You’ve Been HACKED! Now What? How to Reclaim Ownership of a Hacked Facebook Page
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About This Episode

Navigating Cyber Threats

In the era of digital everything, cybersecurity threats are ever-present. In this episode, we walk you through the steps to reclaim ownership of a hacked Facebook page and share insights on safeguarding your online presence.

Acknowledging the Reality: The Prevalence of Cyber Threats

First, we discuss the current cybersecurity landscape and the prevalence of threats, particularly on popular platforms like Facebook.

Being aware of potential cyber threats is the first step toward effective prevention and resolution.

You've Been Hacked: Recognizing the Signs

Next, we outline how to identify signs that your Facebook page has been hacked, from unusual activity to sudden changes in page ownership.

Recognizing the signs of a hack quickly can limit the damage and speed up recovery.

Reclaiming Your Facebook Page: Step-by-step Guide

We then walk you through the process of reclaiming a hacked Facebook page, from reporting the issue to Facebook to proving ownership and regaining access.

Following the correct procedures quickly and systematically can help you regain control of your Facebook page.

Post-Hack Measures: Securing Your FB Page

We discuss the measures you should take after reclaiming your Facebook page to secure it and prevent future attacks.

Updating your security settings and passwords, along with careful monitoring, can protect your page from future threats.

Preventive Measures: Keeping Your Page Safe

Finally, we share preventative measures that can keep your Facebook page safe from bad actors in the future, including best practices for password security, two-factor authentication, and user access levels.

Prevention is the best defense against cyber threats. Implement strong security measures to keep your Facebook page safe.

Join us in this critical episode as we guide you through the murky waters of a Facebook page hack and into the safe harbor of secure social media practices.

Let's go!

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Clarence Fisher

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Clarence Fisher: Welcome back to Local Market Monopoly, Clarence Fisher, your host. It is episode 90, and in this episode we're going to get really scandalous. Well, we're not getting scandalous. Typically scandalous people make us have to take these measures and it's Facebook hacked, so your Facebook account has been hacked. Now, what do you, in order to regain ownership of your Facebook profile, I know it's horrible. Don't go anywhere. We're going to cover exactly what to do when we get back.

