Local Market Monopoly Episode 05
Giveaway Campaigns: Get More Customers By Giving Stuff Away with Jeremy Friedland
Podcast by Clarence Fisher
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About This Episode

These guys may be having a little too much fun…On today’s episode, Clarence talks with Jeremy Friedland about how to use giveaway campaigns to get more local customers, clients, and patients for local businesses.e

Jeremy Friedland is a lead gen and marketing expert specializing in Giveaway Strategies, list building, and targeted follow-up sequences that get people to come back and buy over and over again. His strategies have been responsible for millions of dollars in revenue and dozens of happy clients.

Here are some of the things they talk about during the interview:

  • The strategy behind using Giveaway Funnels to grow your local business
  • How to get started using Giveaway Funnels right away at your business
  • What to do with the giant list of prospects you’ll then have

So listen here to find out some of the fun details of the Giveaway Funnels and what to do to put them to work for you.

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Clarence Fisher

Clarence Fisher: Hey, what's up? It's Clarence Fisher and welcome back to Local Market Monopoly. Listen, if you've ever needed to generate a whole heck of a lot of leads in a short amount of time and build a huge email list, then today is the day that you want to pay attention. I track down Jeremy Friedland, one of the couple of guys that I know who have built massive successful businesses using giveaways. Give this a giveaway funnel. And Jeremy started with the local market and he took that nationwide, and he is doing it nationwide now. But we're going to cover what's the process? How do you get started, what do you do with your big list after you build this big list? But most importantly, what do you give away? How do you make this thing go viral? Now, I know you've probably tried to give away funnels, but I guarantee you you're going to love what Jeremy shares with you. Hold on, we'll be right back. Whoa.

Intro: You're listening to local Market Monopoly with Clarence Fisher uncovering the tools, tactics, and strategies, the most successful small businesses used to die their local market and own the

Clarence Fisher: Jeremy. Jeremy. Jeremy, welcome to the show.

Jeremy Friedland: What's up Clarence? Thank you very much for having me. I am honored to be on this show with you,

Clarence Fisher: Man. I am honored that you accepted the invite because you know what happens when you meet people like a long time ago, then they blow up like you have and then it's like, who's outside waiting for me?

Jeremy Friedland: Yeah,

Clarence Fisher: Clarence

Jeremy Friedland: Tell you what I'll tell, and I'm sure everyone agrees it's ever met you, is I would drop whatever to be on a show with you or help you out or whatever you need, man, because you, you're one of those guys. That's true. That's solid and unwavering and I just, I'm really happy that we met and got to know each other. So

Clarence Fisher: Man, likewise. I appreciate that. So tell everybody what you're doing and what you do.

Jeremy Friedland: Yeah, man. So I started off a local marketing agency back in 2011, 2010, 2011, somewhere around there and started building websites, stuff like that, but then got into the actual traffic side of things and really wanted to help people get quick results with their lead business and then mastermind with them on what to do with all these leads that we're generating, right? Because if you know anything about lead gen or if you've hired someone that has speaking to the audience, now, if you've hired someone that has done lead gen for you and they're getting you all these leads, but then you don't know what to do with them, right? You're like, great, I got all these leads, but now I can't turn any of 'em into customers cause I'm too busy or I don't know what to say, or I don't know what to do with them after, afterwards or whatever.
So started doing that and helping people strategize on how to brainstorm things to do with their leads and how to optimize their business. And I've been jumped into e-commerce in 2015 late 2015, and have been diving on board with that ever since. I've built out four different stores, sold two of 'em and have two more that I'm cranking on. One I really spend a lot of time on, and the other one I don't really spend a lot of time on. I just have it just in case I want to do something with it later, but that's kind of my deal now. I teach people how to use giveaway strategies, how to use giveaways to blow up their business for very inexpensive,

Clarence Fisher: Which is why I thought of you as I'm sitting here. Of course, this is local market monopoly. And so as I'm coming up with ways to help the listeners, my clients, basically anybody I run into on the street, I'm like, ok, this is how you dominate the market. So I'm coming up these ways and then you pop into my mind and I'm thinking the giveaways, man. The giveaways. So I know you've got that and we'll touch on that here shortly, but I wanted to bring it to the local business owner that is listening to this. I mean, how should they gauge if using giveaways first? I mean, what are the giveaways?

