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“You have to make sure that all of that hard work translates into sales and if you are looking for an effective lead conversion tool, landing pages are definitely the way to go.” – Clarence

In this episode, we will discuss the single most significant lever you can pull for success in any marketing campaign. This tactic has worked for years, regardless of trends or changes.

Inside, you'll discover:

  • Why it is key to increasing ad conversions.
  • The critical components that you need to have in place before you launch any campaign.
  • Do's and Don't to ensure you get killer results from this strategy.

So listen here to learn the smart way to optimize your ad campaigns and how to increase your chances of having a winning one.

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Clarence Fisher

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Clarence Fisher: Welcome back to Local Market Monopoly. I am Clarence Fisher, your host. And today we're going to talk about one of the, if not the single biggest lever in any advertising campaign. Can you guess what it is? Give us about 10 seconds and I'll let you know right after the intro,

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Clarence Fisher: Was that longer than 10 seconds? I think that was probably longer than 10 seconds. I'm so sorry. Listen, the single biggest lever that you can pull in any advertising campaign for success is your landing page. So many local businesses do not have proper landing pages for their ads. If you're running ad words and you're, and you're sending people to your home page, that is a no, no. If you're running Facebook ads and you're sending people to your homepage, no, don't do it. If you're doing direct mail and you're sending people to your homepage, don't do it. I get it. You wanted to put up a campaign really quick and you just said, Hey, we're going to put them up, send people to the homepage. Okay. But you very quickly should have a landing page that speaks specifically about the service that you are offering.

Clarence Fisher: And it has some features that I'm going to tell you that makes the conversion, the possibility of someone converting into a new prospect for you, a new lead for you. Very, very high. So check this out. Website pages usually convert at two to 3%. That's, that's kind of a, a known number, meaning 2%, 3% of the people that come to your website will click call or maybe come by. Okay? The other 98, 97%, you try to get back with a retargeting campaign or a remarketing campaign. If you're not doing that, you definitely need to be doing that. Call your marketing person. Tell them, Hey, if we're not running retargeting, we need to be running retargeting. And if you want to talk about that, just hit us up. And we'll talk about that as well getting retargeting going for you. You need to have that.

Clarence Fisher: That's like the number one thing you need to have. But anyway, back to the lesson at hand, 2% to 3% conversion on a regular website. Now, a landing page, if it's constructed well, will get you a 10% plus the conversion of the traffic that goes to that to 10% is more than 2%, two to three. We percent out a regular rage on a regular website, 10% sending them to a landing page. That is rent money for the show. Alrighty. So here's the purpose of a landing page. The purpose of a landing page has it's just one purpose and it's to get a person to give you their phone number or to call you, okay. Either they're going to fill out a form and give you their number, or they are going to call you. And the reason this is is because it has limited navigation. When you go to a regular website, you've got all of these tabs up at the top, which are distracting.

Clarence Fisher: You know, I came to the website for this particular reason, but I look at the tab and I say, Oh, well about us. Let me go there. Let me see about these people before I spend any money with him. Okay? Testimonials, let me go to that page and read some testimonials and case studies. Oh, service. Oh, then I get deep. And then I get called off and I leave. And I do not give you, not only do I not give you my information, I don't even know your phone number because I was not attracted to that. I was attracted to all these other pages and you want to call out your market on the landing page. The very top at either top, middle, or top left, you want to talk, you know, Hey, blank, blank. They used to call it a dog whistle. Hey, people in the simplest one is your town. Hey Tulsa, Hey San Diego, Hey Austin. Or you could say if you're suffering from back pain, do this, call out the market that you're talking to. And your headline. One of the biggest things that we run into with the landing pages and even websites is I'm going to break it to you. Your logo is not the most important thing on the page.

Clarence Fisher: I'm sorry. I had to tell you. Most people want their logo to be the biggest thing on the page. Don't do that. I promise you your customers, clients, patients do not care about your logo. I don't want to take anything from it. I mean, I'm not trying to be mean here. I know you put a lot of work in it and some people pay a lot for their logos, but what would be more beneficial is putting a clear, concise benefit or his headline on the page that addresses how your service is going to alleviate their problem. One clear, concise, easy to understand the offer. We're talking about like a free evaluation. It could be a consultation. It could be a strategy session. You want to have one offer, not 50 million offers. Not if you don't want this. They might want that. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Clarence Fisher: Here's the beauty of landing pages. You can have as many as you want, right? So if you have an ad group and on Google ads that are talking about one service is talking about backup and disaster recovery. Your landing page should only talk about backup and disaster recovery. I will tell you it is okay to start with one kind of generic landing page, but I promise you as soon as you possibly can, you want to start having specific landing pages for specific ads that you want to always have a call to action and put some social proof on there. You don't necessarily need to send them to a testimonial tab, but put some testimonials on that landing page. So you've got a great headline benefit of the rich headline, a concise call to action. You've got some social proof on there. You're calling out to your market.