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Clarence Fisher: Okay, so we're back. Your Facebook account is hacked. I'm a poet. I did not know it, but it's a bad thing when that happens. It's almost like a physical person burglarized something you own, right? When they take over your Facebook profile, you got to think, man, there's been so many hacks on Facebook that we don't even really know about. Facebook has been hacked by probably half a billion users have had their ID stolen their, what does it say here? Their location, their birthday, their email address, phone number, relationship status on more than a half billion Facebook users, and it's happened time and time again. 32 million accounts. One time. One time it was 540 million. Another time it was 419 million. These were all separate hacks from Facebook, but what happens when it's your account? First of all, what do they want? The biggest thing is selling your information or your username on the dark web.
So there are people who will buy unique Facebook usernames so that they can do what they want to do, like post crazy stuff and tag your friends in it. I mean, we've seen some really, really an uptick in things going on in Facebook, especially with business accounts that we manage and we help with. Not that they're not coming through us. Let me get that straight. I mean, we have some clients that we're running Facebook ads for and for instance, one of our clients will send over, Hey, this person is saying that we used an image that is not licensed and we're going to be in trouble unless we click this link in order to file something. Right? Well, and I'm so glad that they don't click anything. They send it to us first because if we look in it, we see that 30 other businesses are tagged in this fake Facebook page and they're attacking businesses, so they've created a fake Facebook page called Facebook Law something, and they create a post, one post that tags 20 different businesses saying that they are in violation of copyright and they need to click this thing.
That's one thing we've also seen where a business page got hacked through one of the administrators, the business had several administrators and they got hacked through one of their accounts. Well, they started running ads for something totally different. I forget what the product was, but they got hacked and they used that person's account, that business's account to run ads even for another business. But on a personal note, and we're going to cover what to do in both instances on an individual instance and then also for your business, but if it's a personal thing, a lot of times they nefarious people. I shouldn't say that because I spell nefarious. People want to buy the usernames and sometimes they will blackmail people. They buy all this stuff on the dark web. So what do you do if your Facebook is hacked? Well, number one, you want to confirm that it's truly hacked.
I have a friend that owns some Chick-fil-A's around here around town, and he is a super huge prankster, so a lot of times he'll grab his wife's phone and you'll see on Facebook if you're friends with both of them, that he will post something that is super crazy that it wasn't her posting, and then sometimes they get him too, so his kids will get his phone and they'll post something super crazy or she will post something super crazy on his phone and that it's not really hacked, but they will say, hacked by whatever. So that's not really a hack. You want to confirm if it's real or not. If it's a friend or if it's somebody's just playing a joke on you, can you log in to your account? Are you still able to do that? If you can log into the account, go to settings, I think it's settings, and then security and login, and you can see right there the devices that you've logged in from and you can check and see if there are any of the devices there that you don't know.
Well, if you were asleep when you logged in dad gum, well, that was not you. So really what you want to do at that point, things look suspicious. You want to click a link that you want to look for a link that says Log out of all sessions, and you click that, and I really like that feature right there. It also works with Netflix too. If your relatives are on your Netflix and they've got it all locked down where you cannot even watch a movie right now, then you can log in and log out of all sessions, and then when they text you like, what's up? You just be like, Hey, you know what? You're not paying for this. You need to just kind of sit this one out and you've got logged on your PlayStation. You're logged on your phone, you're logged on your laptop.
What the heck? Okay, I digress. You can tell that that happened before.
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Alrighty, so if you can't log in, it means the hacker has changed your password and this is when you have to contact Facebook or before, even before you contact Facebook. Really what you could do is you can have one of your friends or coworkers, somebody go look at your profile and see if anything's changed. Has your name changed? Have they taken one of your pictures and replaced and made a new profile picture? That typically happens a lot. Has your email changed? Have they deleted some people? Have they made any new posts here recently? I started getting posts from a long time, Brenda that I haven't talked to in a long time, but they put up some really raunchy stuff and tagged a whole bunch of her friends including me with it, and so I had tried to, I thought I realized she was hacked, so I untagged myself, but I don't think that did the trick, so I ended up having to unfriend her because what was being posted was really, really raunchy and I didn't click anything, but even just the thumbnail was crazy, so had to go ahead and unfriend to, I don't even know how I hit that note to make sure that everybody that was on my list was not affected by that and didn't see that.
Okay, so when you go to Facebook, we're going to put this link in here. It's like www.facebook.com/hacked, and then they're going to ask you, you got to put in your phone number. They're going to ask you some information and they're going to ask you how do you think that you got hacked? Was it a message? Was it private content? Are you finding a duplicate account? You're going to do that and then you're going to change all of your passwords once they get you in. Okay, you can do that from your desktop or you can do that from your phone. You want to change your passwords. We see the posts all the time is don't accept any friendship or friend request from me. I've been hacked. I think most people kind of understand that if your mom sends you another friend request that it's probably not her I know, or I get friend requests from friends that I'm like, all right, they're hacked.