Jeremy Friedland: Yeah, so I mean, you can run a giveaway on anything. So there's different ways to look at the giveaway and a lot of people look at it and man, I don't want to give something away cause I'm not, now I'm giving away this product, it's going to cost me money, but what if nobody buys from me or whatever. And that's kind of a limited mindset belief. Everyone thinks, well, I'm going to have to spend money, and then what if they don't get something from me? But my experience with giveaways has been the opposite, right? Because it builds really goodwill. I took a Facebook page from 2000 likes to almost 30,000 likes here in the last year, just using giveaways and building goodwill and people sharing, people sharing my page with other people because we've built up this community that people are loving. So with local, you can give away anything.
I mean, we do it with so how I've done it in the past, and just so the listeners know, this isn't just something I do for, this is something I've done for, I started off doing for local a long time ago and then kind of transitioned into e-commerce. But you can do this using vouchers. So it doesn't have to be a giveaway, a big prize. You can do this using $20 vouchers where everybody gets a $20 voucher. So let me give an example if that's okay, Clarence. Yeah. I actually had a pretty fun niche that I was into. It was actually a Brazilian waxing , which a lot of people are like, oh boy, what are you going to do with that? And even the owner was like, what are you going to do with Brazilian waxing? I mean, it's kind of a sensitive subject,

Clarence Fisher: Literally patine, literally,

Jeremy Friedland: Yeah, we don't want to rip off our clients or do . No, no. So I put up a fun campaign together with Brazilian wax and did a bunch of really fun Facebook ads and stuff like that. You can have a lot of fun with the ad copy on Brazilian waxing. So I did that, but I did, I gave away a $20 voucher. So everybody that came through the funnel got a $20 voucher. And initially a lot of business owners might be saying, well, but I'm giving away $20 up front of my money. I don't want to have to do that. Well, that's just the way the game is. And nowadays, you know, have to give them incentive to come in because what really differentiates you between initially between you and other bikini wax or Brazilian wax places, nobody knows until they go to your place. So the end game or the game is to get them in the door, get them in the door and show them what makes you different.
So that's what we did. We got people in the door with a $20 voucher, really simple website landing page. It was literally just a page that said, Hey, to enter to claim your $20 voucher for this bikini or Brazilian wax place, enter your name, email, phone number below so we can contact you and send you this digital coupon essentially. And then it had a timer below there, so the page has a timer on it. So there's a little bit of scarcity saying, Hey, you only have this much time to claim it. And then there was another piece of copy in there that said, we only have 47. I just used a random number, 47 vouchers available. So there's a little bit of scarcity there. And then they claim the voucher, and we actually had it set up, there's a company called Lead Owl, lead Al, it's all one word.
And actually you can integrate that with your ClickFunnels account, which I recommend using the ClickFunnels for that personally. And you can actually integrate that with your ClickFunnels account and it will send the prospects an automatic email and SMS message, getting them to come back in to claim that, claim that voucher in person. And so then afterwards they come in, they claim your voucher, they give you the $20 off coupon or whatever. The next thing that I recommend people do is a long-term program offer a long-term program. So in the case, the bikini waxing, I said, okay, now that someone comes in, most women that are getting these Brazilian waxes aren't just doing it as a one-off, right? They like to keep that business maintained and stuff like that. So they want to keep doing it. And so I say offer them them a year voucher or a six month voucher where they get 20% off of a six month with if they commit to a six month punch card or digital punch card, something like that. So now you're selling them a six months to a year of your services upfront, but they're saving. So now you just got a full year commitment on that customer in the case of this Brazilian wax person. So that's kind of a strategy that I use for that kind of service.