Clarence Fisher: These are the things that, that you want to have on your landing page. Another thing is only to ask for the information that you absolutely need. I see so many times people are asking for what's your dog's middle name? You don't need to know the dog's middle name. You're not may recall the dog, whatever you need. If you need the phone number, don't you get the phone number if you're not going to call, that's what I see a lot of, we want the phone number. We want a phone number. Well, you're not going to call them. So don't get the phone number. If all you need is the, is the email address and the name, get that. I don't know why you wouldn't get the phone number. I mean you need to call, front desk needs to call. Somebody needs to call or else we're not going to close that sale.

Clarence Fisher: Okay. But you get what I'm saying, ask for the relevant form fields and on your button, the button, the submit button, make sure that it stands out. I heard Mike say not too long ago that make sure your formed button is a different color than any color on the page. And I thought that was pretty cool. That was pretty interesting. So make it so that you make sure that it stands out and then your button text submit is so 1980s before the internet. Don't make it submit, make it a call to action. You know, something like free evaluation, something like free strategy session, whatever they are getting, make that the text for your button there. Okay. And if you could have a, let's say, what, if you could have a picture representation, a graphic representation of what they're getting.

Clarence Fisher: So if it's a free report, have a, have a graphic representation of their free report on there. If it's a free strategy session, maybe, you know, you could probably use that same type of report type of graphic there for the, for the free strategy session. If you can show them kind of, even if it's an intangible, make it tangible and show them on that page. And I'll tell you when you're running ads. One of the things that we run into quite often is these pages don't have terms of service. It is so huge right now in the 2020s and beyond, you must have a privacy policy. And in terms of service, you can have your ads shut down for not having that. Ask me how I know. And last but not least, if your landing page is not mobile optimized, I can't believe I even have to say this.

Clarence Fisher: If your landing page is not mobile optimized, you should stop advertising because people are not going to spend that much time on your page. I mean, they're going to be there. And then they're going to say, Oh my goodness, this is a 1976 website. I don't even know what to do with this. Do you do Morse code or do you do I need to like to download something and send a letter in? Make sure your landing page is mobile optimized. Also, another thing, make sure that it's congruent with the ad. A lot of times the headline can be the same headline on the page that you use in the ad. But here's another thing my veterinarians and everybody else pay attention. Do not run an ad about cats and send them to a landing page that only has dogs on it. People are like, what are we talking about?

Clarence Fisher: I know you're a vet and they should be able to put two and two together, but it just doesn't happen. It just doesn't happen that often, if you make people think they will leave, I know someone's laughing right now because ooh, we wouldn't want to make people fate. I'm telling you if you do that, you're not gonna have any money. So make sure that the same feeling, the same look, the same smell, we call it ad scent. Don't lose the ad scent kind of like when you go hunting and you have, you know, the old, the hunting dogs and they're running and you know, in the movies, they jump in a river so that they lose the scent. So the dogs lose the scent. And then the dogs are like, I mean, he could have sworn, he came down this way, that's losing the scent.

Clarence Fisher: You don't want to lose the ad scent. You want to, they want to see the ad. And they go wanting to go to the website that looks something like the ad so that they know that they are in the right place. Make sure it is consistent with the ad and also consistent with your brand. I know I've given you a lot to think about. Why don't I give you a checklist that you can use? Would that be nice? I think that'd be nice. All right. So go to Clarencefisher.com forward slash landing page, or we can put it in these show notes. Yes, let's do that for the last landing page checklist. We'll do that. And we'll also put the list in the show notes for you. Please get a landing page. We're talking about eight, 17, 18% increase in your conversions just by doing that.

Clarence Fisher: I know a lot of people say, Hey, I don't want to spend the extra 500 bucks or three or four, whatever it costs, but think about it. If you got 17% more conversions from the ads that you're currently running, would it not be worth that? I think so. As always, if you have a question, comment, concern, or an Apple pie, well, you can't sell the Apple pie through the internet, but all those other things you can do, just go to Clarence fisher.com at the top, right, there's a link there that says ask Clarence and you can leave me a voice message, or you can leave me a text message and we'll get it on the show. And I will answer those for you. Okay? Wishing you tons of success until next week. Go own the block.

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