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Is Twitter really worth your time when it comes to marketing?

The answer is YES – but only if you're doing it right.

In this episode, we'll discuss how to make your Twitter marketing efforts pay off.

I'll share valuable tips for Twitter success, including creating a compelling Twitter profile, finding and engaging with potential customers, and measuring your Twitter marketing results.

So if you're looking to boost your business with Twitter, this is the episode for you!

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Clarence Fisher

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Clarence Fisher (00:00): Welcome back to Local Market Monopoly. I am Clarence Fisher, your host. And today we're talking about how to make your Twitter marketing efforts pay off. I know some of you are like, you know, I don't tweet, you can tweet now, it's legal. And you can use this podcast episode to help you make it pay off for you. Okay. We're gonna talk about how to connect with your customers and build your brand personality build your awareness and how to develop your Twitter voice so that you can empower your brand and empower your community. Don't go anywhere. We'll be right back.

Clarence Fisher (00:44): Okay. So here we are. We're talking about tweeting, not to be confused with twerking. Just two T Ws it's Clarence and Twitter is a powerful, powerful social media platform. According to one of the latest reports, Twitter's had an average of 229 million daily active users in the first quarter of this year. And that's about 14 million more than the 214 million daily users of the previous quarter. So Twitter, whether Elon buys it or not is still like a, a force to be reckoned with. And I don't know if that's gonna go through, but that's a whole another thing we're not gonna talk about today. We're talking about Twitter marketing, fake accounts or not, but like every other social media platform finding success on Twitter is going to take a little bit of strategic planning, some intentionality on your part in order to stand out and keep your audience engaged.

Clarence Fisher (01:52): So what I wanted to do today is kind of give you a little breakdown describing how Twitter marketing can benefit your brand, benefit your business, and be, you know, really vital to your success. And I will tell you, I did not tweet for a long time just because my, I always tell you to go where your ideal customer client or patient is. And mine was not on Twitter, at least, you know, not where I don't, I don't know, didn't know too many small business owners, local, small business owners that are spending too much time on Twitter. I mean, like you're too busy doing what you do to be tweeting in between sales calls or tweeting in between plumbing jobs or tweet in between. I don't know, dermatology sessions. Basically, we were not tweeting, but increasingly I have been proven wrong that people are tweeting and it's not my, I can either, you can either be, you've heard it, you can be right or you can be broke.

Clarence Fisher (03:05): So I'm okay with being corrected, which is why we're here today. So I'm gonna give you some of these tips that I am using myself. All right. So number one is you can get incredible insights into your customer's clients, or patients from just using Twitter. You can try hashtag campaigns and monitor those analytics, but you can track how your audience is perceiving your tweets and what they say about you by just paying attention. A lot of customer support now is being done via Twitter. Like you get, I think the numbers show you get like three times more insight using Twitter when you're engaging with your customers, because they are so tuned in that. You know if they're tagging you, then you can have that conversation just as you would almost over the phone or over text, via Twitter.

Clarence Fisher (04:08): So being there and making sure that somebody, even if it's not, you can feel those and I'll tell you, it kind of gets a bit addictive when you're mentioned. And I mean, you'll end up tweeting back yourself most of the times and having this conversation, which is pretty cool. You just gotta be open to it. I'm kind of old school, so I wasn't really open to it, but I'm, you know, I'm more and more open to it. And let's talk about number 2. Uh the second thing is building up your, your brand personality and your awareness you know, Twitter's the most highly effective platform to establish your brand's personality and awareness and with a boldness on personality. I mean, let's talk about Elon, for instance. He's separate from, I mean, this man is separate from his companies like Tesla, but people follow.

Clarence Fisher (05:08): I mean, they're connecting with Elon's voice and brand and personality. So your business does have a personality. And a lot of times we don't really give that much. We don't give much credit to the personality that we have and every company has it. My company has a personality. You're listening to this podcast. If you, if you see any videos that I put out, you know, my personality, you know, I'm kind of likeI can be straightforward and I clown around a lot. And whether you want to believe that or not, my company's Tulsa Internet Marketing, my company's Local Market Monopoly. My company's 100 Pound Party.

Clarence Fisher (05:56): You think of me, you think of of my joking around when you think about those companies, because that's my brand, that's my personality. Same goes for you. And on Twitter, you can empower your brand community. You know, the people that rally around that, a lot of people don't like me or, or like my, I'm gonna say a lot of people don't like me. I, I tell myself in the mirror every morning that a lot of people like me, people like you,u that has to get my day started. But,umy, you know, I, my style is not for everyone. Your style is not for everyone, you know that, but your style is for a lot of people and that is your community. And one of the most significant benefits of using Twitter for your brand is the ease of the conversation of what I just said earlier,uthat empowers that community when they start sharing and mentioning, tagging,uyou, so you can further cultivate your business, your brand, and engage with that community,uand create just a tremendously loyal following by using Twitter.

Clarence Fisher (07:15): And it can be intimidating at first but you have to find your voice. And that's the next thing is finding your voice. What, what is your voice going to be? Are you gonna be serious? Are you gonna be educational? Are you gonna be casual? Just conversational? Are you going to joke around, we see the, the Twitter wars between Arby's and these other restaurants and how they go back and forth and, and and rag on each other, you know you could, I mean, you could do that. I always wonder, like, who's actually coming up with that. Is it like, is that like the kid on fries that's that's coming up, or are they just like in the middle of a shift? Like, you know, what would be cool this, you know, like, like ganging up and then they come together, like on a game show and say, okay, we're gonna tweet this.