Clarence Fisher: That's really cool. Have you experimented with, even if they don't purchase that long-term commitment, to give them another, not such a deep discount, but maybe they get $10 off the next time or something like that just to get them to come back. Cause it seems like if you can create that, for instance, dry cleaners, so a dry cleaner can give you a come in and get your shirts done for 99 cents, and then the next time when you bring that in, they give you a coupon that says, Hey, the next time it's a dollar oh five or it's a dollar 25, right? And it's not full price yet, but they're getting you to get that habit. And if you can get them to come back three times, then you're their dry cleaner now.

Jeremy Friedland: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And the cool thing about running these giveaways as is the way that I do them, I get the person's email, their phone number and their Facebook messenger. So now I have them on three different lists. And so I can send 'em an SMS text really quick that says, Hey, for the next 48 hours, if you have some dry cleaning, we're going to give you 20% off that. So you can message them anytime using whatever way. Because depending on the age group, they're going to respond to a different modality. So some people are email people still, some people respond better to sms, some people respond better to Facebook Messenger or what have you. So you want to be able to hit people where they're at, where they're receiving the message, where they're most likely to receive the message. But yeah, that's the cool thing about building the list.
Money's always in the list. I think people kind of lose that, especially local people say, I want a customer right now. But the reality of it, the numbers, the data says that really only 5% of people become a customer. 5% of people that see your offer become a customer now and then over the next 90 days, the rest of those people have the potential to become a customer, but only 5%. So if you're showing your offer to a hundred people, really only 5% of those people are claiming that offer right out the gate. So now what are you doing with that, with the rest of those a hundred people that you've claim? Are you just throwing 'em away? The answer is, most local businesses are throwing them away because they want the business. Now they're not thinking about about the long-term business. But the thing to remember is you're dealing with people and more and more people are wanting a relationship. They're wanting to see what makes you different. They're wanting to see, why should I choose you rather than Bob's dry cleaning down the road? What makes you different? So you have to incentivize 'em to get 'em in and start building that relationship. Then they may not convert over the first offer. It may take them five or six different messages to say, okay, these guys are being pretty persistent. I'm going to come in and give 'em a try.

Clarence Fisher: This is true, especially with so many messages that people are getting hit with. I don't know the number. It's got to be like 5,000 ads or messages that a person sees every single day.

Jeremy Friedland: Yes, it is totally true. So in the case of what you were talking about, scaling up up the offer to eventually be full price, I think one of the best examples I heard of this was there as a marketer, and I think his name's Terry Belcher, but he was talking about someone coming to do his lawn. So there's a landscaper, brand new landscaper in town, and this is, by the way, giveaways are a great way to break into the market as well. If you're a brand new business and you're trying to break into a market, giveaways are an awesome way to do that, or vouchers or what have you. But this landscaper came in, he dropped off, he knocked on people's doors and said, Hey, I'm, can I mow your lawn right now for $5? Right? Well, we all know I have a landscaper and they charge me.
They charge me 60 bucks, 60 bucks every couple weeks to mow my lawn, so do my landscaping and stuff. So five bucks, that's kind of a no-brainer. So guy says, yeah, absolutely, you can mow my lawn for five bucks. Great, thank you very much. Does Moose Lawn does an amazing job. That's the key you have to do. You have to be the best at what you do. You have to wow people, even if it's for five bucks, right? So does the lawn looks amazing, takes the $5, $5 bill hands him another gift certificate saying, Hey, the next time I'll do your lawn for 15 bucks, right? Oh wow. Okay. So books out obviously right away and then eventually works his way, I think after two or three times, works his way up to a full price deal and became after three or four times became the person's full-time landscaper.
The cool thing about this is in between he dropped off, he recognized that the guy had a wife, so he dropped off, he dropped off a little plant, like a little flower pot and dropped off on the front door. Just left a little note, said, thought your wife might enjoy these. Just little tiny that's called building the relationship. So just little tiny, little tiny things, little cues to build up that relationship and make it a no-brainer to have this guy on full-time. So that's just kind of an example for a local landscaper to say, Hey, you might take a loss in the beginning, but if you can build up that relationship, and this goes with any business, bakery, whatever, dry cleaner plumber, what have you, build up that relationship and then say, Hey, now we're your go-to guy or gal to call.