They don't know they're hacked yet, but they're hacked because that's not my dog. That's not my person, but log out of all sessions. As we talked about, you want to change your passwords if you can get in there and change all of your passwords and then go double check your permissions. What apps have you given your account permissions for when you do the login as Facebook, because it's super convenient, you want to go in and look and say, where's that app? That's going to be settings and then apps and websites and see who you gave access to. Do you, do they really need access to your Facebook account because people can get in from that. You want to remove the apps that you don't need and then tighten up your login access. I hate two factor authentication. I tell my wife this all the time.
When it started coming on board and everything needed to be started, more and more sites were requiring it. I work online, so I have all these different, you would think because I work online so much, I would embrace two factor authentication, but to me, it slows us down and when I say, Ugh, I hate two factor authentication, she was like, well, you hate it until you need it. You hate it until something happens. Thank God nothing has happened, but I'm starting with so many hacks with friends and I'm seeing it happen with other businesses that I am glad that two factor authentication now, and actually I've almost been caught myself. I mean, these people are getting good. Not that I'm, I'm not even going to say the word, not that I'm not even going to put that in universe, but not that I'm immune to things happening and it's because I am online so much.
I see so much, but I've almost gotten got a couple of times because they are getting so good, so enable two factor authentication, but I'll turn that on whenever you can. You will not regret it. Now you've made all of these steps. You've taken all these steps. Now you need to let people know that you've been hacked. On the last episode, I told you that something really crazy happened to me concerning this and that I was shared with you, so I want to make good on that promise. I got a message from one of, who was it? It was, oh, it was one of my cousins, a good cousin. We haven't seen each other in a while, but we're really cool, and all it said was, send me your number. Okay, all right, so I sent her my number. Remember I told you that at times I've almost gotten caught?
Well, this is one of those times because later on that day I got a message from her saying, I'm trying to get into my Facebook account. I need to text you. Somehow it was phrased. It was like, I need to text you a confirmation code. I promise I'll take your phone number off the account as soon as I get back in. It was something like that and I thought, oh, no, unfriend my cousin, because all I could think of was what if I actually did this? How many people do they get to do this? Imagine this. They take my phone number. She's got they, I'll say she as if it was a she that is hacking me. I don't know if it was a she, whoever it is, got my phone number. They input my phone number into whatever they're trying to get access to, it texts them or it texts me the confirmation.
I give them the PIN code, the confirmation, and now they are in. I don't know what of my stuff. That is so crazy that, and I think as AI becomes even more a part of our lives that the bad actors have a super, super, super weapon. I think I already read that AI can break passwords within seconds, but then they've got AI creating passwords, but then it's also like, what is it or what did they say? The wolf tending the sheep or the wolf in the handout. I don't know how that goes. You know how that goes. You just said it to yourself, but I almost got caught, so don't fall for things like, I forgot my bank PIN or I lost my wallet. Please send cab fair stuff like that. Don't fall for that. It's really easy to at times. Now you want to review all of your privacy settings.
You probably haven't visited since you started Facebook. Go and check, I think it says check a few important things, but go check your privacy settings and tighten things up. You can tighten up who sees your post, what happens when someone comments on your post. There are tons of privacy settings. Now, since Facebook got in trouble a couple of years ago, actually they've stayed in trouble, but it, things are little different. If you have a business account and it's your business account that's being that's been hacked, you have to go through a few more steps. What we covered so far is your personal, but here's how you are going to get back ownership of your business account. You have to submit an admin dispute request to Facebook, and we're going to put those links in the show notes. It's facebook.com/support and then you got facebook.com/businesshelp, but you're going to need some documentation.
This is what you're going to need, a valid photo ID of whoever is requesting. You're going to need a signed statement with the request and this information right here, description of your relationship to the business and that you have the authority to even make this request that you're not a hacker yourself, and then an explanation of the request. I mean you, you're going to go through some things. You need the Facebook account and the email address associated with the Facebook profile because business accounts are associated to a Facebook profile, so you're going to need both of those. If you have a business manager, you're going to need to put the business manager ID that you would like to be added. All of this can be found at the link that we're putting in the show notes. I'm just kind of going through it for you, and you're going to need the amount of the past three invoices that were bill that to that business manager.
This is if your business manager has gotten hacked along with your Facebook. I'm going to put some links here to those. I actually found from another marketing agency. It was Haley Marketing actually, that I sent to a client that helped get their business Facebook page unlocked. I mean, we were working a shout out to her. She did all of the work. I don't even know if, did she even use this? I don't know, but she got it unlocked and it was amazing. It was just crazy for a minute, but we're going to put these links in the show notes for you in case your business, I really hope your business account does not get hacked, so you've got what to do for your personal, now you have what to do for business, and now we just knock on wood that that's what we do. No, now we're going to move on. I really hope you enjoyed the episode and I hope you never have to use what we just shared. I mean, it's kind of like packing, right? Packing. Hopefully you never have to use it, but if you do, then you should know how. Okay? Until next week, do what you have to do in order to own the block.

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