How Jasper AI Helps Local Small Businesses Compete with Big Brands
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Jasper AI

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AI-powered marketing tools like Jasper AI are becoming increasingly popular for small businesses looking to increase their market share and grow their online presence.

Jeff Bezos and other tech billionaires recently proposed a pact to world leaders, advocating for a human presence in controlling war machines, as AI is becoming increasingly more capable.

In order to stay competitive in the market, digital marketers must take advantage of AI and its potential. Businesses have been using AI for content creation for over a year now, such as blog posts, emails and show notes; it can also be used to generate bullet points or titles for speeches or training.

AI is an increasingly popular tool for businesses to optimize their copywriting, social media and other digital content. It works by scraping data from the internet and creating prompts for users to follow.

Local Market Monopoly listeners can get 10,000 words free with their AI assistant Jasper so listen to this episode and get a feel of how it can work in your business.

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Clarence Fisher: Hey, what's up? Welcome back to Local Market Monopoly. This is episode 62. It's your main man, Clarence Fisher, your host. And before we get started, I just wanna let you know, remind you that you can go to localmarketmonopoly.com/ask. We'll get a, we'll get a shorter URL here one day, localmarketmonopoly.com/ask and ask any question that you'd like to get answered if you're facing a roadblock or anything like that on strategy or campaigns. And you can leave, it is actually a voicemail, a voice record, and we'll bring that onto the show so that everybody can hear the, the question, and then I'll get you an answer right back and, uh, help you get through that roadblock. All right, so today we're talking about AI-powered marketing. And uh, before I get to that, I, I do wanna tell you, it feels so great to be back.

Clarence Fisher: I know we've had a little bit of a break and here moving forward, I'll tell you why we had the break. It's good news. Actually, notice I said local market monopoly.com/ask and not clarence fisher.com. And here's, here's why. When we started this podcast year and so ago, I think it was like nine, 2019, we recorded the very first episode. And you know, I thought let's put this on clarencefisher.com because I don't know if the audience, meaning you are going to be receptive to it, and we didn't wanna put a whole bunch of effort, whole bunch, a whole bunch of time, money, energy, you know, how it goes into something that you don't want. And it's something I would definitely recommend that you do when you, when you innovate, innovate within what you do, right? So like a lot of people can spend, you can spend, and I've done this before, a lot of time, a lot of energy and a lot of money on something that your customers, clients, patients don't even want.

Clarence Fisher: So that's what Local market Monopoly was. It was this idea that I had to just give free strategy and the things that we were doing in our client relationships and, and just give it out to the world and you liked it. So here we are, 62 episodes in, so rolling into 23 meetings with the team and we're like, you know what? It's time for Local Market Monopoly to have its very own home and to blow that bad boy outta the water. And so that's what we're doing. So localmarketmonopoly.com exists. You can go there, we've got tons of resources for you. You can sign up for the newsletter that we have going out where every week we'll give you one hyperlocal marketing strategy so that you can own your six mile zone, a k a own the block. And so that's, that's the big news is local market monopoly.com exists.

Clarence Fisher: We did have that break here for the next couple of months. We're gonna, you're gonna get, a couple of episodes a week as we are, as we ramp up very powerfully. And then we'll go back to the episode every week, probably after that, a couple of months down the road. So for right now, it's all what did you say? Full, full speed ahead. And I'm very glad to be back and very glad that you here. Okay, back to what we came here for today.. AI powered marketing. AI is in the news, and it's just getting started. I mean, I'll tell you, I've been looking forward to AI for a couple of years. When I found out that Elon Musk and Bill Gates and who else was it? Jeff Bezos, all of these super uber billionaire tech folks put together this treaty, if you will, this pact and went to the White House to try to get, actually it wasn't a White House, it was a, it was a world forum to get the world's leaders to sign this thing, to say that we would always have a human being at the haml of our war machines because they saw this was, this was several years ago.