Clarence Fisher: Absolutely. That's a great story. I think Perry said that when the fall came, he saw the leaves on his roof and he got that business too. Yeah.
Okay, we're talking, we brought up two different or two concepts. I want to make sure that we explain to our listeners here who are owners of business, local businesses, and one of those is ClickFunnels, which I recommend as well. And it's super easy. I think people don't understand how easy it is to integrate with your existing website. But super easy. And you mentioned a simple funnel, I just want to, if I'm looking at, well had a local agency for years, so you understand that easy needs to be the number one. So how easy has ClickFunnels really been for you to put these funnels together?

Jeremy Friedland: It takes me about 20 minutes to put together to put together a brand new, brand new funnel for this. Now just, just literally cop. Now I just, ClickFunnels makes it really easy to insert a funnel into share your funnel essentially with other people and with yourself. So now I just go into the same funnel that I use every single time. I copy it, I change the headline to and change the business name and stuff like that. And then obviously set up my email set up to whatever email autoresponder I have, whatever that happens to be. But now it literally takes me 20 minutes. It's a really simple landing page. It just has a map of, so what I do is I Google the location, the business location, and usually it'll say, it'll have a little highlight if you zoom in and it says Bob's Flower Shop or whatever on the map.
I take a screenshot of that, I use that picture on my landing page. It's the first thing they see. So they can see, oh yeah, we're talking about Bob's flower shop here. And then I put my little offer, Hey, we're doing something crazy. We're giving away $20 vouchers to the next 47 people as a way to introduce our business to the local community. So this is click put your name, email, phone number below to claim your digital voucher, and we'll send it to you as soon as you hit that go button. Now, on the next page, there's called a thank you page. So on the thank you page it does, it doesn't say just, oh, hey, thank you. We'll be in touch. It says, thank you, I appreciate you putting in your information. Your digital voucher is on the way. So this is in the instance of let's say a gym, right? So this is one that I did really successfully for a gym. They actually invested about $600 and got back $7,800 within two to three weeks in new gym memberships.

Clarence Fisher: That's awesome.

Jeremy Friedland: So yeah, they were blown away. So it was a really good campaign. But what I did was so for the gym, I said, get a two free week pass. Everyone's doing a seven day pass. There's nothing unique about a seven day pass. The majority of people will, it'll take 'em, come in two days out of that seven days, and they won't have any idea of what the gym's really like or the business. So I did a 14 day pass instead. So they got a full two weeks to check it out, and then when they opted in the thank you page, said, Hey, thanks for claiming your two week pass that's been sent to you as a bonus. If you come in within the next 48 hours to claim your pass, then we will enter your name to receive a free one year membership at our club. But they have to come in, they have to claim it. Cause a lot of people will get the digital coupon, but they'll, for gather, get busy or whatever, and they won't claim the pass. And so that second page just said, Hey, come in within the next 48 hours, we're going to give you a chance to win a free gym membership for a year.

Clarence Fisher: I love it.

Jeremy Friedland: So a little incentive, it doesn't cost the gym anything really. And they're only giving away one. And then everyone has to show up to the gym to claim for the drawing essentially. So you're getting everyone back into the gym again. And anyone that doesn't win, you can say, Hey, Jillian, Jillian Rhodes was the winner, everybody, congratulations to Jill Rhodes. Everyone else, if you want to as a special offer, if you loved our gym and you want to get in on this, we are doing a 30% offer for an entire year. So if you want to buy your whole year up front, we'll give you 30% off for the entire year of our gym membership. So let's just kind of an example of what I did with that. But it's a two page funnel, super simple. They put their name and email, phone number in next page says, thank you, come in now and we'll give you a little extra bonus. And that's it,

Clarence Fisher: Man. So that is so great, and thanks for sharing that strategy because really a lot of people have what their marketing person there, you can just have them create those two funnels. The gold here is what you just shared with them of, okay, number one, give it away what to give away, and then the timer and then on the thank you page, giving them an incentive, a really nice incentive to come in immediately so that you can present to them.