Clarence Fisher (08:07): You know, I, I don't know. I'm sure it's their marketing department, but I like to have fun in my mind. It's like, okay, after lunch, we're gonna tweet this , you know, but anyway understand your voice, what it's gonna be. And I, I think that even goes beyond Twitter, it's everything you do, Twitter, Facebook videos press releases when you're on the news what's your voice and stay true to that. So establish that, make sure everybody knows it. And mark and tweet in that voice. Now, as I said before, there are a lot of things we could be doing besides tweeting, and I'm sure you can think of a whole bunch of things you can be doing besides tweeting. So you can use automation tools like we do. We use Hootsuite, actually, we're moving kind of away from Hootsuite.

Clarence Fisher (09:01): I say Hootsuite, because it's what we've used for a long time, but we've just now started developing our own automation software in the Local Marketer Pro software will pull a link to both Hootsuite because I'm not a hater. I'm gonna put a link to both Hootsuite and Local Marketer Pro in the show notes, and you can check those out, but you can schedule, I mean, you can schedule your tweets ahead of time. And this is one thing that, you know, we've pushed for a long time is just take two hours a week, an hour, a week to do your marketing two hours a week. I would say to do the scheduling in your marketing, or better yet have ask someone else to own this for you and own this for your company. So someone, you know, front desk, whoever that can maybe take a spreadsheet or a document and write out some tweets ahead of time and run those by you and then have them schedule 'em, you know,

Clarence Fisher (10:10): And they'll still come off like you were just weren't thinking, and you don't want to come off like you weren't thinking, but it can come off spontaneously like that, but you can use automation tools, definitely recommend those. And you can join Twitter chats once you really, really get into it. And that's just kind of mixing a mix of replies, organic tweets Twitter takes Twitter ads. Once you get into the ecosystem of Twitter, all that stuff will you'll be okay with getting deeper and deeper into it, and you will eventually get verified on Twitter. You want that, that blue check that makes that check mark, that shows that you're a trustworthy and authenticated business partner on Twitter. Now those are for Twitter bosses. Once you follow these steps, then you can become a Twitter boss, you know, just start tweeting and then you get, you know, sucked that to it.

Clarence Fisher (11:15): And then all of a sudden, you, you like, wow, everybody's listening to me. Yeah. Twitter, even Twitter says, now that you're trustworthy and you're authenticated and you have the blue check, that is the holy grail on Twitter. So let me give you some best practices, keep the message of your brand highly concise. You don't have very much space to tweet. So you have to keep it concise. Remember your voice, the hashtag limit should be one or two per tweet. Do not be the hashtag hog. Just put one or two hashtags on there, add a call to action in your tweets. What are you wanting them to do? You know, you can, you can take a, an article and tweet that out and maybe use a hundred characters to say what you thought about it, and then use the rest of the characters that you have to tell them what they need to do.

Clarence Fisher (12:16): Avoid images that have heavy text in that use captions for the videos. When you have you know, when you have a video plan, it pays to do captions. And I, I will put captions on all of your videos. I mean, on, on your YouTube videos, we just did some videos for a website where we put captions on it. And I thought I reached out to some other agency owners. I'm like, do you think this looks weird, man? And they're like, no, man, we really should be using captions, but we don't take the time. We just don't take the time to do it. Why are you asking? I'm like, cuz we take the time to do it for our people. So there... And so we kept the captions captions look great. So use captions for all of your videos that have dialogue in it and create a content theme with hashtags for different weeks.

Clarence Fisher (13:08): I mean, you can promo calendar it out. But the biggest thing that you need to do is monitor your mentions and monitor indirect mentions of your brand by using keywords and hashtags. So I had one more thing I wanted to share with you. Oh yeah. Customize your dadgum Twitter account. No more of look, you're gonna go to my @Clarence Fisher and be like, Clarence look, bro, you need to customize your brand and your Twitter business account. Look, we're doing it right now, but customize the entire profile, put your logo, your colors all the details in your, in your account, make it, so it matches all your other profiles and your brand. Customize it, customize it, customize it. And I know you're gonna dig it out and you're gonna say, Hey man, I created this Twitter profile back in 73 and I have not been back to it.

Clarence Fisher (14:11): Go brush the digital dust off of it and customize it. And here's the dare. Here's the challenge. You know how I like to slight write it right? One tweet a week and then two tweets a week. Let's build it up like Clarence, just tell me what to do. One at least one tweet a day. Can you do one tweet a day? Can someone in your organization do a tweet a day if not give us a call, but I think you can handle a tweet a day and and then you get going and before you know it you'll have a blue check. Okay. All right.

Clarence Fisher (14:49): So that's it for today getting your Twitter and go, go. And tweet with me. , I'll tell you I'm so old school and I'm just, I cannot believe that it's taking me this long to jump on Twitter and start tweeting @ClarenceFisher, @TulsaIM. And you can follow us and see what we're doing and we can go back back and forth and actually you and I can conversate that way because we're we'll build it up together. All right. So until next week, I hope that this has been beneficial for you. Share it with somebody that you love like comment and share wherever you listen to the, the episode and go own the block.


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