10 TikTok Trends for Local Businesses: What’s Working Now
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Are you looking to harness the power of TikTok to grow your local business? Look no further!

In this podcast episode, we'll discuss the top TikTok trends to help you thrive on this dynamic platform.

We'll explore the secrets behind successful local businesses on TikTok, from selecting the right niche to understanding your customer base. I'll guide you through the crucial steps to build a strong foundation for your TikTok presence and share proven techniques to make your videos stand out and captivate viewers.

But that's not all! We'll also dive into the importance of engaging with your audience, building a vibrant community, and fostering meaningful connections.

Interacting with your followers is a game-changer on TikTok, and I'll show you how to make the most of this incredible opportunity.

If you're eager to take your local business to new heights on TikTok, listen to this podcast episode now!

It's packed with actionable tips and real-life examples to help you make an impact on this buzzing social media platform. Tune in now!

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Hey, welcome back to Local Market Monopoly, Clarence Fisher, your host. It's episode 82 and in 82 episodes we've never talked about what we're going to talk about today. Yeah, it's it's time. We're going to talk about TikTok and I'm going to give you 10 tips if you want to participate in the big TikTok trend that is going on right now. This will give you a heads up on it. Stay tuned, we'll be right back. Whoa.

Intro: You're listening to Local Market Monopoly with Clarence Fisher, uncovering the tools, tactics and strategies the most successful small businesses use to dominate their local market and own the block.