Clarence Fisher: They saw, of course, because they're working with it, uh, way before we got our hands on it before it appears to us what AI is capable of and what AI as it exp learns exponentially will be. And I don't know that we are ready for everything, for sure. I'm, I'm like you on my end. I've been prepping for it as far as marketing and digital marketing goes. And some of the stuff to me is super cool, which we're gonna share right now. But at the same time, it's like kind of scare scary. So I, I say that to say that I'm right here with you, but I am going to, because we have been preparing for it and to, so that we can, cuz we always have to innovate to make sure that we not only stay in business, but that we also help you stay in business and help you keep your, your business in your neighborhood, in your city and stay ahead of the game.

Clarence Fisher: And that's why you're tuned in right now. So I'm gonna share with you right now how you can kind of harness, start harnessing the power of, of ai. Now ChatGPT has been in the news on the rise, and they got a subs substantial investment from, from Bing, from O Gates. I don't think Gates is there anymore. So from Bing, I believe they will be powering that search engine. But, uh, you can use ChatGP. you go to open ai.com and create an account and it's really worth, worth playing with. Now, before the ChatGPT launched, we've been using AI and I'm gonna, I'm gonna come clean. We've been using AI for about a year now, and I'll, I'll tell you how it happened. If you can imagine me waking up in the morning and walking uphill both ways to get to the content minds to write content all day every day, and then walk uphill both ways back home, it really wasn't that horrible.

Clarence Fisher: But we write, we write a lot of content, a lot of emails, a lot of blog posts, stuff like that. And I got a call a message through Facebook one day from a really good friend of mine who has been a mentor for years, Mike Koch, you've heard me, uh, speak about him before. And he said, Hey man, you gotta try this. And it was this AI it was brand new, it was called Jarvis at the time, but now it's called Jasper. And we tried it. And it, I have, we have American writers that write our content. We also have people on the team stationed overseas in the Philippines and other countries. We have people from all over the world, New York. Our team is pretty spread out. So I really wish we could have more people at least prep the content so that our American writers, including myself, didn't have to start from scratch all the time.

Clarence Fisher: And so what I did was I brought this to my team and specifically our team members in the Philippines and said, Hey, why don't you give this a shot and play with it and see if it's something that we want to keep. Well, Kristine, on our team who handles a lot of content as far as social media and stuff like that, you know, if you've worked with us, you know Kristine, she's wonderful. She came back with just these ama.I was like, did you write this? And she's like, no, this is, this is Jasper. And I'm like, really? Go write some more stuff. Like, like, gimme some blog posts, gimme some, some emails, some show notes and all this stuff. As a matter of fact, the show notes, all of our show notes on this podcast, Kristine wrote using Jasper.

Clarence Fisher: And so she brought it back and I'm like, Hey, I think we keep this. And she, she was like, yeah, I do. I think we keep this too. So that is one of the major, major ways that you can use AI is to give you a shortcut into creating your social media posts, blog posts, and emails. Hey, write me a paragraph about this. If you have a, a speech that you're giving, for instance, you could say, give me the bullet points. Hey, give me 10 titles for this speech or 10 titles for this training. And then you can ask, okay, I like this title. Give me, outline it for me. Can you outline this speech for me? What are the bullet points that we need to hit? And then it will, it will send you that back. And then if you want to have it right, the promo for it, the promo emails for it, the social for it, and now you can actually have Jasper for your blog post, create the images so you don't have to purchase your images anymore.

Clarence Fisher: You can just have the images create AI, create the images for you. So for your blog posts and your advertising, you can have the AI create the image for you. Now, it can take a, a little bit of getting used to it so that you know how to prompt it, which is how it works. It works on prompts, but just like anybody else, like your whole team, it pretty much works on prompts where, you know, where you're trying to figure out how to get the best output from everybody on your team. And so I guess that's kind of the way that I would look at ai. It's just, it's a team member and it is really, really helping just kind of speed everything up. And I'm loving it. And I think you'll love it too. There's nothing to be scared about, scared about using it right now.