Jeremy Friedland: Yeah. Yeah. The key is to get them, especially for local businesses, unless you're like a plumber or something like that, where they come contract out to you. But if your goal is to get people into your business, then if you need to find a way to do that, and that's a way to incentivize them to come into the business and claim their voucher, get them in the door, that's the key.

Clarence Fisher: But even a plumber could say schedule or book within the next 24 or 48 hours.

Jeremy Friedland: Exactly. Yep. Yeah,

Clarence Fisher: That's great. Which brings up another thing and tell me what you think about this is I would think that the giveaway, because I, someone's listening right now and they have a service business, they're a financial advisor, or they have a staffing company or something like that. So if you give away something that is of high value to your ideal client, so you're not giving away a $20 voucher of your financial services. Yeah. But maybe you're giving away, I don't know, an iPad or something. Right?

Jeremy Friedland: And that's one of the things, especially with financial services. So anything insurance or financial or financing, housing, stuff like that, some of those areas are a little bit sensitive. And if you're in that industry that you have to go to the ftc, there's all this stuff you got to run by legal and whatnot. But if you can give away, run that by them first and say, Hey, what can we give away of high value? That would get people to come in the door and then you can follow. Then obviously now you have that person in front of you and you can say, great, thanks for claiming this. It could be free. We'll look over your entire portfolio if you have one right now, or we'll talk to you about how to set up a successful portfolio and then offer your services after that.
Just something that's of that you would normally maybe charge for and say, Hey, this is a $500 value, typically, typically takes an hour to sit down with us and we're going to go over everything that you want to do, plan for your future and stuff like that. We'll set that up for free. If you're an attorney, I mean, we'll plan your will come in. If you don't have a will, everyone needs a will. You never know when death's going to come knocking at your door. So come in and we will, we'll put together a will for you for free, and then you can talk into other stuff on setting up other legal stuff for life when you pass away or whatever that happens to be. But there's a lot of mean, everyone knows their business more than anybody else, better than anybody else. The key is don't be cheap. So it has to be something that's going to be like, wow, I can't really pass that up. So a 10% off coupon ain't going to work. Nobody cares about 10% off anymore. Everyone gets 10% off. So you got to do something that's going to be like, oh, I better take advantage of this right now. It has to be something that's that big of a wow factor.

Clarence Fisher: That's great. I love that. And it sounds like what I really like is that, I mean, you're just firing these things off, so it's for sure, I mean, these are proven strategies that you've used, so that's really great. And so the second thing, after we talked about that landing page, the second thing that we brought up that I want to make sure that everybody is clear on, is the email software or autoresponder is that, I mean, it's necessary in my book, but have you seen it done without that? Or what do you use for that?

Jeremy Friedland: Yeah, I, so in every single campaign I ever build out, I get the name, email, phone number every single time. Now, a lot of people will say, and a lot of marketers will tell you, well, yeah, Jeremy, but asking for the phone number, you're going to get lower conversions on that. And that may be true in some cases, but you're going to get a better quality lead. And I want good quality leads. I don't care. I don't care if you give me 500 apples, if half of 'em have holes in 'em and worms running through 'em. I don't want those apples. I want the good apples. So people that are more willing to put in their phone number are going to be people that don't mind being contacted, which are going to be your ideal prospects. And just as a note on my e-commerce giveaways, I ask for name, email, and phone number, and I get a 98% opt-in rate, which means out of a hundred people that come to my website, 98 of them are giving me their name, email, and phone number.

Clarence Fisher: That's incredible.

