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Content is king! But what local business owner has time to spin out massive amounts of content for blogs and social media on a regular basis? 

In this episode, Clarence will uncover how you can create content at scale by turning one piece of content into many useful pieces with The Repurpose Machine. No, this isn’t a machine, but it is a content strategy to maximize the use of every piece you create to get lead-generation results. It’s all about scaling your content strategy to repurpose content across all platforms. Tune in to maximize your content strategy this year.

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Clarence Fisher

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Clarence Fisher: Content is king! But what local business owner has time to span out massive amounts of content for blogs and social media on any type of regular basis. Hey, what's up. Welcome back to Local Market Monopoly. I am Clarence Fisher, your host, and in today's episode, I'm going to uncover how you can turn one piece of content into many useful pieces with the repurpose machine. And now it's not an actual machine that we're creating, but it is a content strategy to maximize the use of every single piece that you create to get leads. It's all about scaling your content strategy to repurpose that content over and over again. And I'll show you how to do it very, very easily as soon as we get back.

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Clarence Fisher: All right, welcome back. Okay. So today we're going to talk about how to get more bang for your content marketing dollar. We're going to talk about turning one piece of content into up to like 10 or even more, as much as you really want. And it's called the repurpose machine. And I was not actually a machine, you know this, but what I mean is by it's a system and once it gets going, it does run like a machine. Now, if you tuned in last week, if you did it, you should go, you should go listen to that. I almost said you should go watch that, uh, active imagination. You could, you, you really could, uh, but go listen to last week's episode and it will be a precursor to this if you did it. Um, but, uh, this is kind of an extension to it.

Clarence Fisher: Now, this is the way the machine works. If you can imagine, uh, I mean, first, first of all, we all know the content is still king, right? Content. You gotta put it out there. Every company is a media company almost now, but content is still king. And the thing is, we want to be everywhere, but who has the time to make that happen? And that's where this machine came into play, because even we struggle with that, you know, I struggle with it. There's only one of me and you know, who wants to, whether you're going to put invest money or time, it's going to take something in order to get the content out. So we developed this machine and this is how it works. If you would imagine this take one blog post, well, let's do this first.

Clarence Fisher: I always ask clients. And you should probably think about this yourself. What form of media are you the most likely to do on a regular basis? Meaning, you know, some people like to, they don't mind writing. Some people don't are better, don't mind video which you know, some people don't mind audio, which is why I do a blog, a podcast every week is because I am least uncomfortable doing this. And probably because I was in radio for 10 years before I even started my internet marketing, my digital marketing company. And one day I was like, man, we need to get more leads.

Clarence Fisher: Man, what do I enjoy? Do You know? And of course my wife's like, I've been telling you, you need to start a podcast because, you know, that's what, that's what you do. And I thought you know what? I should start, I should start a podcast. Okay. You know, it was right there before my eyes. It's like, I've been doing it for 10 years. Why aren't you doing that? It's really anyway. So think about that, of the three most popular, you know, modes of communication there. What do you enjoy most? Is it writing? Is it video? Is it audio? And it is a slippery kind of slope. When you say enjoy most, anytime I ask a business owner that or marketing director that they're like, really, I would like it to just be done. I don't want to do any of it, but what would you hate the least, right?

Clarence Fisher: So start there the point being clear, dad, gum it, start there, pick one, you can start with a blog. You can start with a video or you can start with a podcast audio. But for this purpose, we're going to talk about a blog. So take, imagine you to take one blog. You're like, dude, it took you forever to get there. One blog take that blog and it, that blog can become a Facebook post. Okay. Then, you can tweak that, of course, recycle it for Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, even Tiktok, if you want to, but this is how it works. You publish a new blog or an article, whatever on your website. And then pull, pull for brief posts for social media out of that one piece of content. So you've got this blog, let's pull four pieces out of that and share that on all of your social media platforms.

Clarence Fisher: Then grab some screenshots of any relevant snippets from the blog. This is the same blog and you can share that on Instagram and that little carousel format that they had. And then you can create a video out of the blog on the points that, that you shared, and that video can be posted again on Facebook, on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram if it's short. So we typically start a lot with, um, I mean, we can start with a blog. Like what I'm sharing with you right now is a blog that we've created and then it's become a podcast episode just now. And it will become a video. This will also end up on our website. I mean on our, yeah, on the website as a blog, and then it will be sent out as an email and, and two different sections.

Clarence Fisher: So it will be sent out if you're on our email list, you'll see, uh, we'll have a little bit of this in the marketing minute that comes out every Friday now. And also the podcast edition will come out on Thursday. You'll also see it on Facebook. You'll see it on LinkedIn and you'll see it on Twitter for us. One piece of content. And this is done once a week for us. I mean, if you think I get a lot of comments like, Hey man, uh, you are turning out all types of content. And someone called me prolific the other day and I thought, man, that is so cool. But really it's the machine. It is this. So I'm recording this for you and I will wrap it up, shoot it off. I mean, the team, you know, does this now, speaking of, if you want us to do this for you, we can definitely do it for you.

Clarence Fisher: Don't, I know you're like, Hey man, that's cool, but I don't even want to do that. That's fine. That's fine. Hit us up. And we will have a quick strategy session and see if we're a good fit. But, um, but back to what I was saying is, I mean, the team does it. So I'm going to record this. I'm going to hit stop and shoot it off. And then everything, everything happens. So at this point, that's just how it goes. And that is the machine that I can get back to doing what I do. So you want to set this up for you, start with what you would do consistently either a blog or you can even have a blog written for you. You can have it all done for you. All right. But if you want to do it, start with a blog, either audio or video, and then take from that all these other pieces.

Clarence Fisher: And if you go back again, go back to last week where we did the FAQ/SAQ framework, you can start there that will give you 20 weeks worth of content that you can plug into this machine. That's how that works. All right. So take it. Don't leave it. I will not say take it or leave it. Don't leave it. We need to, you need to own the block. So until next week, if you have any questions, go to Clarencefisher.com/ask, and we will get your question answered on air as it is. Or you can go to localmarketmonopoly.com and check out the Inner Circle. So until next week, go bring the heat, market like a maniac, and own the block.

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