Clarence Fisher: I did have a buddy, we kind of went back and forth because he, he came to me and he said, Hey man, I typed into this ai, which was open, which was, uh, chat g p t. It wasn't Jasper, but he said, uh, I typed in, write me a poem about, oh, Obama, I'm not gonna get political here, but it was like, write me a poem about Obama. And then it wrote this beautiful, beautiful poem, like, write me a poem about Trump. And it wrote this like nasty stuff about Trump. And I'm like, to me as far as media goes, that, that, because what AI does is it scrapes the internet about all the stuff that's on the internet, and then it, it puts it together, which goes to show how powerful, what an influence the media had throughout his whole presidency.

Clarence Fisher: And then how Obama was positioned. And then you asked, I asked it to write a poem about Abraham Lincoln and, uh, and it was all Rosie. And then also just so, um, Reagan was also, you know, he was a great leader and all this stuff. So, you know, it's very interesting to see what was out there on the internet and kind of the sentiment that media had with all of these different people. So not to get political with you, but AI is scraping all of that stuff. So if you ask ai, if you ask Jasper to write you a blog post about whatever your industry is, about, whatever your topic is about, it goes out, finds all of this, and puts it together. Now here's one thing too that a really ninja trick that you can do is you can say, write it in the voice of say, Russell Brunson, write this in the voice of Dean Graziosi.

Clarence Fisher: Write this in the voice of Tony Robbins. Write this in the voice of whatever major figure. And because they have so much content, the AI picks up their style and can write it in that style. Now, this comes into handy when you're writing, say, sales like advertisements, because I mean, if you're gonna get Frank Kern to write a sales, uh, page for you, number one, he's not going to do it or Dan Kennedy, but if you could, it's gonna cost a gazillion dollars plus half of whatever you make . You know, and I'm not saying that this is cutting their, their feet. I mean, you still have to massage it, but it can get some of those points like of the best copywriters in the world you have at your fingertips. I mean, this is, this is amazing stuff. So this is how we're using it to maximize social media and optimize our copywriting to get better at that.

Clarence Fisher: And then come on. I mean, like when you can come up with a year's worth of social media posts in the matter of, I don't know, 30 seconds, 60 seconds. And then you need to go through and just make sure that what the output is true, add your expertise to it and your flavor to it, man, that, that shortens things up. Someone on your team needs access to some sort of AI assistant. Now it can be chat ChatGPT or it can be like, we use Jasper. And what I'm really loving about Jasper right now is that they've already created the prompts for you. So ChatGPT, you still need to know how to prompt it to get what exactly you want. Jasper is made for marketing, so you know, they've already got the prompts for you, and all you do is just type in what you want.

Clarence Fisher: If you want an email, you click email. If you want blog you, you click blog, you want social media, you click social media, you want a sales page, you click sales page and then, uh, type in, uh, what it's about and, and then hit enter. And, and it's just amazing. So I invite you to try it out. If you go to local market monopoly.com/jasperhttp://monopoly.com/jasper, they've given us the ability to give you 10,000 words for free. And so that could be 10 to 20 blog posts. If you have an emails that you're writing at 300 words, 300 words per email, or let's say it's, it's 500 words per email, you've got 20 different emails you can write. If you're writing social media, I mean that's, I mean, come on, like if a hundred words per post, I mean, you've got tons of social media posts that you could do 10,000 words and you can really, really get a feel of how you can use it in your business.

Clarence Fisher: So go give it a try. Local market monopoly.com/jasperhttp://monopoly.com/jasper, the one that's your action item for this week. Whether you keep it or not, definitely go give it a try. And stay tuned. We have tons and tons and tons of stuff coming your way here. Really glad to be back and hope you're happy that we're back. Take some time to go rate and review us if you haven't already. Those are two different things. Rate is like five star reviews, you know, Hey, I really, really like this place. I really like this place. And, uh, we're gonna see you next week, so go check it out. And until next week, do what you gotta do to own the block.

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