Jeremy Friedland: Wow. Yeah, that's the power of a giveaway, really. So, because people want to win, so they're like, but you have to put in some messaging instead of just saying phone number, you know, can type in the field best phone number to notify you if you're the winner. And they're going to put that stuff in there because they're going to be like, oh, well, I want to be notified if I'm the winner. So they're not going to be like, oh, they're just going to spam me. They're now thinking, if I want to win this giveaway, I got to give my phone number because I want them to be able to contact me.

Clarence Fisher: So that's Ninja, sir. That is ninja.

Jeremy Friedland: But the follow up to that is you want to be able to send them messages and don't just get in the mindset of saying, oh, well I'm, I'm going to send everybody a message and let them know who the winner was and then give 'em a discount or give them a voucher or what have you one time and then I'm going to leave 'em alone. I think that the thought process that a lot of us get into is a thought process of rejection. And we take it personally. So they'll say, oh, I emailed that person, or I called them, or I send 'em a text message, they never got back to me. They must hate my business. And that's really out of the hundreds and hundreds of business owners that I've talked to. Oh, they must hate me. They don't, tired of me bothering them.
No, they're not tired of you bothering them. They're literally probably standing in Starbucks line ordering their ca, cafe mochaccino or whatever. And it was time for them to pay. They had to put down their phone, close out their window, pay for their thing, and then they forgot what they were doing. People are busy. People are so busy nowadays, they just get distracted. I think, what is it, the attention span of the average human now is seven seconds, and a goldfish is like eight seconds. I think so, and that's a real data. Our attention span is about seven seconds. So you have to keep on hitting those people with your offer. And the way my mentality behind that is I'm going to talk 'em about my business until they tell me to go to h e double hockey sticks or until they buy me. So they're already not a customer. So I figure they're either going to become a customer or they're going to tell me to go away. And those are, if that's the worst that can happen, that's with me.

Clarence Fisher: I think that's great. I mean, if you wait too long to email people or we tell our clients who at least every other week, I mean at least every week, and if you wait too long and you go every month or something, I mean, people just forget about you. And that to me, that's how you get unsubscribed.

Jeremy Friedland: Yeah, yeah. Cause then they're like, wait, who is this guy? Or who's this gal? Or what's this business all about? I don't, don't know. Why are they emailing me now right in front of 'em. And you don't have to make an offer every single time. I mean, I send messages out to, so this is really personal, but my grandmother passed away a little while ago. Oh man. And 95 years old. She lived a good long life. But the relationship that I've built with the people in my business that my customers and my tribe is what I call 'em is I let 'em know. I said, Hey, we're not doing the giveaway today. I'm skipping the giveaway today because know my ground passed away, so we're going to skip it. We're in honor of her. We're going to skip it this week and we're going to go do, we're going to, we'll just take it on next week.
And I got, not only did they got get a bunch of support, so in that email I also said, I know you guys are used to getting a discount every week for the giveaway. So in honor of that, sorry for not doing the giveaway, but here's a discount anyway that you can use today or for the rest of the week, whatever, to make up for not doing the giveaway. And so not only did I get a bunch of messages back of condolence, I got a bunch of sales people that were like, Hey, I appreciate the discount. Thanks for thinking to us during your hard time. Really appreciate that. I'm going to buy stuff from you. So that's

Clarence Fisher: Great, man.

Jeremy Friedland: I mean, it's never a wrong time to send out a message and it can just be like, Hey, just having a great day. Got to let sent my baby girl to swim class today. It's really cool. We had a great time. Hope you guys are having a great week as well. If you ever need anything from me, just hit me up. Let me know. It doesn't have to be salesy, it doesn't have to be anything. Just letting people know what you're up to and letting them be part of your life and your conversation.

Clarence Fisher: Yeah, the giveaway is just an introduction.