Clarence Fisher: All right, we're back. So TikTok, tell me about TikTok, the tick to the talk. You don't stop. TikTok is everywhere. I mean, we thought that it was going to get shut down. Don't know what's happening with TikTok. A lot of people are like, I'm still not getting on TikTok. They're not getting my information, even though our information is everywhere. But I'm kind of with you. When someone asks me, should we be on TikTok? Here's what I say. Look, if your avatar is on TikTok, and if you've been with us, rocking with us for a while, you know what I mean by your avatar, your John, your Jane, if they're on TikTok, then you need to be on TikTok. If they're on Facebook, you need to be on Facebook. Just about everybody can benefit from Facebook, and I'm telling you, kind of TikTok is starting to get that way too.
But if your ideal prospect, your avatar is on LinkedIn, you need to be there. If they're on Twitter, you need to be on Twitter. It really comes down to who are you serving? If you are, sir, if your people are there, you definitely need to be there. So here's the deal with TikTok. I've been watching more and more videos. My kids are sending me videos just about every video they send me that is funny is on TikTok me. I've been thinking, I thought, Hey, eh, man, we should get on TikTok. What I did was I went, and early on I went and at least registered our names, grabbed our names, but I was like, man, this, I don't think that I'm ever going to be on there. Well, more and more and more and more how to videos are jumping up on TikTok. Of course, we're going to see kind of what happens legally with legislation and all that stuff, but I just thought, Hey, now it's time to at least give you, if you want to promote your business, here are some things that you can do.
So let's get started. Number one is select the right niche. I mean, what niche are you in? And you can start looking at TikTok videos within that niche to get some ideas in the social media world. I mean, it is so wide open. So you definitely want to make sure that you have your target audience in mind, and you can find them on TikTok. Again, you have to do the avatar research to know your customer, know your ideal client or patient. The second thing, and this is what's crazy about TikTok, I have a friend that started posting in TikTok on weight loss, and we have another podcast, by the way, 100 pound party that kind of has, I've started to help other people who have lost significant or who have significant amounts of weight to loss because to lose, if you've been with me for a while, that my journey has been super crazy.
I've lost got to where I lost 111 pounds. Right now, I'm fighting to get 30 of it back off because the hardest part is just keeping it off. Actually, that is what I'm finding out. But anyway, I'm chronicling the journey there at 100poundparty.com, and then also interviewing people who have been successful, like regular people, not fitness gurus, but regular people who have been successful, and we're sharing that to help other people. So I know it's kind of a simple, kind of a sensitive subject. If you walk up to somebody that, or you have a friend that you feel like would benefit from the 100 Pound Party podcast or newsletter, but let 'em know, and we have a lot of fun over there. If you know me, I'm not taking things too seriously. I mean, we're definitely having fun over there. But anyway, I interviewed her and for the podcast and she makes a lot of TikTok videos, and I'm talking about there's a video every single day, multiple times a day, and that it turns out that's what you have to do on TikTok.
You have to post every day and you have to post often. Some of the best Tiktoks out there are posting several times a day, videos several times a day. I don't know what the process looks like yet because we haven't done it, but I do know that's one of the things, and our research is saying, Hey, you got to post often because every time you post, you're spinning the viral lottery wheel. You don't know what's going to go viral. So you're just putting videos out there, putting videos out there, and hopefully something gets picked up. Okay? That's why you're putting out that much video. And then you want to use music. Music is big on TikTok and it's very easy to put music on your videos in there. Some of the lip syncing snippets are just awesome, which is crazy. Have you seen that meme where it's like Milli Vanilli is like, it has them looking all me all mad, and they're like, this is Milli Vanilli watching everyone else make so much money lip syncing.
If you're too young and under know about Milli Vanilli, just Google Millie Vanilli Rest in peace. One of 'em. It really hit them hard
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So you also want to interact with others on TikTok, just like any other social media platform, the more you go and interact, you've picked your niche, and so you are starting to have on your feed other people within your niche. The more you interact with them, the more your videos are going to show up on their feed. So you want to interact with others for sure. And what if you have a talent? Show it off. I saw videos the other day from a beauty supply distributor. I think it was Salon Centric. We work with quite a few of them, and they are recording this particular store recording Tiktoks where they're singing along with songs and rolling around in the aisles with hair product. I mean, they're great. I mean, you've got the owner and part and someone on the staff just singing along with these videos.
They're super awesome, but show off your talents. It doesn't matter if it's cooking. Your talent could be skateboarding. Remember that skateboarding, TikTok, they went viral and the guy got enough money to buy hisself, a house dog grooming. It doesn't matter. Whatever your talent is, show it off and you can actually show it off in a how-to style. The next tip here is create how-to videos show off a tutorial while you're displaying your talent. And this is what is gear? What is making me take a second look at TikTok. I really mean personally, I feel like it's a waste of time, personally, personally, but one thing I do know, being a professional marketing executive, a professional marketing consultant, is doesn't really matter what I think. All right? It matters. What matters is where my client's avatar is and what is working. Okay? So what I'm finding out right now is we're going to end up moving into TikTok, which is why I'm talking to you right now, because as I start looking up and doing the research, I'm sharing it with you.
So do not be surprised if we're making TikTok videos here very shortly as I'm sharing this with you, because how to videos are becoming more popular on TikTok. One thing you do want to do is you want to have high quality videos. I think it's hard not to have a high quality video now. I mean, you even, does anyone even have a VHS anymore? Oh, my wife and I were at a graduation in at this really, really small town, this really, really small town, and I don't like to put Oklahoma on blast like that. This is my whole town. But we went into the sticks to a graduation and my dude did break out the VHS in front of everybody with the tripod even, and put the VHS on there, and I looked at my wife. Is that seriously a VHS recorder? Yes, it is.
I don't know. That's not going to work on TikTok. Okay, I'll just put it like that. But your cell phone, your cellphone that you have probably records high enough quality videos that you can do that. Another thing that is working well on TikTok is covering current events. You see the videos where they take, it's the playoffs and they're talking about the playoffs or anything newsworthy. People are breaking that down in TikTok, and you can d, it's called Newsjacking when you do it for, I was about to say for business, but really any reason you can jack the news, like whatever's happening, tie your business into that. And really, these are just some tips that may help you go viral. Speaking of that, if you feature kids or pets, you have a better chance of getting more views for whatever reason, kid and kids, you see the videos where these parents are there on there with their kids, and if you have pets, this started way back and what was it?
Facebook, the silly pet videos. So crazy. My wife would be, we would be in bed and she's laughing and cracking up and I'm like, are you look laughing at me? No. Laughing at pet videos. Insecure. Alright, use hashtags, trending hashtags. You can go over to Instagram and check out, try to find out what hashtags are trending, which would be the explorer page, or really you're connected with people who are in your market. So look and see what hashtags they're using, and that will give you a clue on which hashtags to use. Okay, so hashtags, we need to do an entire episode on hashtags, and I'm going to put that down to where we can look further into hashtags so you know how to use them. The best way that I have seen is to start with your broad topic hashtag, and then get more granular in your keywords in your hashtag keywords.
So you start with hashtag marketing, hashtag digital marketing, hashtag hyper-local digital marketing. You know what I mean? And go on and go on and go on and go on. So here's the deal in concluding if your avatar is on TikTok, you need to be figuring out TikTok. Don't worry. I'm starting to go down this road too and figure this out for you. Mainly because many of our clients are needing to figure out TikTok, and that's what we get paid for. All right, is to work, is to figure this out. If you want us to work it out with you, go to mainstreammarketingcoach.com and check that out where we have the marketing meeting every Thursday, and then also we have other trainings and all that stuff. All right, so that's TikTok. I want to hear about it. Want to, if you're on TikTok and you have listened and you're like, Hey, Clarence, you probably need to do this as well. Go to localmarketmonopoly.com and hit the Ask Clarence button and record an audio to let me know and let me know what you're doing. Or if you have a question, put it on there and we'll throw it on the air and we'll dig into it. All right? So till next time, go out and do whatever you have to, you have to do, keep it legal, okay? But own your block.

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