resist was very effective in pulling in new patients. Dr. Ring offered a $19 new patient special.

This essentially eliminated any cost objections prospects might make that kept them from trying the chiropractic office’s services.

Once they came into the office for this special, they were more likely to continue as full-price-paying patients.

5. Call Tracking

By integrating a call tracking system, Clarence and the team were able to assign unique phone numbers to different components of the marketing campaign. This allowed them to compare the phone traffic that came from each number to determine which strategies were working best for the target audience. This provided just one more way for Dr. Ring to work smarter, not harder, to reach his ideal patients.

6. Retargeting Website Visitors

Retargeting, remarketing. Whatever you call it, it works, and it worked well for Dr. Ring’s business. When the team tracked that certain people had visited their website at least once, they could run Facebook ads retargeting those visitors. This enabled Dr. Ring to keep his business in the forefront of his ideal audience’s mind. By doing so, he could ensure that when these customers were ready for services, they knew right where to turn (because the ad was right in front of their faces!).

7. Created an FAQ Video

By creating a brief FAQ video about his chiropractic services, Dr. Ring was able to answer prospects’ questions and effectively retarget viewers. Sharing this video on Facebook enabled viewers to watch it and share it with ease. It also gave Dr. Ring an opportunity to position himself as a trusted expert and a solution to his target patient’s problems.

8. Now Moving into Look-a-Like Audiences

car accident

As the next step in Eastern Oklahoma Chiropractic’s marketing plan, they are moving forward with identifying ideal patients, but now they are targeting look-a-like audiences. There are prospects out there with likely interest in the services Dr. Ring offers because they are similar to the current customers.

Is It Time for Your Business to Market Smarter?

Eastern Oklahoma Chiropractic may have broken their practice's sales record for three months in a row and counting, but that kind of marketing success is actually possible for any business. Imagine the relief when you don't have to keep spending your marketing budget on extremely expensive tactics that simply don't produce results.

It's time to start a marketing plan that will get your ideal customers calling and clicking. Click here to schedule a Zoom or phone call to explore your best marketing options.

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