Jeremy Friedland: Yeah. The giveaway is just to get people, just to get people in front of you. And then from there you build the relationship and there's already a bunch of goodwill because they think they have a chance to win something. They think you're super generous for giving away your product or service for free. Most people are pretty thankful. Some people are entitled and are rude, but that just happens. But most people are super thankful and they realize that you're giving away something of value and they have the chance to win that. So you're already building that great relationship. And then if you're really cool to 'em during the giveaway, if you're really cool to 'em afterwards, they're just going to keep on being like, man, these guys are rocket. They're always sending cool stuff and always doing cool emails and y yada yada. These are people that I want to do business with. And it might not be right now, it might be six months down the road, it might be a year down the road that they're just not ready for whatever service. But when they're ready, if you're continuing to stay in front of 'em, like creating content, they're going to think of you. The first person they're going to think of is you when they need to get something done.

Clarence Fisher: So I'm curious what email service pri We use active campaign a lot.

Jeremy Friedland: Yeah, that's a great one.

Clarence Fisher: What email service do you use?

Jeremy Friedland: Yeah, so I'm in the e-commerce space mostly nowadays. So I use a service called Klaviyo but I do really enjoy Active Campaign. I think they have a really great setup, especially with their SMS integration. They do a really good job with their follow ups. And then MailChimp, I'm, I still use MailChimp as a email service provider cause they do a great job as well. And it's a really simple platform to use.

Clarence Fisher: Very cool. We didn't talk much about the e-commerce side. Is there anything that you want to share about that? How it does it differ greatly on e-commerce?

Jeremy Friedland: No, I would say the only thing that differs mostly with e-commerce is, and it depends on obviously what niche you're in, but you have a variety of products to sell. So you're selling stuff, I'm like, I'm selling jewelry and essential oils and diffusers and I'm selling physical products that I ship out. So I can do a sale on multiple items where I can do, one of the things that I like to do is say you have two hours from the time this giveaway is over to take advantage of this 25 extra 25% off anything you want. So if you're a local business, but you also have, let's say for instance a salon, right? If you're a salon, you most likely sell hair care products, styling stuff, whatever else you sell, whatever local product or whatever products you sell for haircare. You can also say, Hey, thanks to Becky Johansen for winning the free Manny Petty for six months or whatever for two months or whatever.
Anyone else that else that has part of this giveaway. You have two hours to get 30% off any items you want inside of our store or online. So if you happen to sell your products online as well, you can do that. So it can still work for local business or you can sell your products. You have not necessarily your services, you can do it on either or you can do both. Take 25% off any product or service for the next two hours when you book your service in the next two hours, we'll get 25% off or whatever. So there's a bunch of different, but it's really not that different. I would say the only difference is if you want the shortest path to get a customer doing the voucher rather than a one item giveaway is a great way to pair that. So you could do a voucher for a percentage off of service. And then like I said, when they claim that voucher within 48 hours, now you can enter them into the giveaway for a bigger service, like a one year membership or three months of free Manny Petty or fill in the blank, whatever your business, whatever your business does, you can pair the two. It can become a combo deal.

Clarence Fisher: That's great. That's great. Yeah. So chairman, as we wrap things up, what do you feel like listeners should be doing in the next 30? I don't think it takes 90 days or a year to put this into action, but what should they be doing when they get off of this episode here?

Jeremy Friedland: Man they should go and get a ClickFunnels account. That's what I would recommend doing. And man, do you have a place, Clarence to drop links in your podcast?

Clarence Fisher: Yeah, sure. Well we can put it in the show notes there.

Jeremy Friedland: Would it be cool if I shared a, shared a couple of my funnels with everybody just so they don't have to build it, they can just copy and paste it into their account?

Clarence Fisher: Absolutely.

Jeremy Friedland: Okay. So I'll do that. By the time you post this, I should have some links ready for you. I'll also put together a short training on how to set up, set up the ClickFunnel so that they're not confused. Cause obviously technical difficulties cause everyone to stop in their path. So I'll do that, I'll do that for you. And they can have the funnels that I use for that. And then so I would just go and create a ClickFunnel account and then immediately, if they don't have a Facebook account or anything like that, I would get someone to set up a Facebook account and start driving some ads to your offer or at least setting up within your store. If you have a boutique or you have an inline in-person store where people come in to buy stuff from, you set up that giveaway, have a link for them to go and enter the giveaway locally, but also advertise to your local people online.
The easiest way to advertise for local, there's two different ways, and I'll just wrap up by saying this one way, is don't do any kind of targeting. Literally just tell Facebook that you want to show your advertisement. And I will, I'll give some examples of some advertisements too as well in the training. But just create an advertisement within five to 10 miles of your shop and just create an offer that says, Hey, we're doing a giveaway for X, y, z. Put the link in there. We have 47 or 47 s, the number that I really like to use. We have 47 vouchers available for this service or offering. And then they click, they go to the click final and they enter their name, email, phone number, go to the email, you get the notification, the business owner gets the notification and then they can call that person right away and say, Hey, we noticed you got our voucher.
Would you like to come in and claim that? Yada, yada, yada. So that's what I would do is just set that up. The other way to target this gets a little bit more complicated, but if you have someone that knows Facebook, you have a cousin or something like that in your business or whatever that knows a little bit about Facebook, one of the best ways that I found to get really quality prospects that are similar to the ones that I want as customers is if you already have an existing Facebook page or you already have a book of business, what you want to do is you create a custom audience a lookalike audience of the people that like your page already. So you go into Facebook, you say create custom audience people that like our page, and you create a lookalike audience of people that already like your page.
Cause Facebook's going to go out and find people that are similar to the people that like your page. And then you do the same thing with your customer base. If you already have a customer base of emails and phone numbers, you just download that in an Excel spreadsheet. You upload that spreadsheet to Facebook of your past customers or existing customers, and Facebook's going to find people within your area that are similar to your customers. And now you have two audiences of people that are really, really targeted towards the people that you want as part of your business.

Clarence Fisher: Excellent advice. And you actually have a course that you've created on the whole giveaway model, right?

Jeremy Friedland: Yeah, so I created my course it's called Giveaway Profit Accelerator, and that's built for e-commerce platforms for e-commerce people. But I'm also going to be building out a course for local here coming up pretty soon. This is going to be local profit accelerator local giveaway profit accelerator for local businesses. So haven't dialed in the name yet, but it's basically , same concept but for local businesses to use vouchers. The cool thing about this, this course I'm going to be creating for local, is I'm actually going to be creating campaigns for the different holidays. So I'll be creating ideas that you can do for Christmas, for Hanukkah, for Halloween, for St. Patrick's Day, for Valentine's Day, stuff like that. Putting together actual Facebook ad campaigns and stuff like that that you can use for your business on a monthly basis.

Clarence Fisher: Excellent. Looking forward to that man. Man, I appreciate the time, the ideas, and we'll be lookout looking out for the funnels and we'll put that in the show notes. I think that's really going to be a blessing to everybody that that's listening today. Cool.

Jeremy Friedland: I hope so. I should have that to you, man. I should have that to you by the end of today or tomorrow.

Clarence Fisher: There you go. Those are you really?

Jeremy Friedland: Yeah.

Clarence Fisher: . You okay? I know me if, I'm sorry if I'm like, Hey, I'll have that to you.

Jeremy Friedland: I'll have it to you. I'll have it to you by today or tomorrow.

Clarence Fisher: I know you will. All right, brother. So alright. No last words there, man. If you haven't tell Jeremy and I go way back like Similac. So we've been on stage together and seen each other grow. So man, I love you and I appreciate that you have given my tribe all of this.

Jeremy Friedland: Absolutely. I'm happy. Like I said, I'm happy to be able to help and I hope that people can walk away and do something with this information and start using vouchers and giveaways to crank out their business because that's, like I said, I, I've used it to grow tons and tons of local businesses and I'm using it to create multiple six figures in my own e-commerce business as well. So it's just, it works.

Clarence Fisher: Excellent. All right man. We'll go kiss your baby.

Jeremy Friedland: I will.

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