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Before doing business with a new company, do you check who they are?

Do you care what they stand for?

Of course, your whole website can exude how nice you are. But your “About page” is a prime location for showing you're a good egg, and thereby increasing sales.

In this episode, we'll discuss the most common mistakes that slaughter your likeability and may chase away customers. You'll also learn practical ways to optimize a stunningly helpful, user-friendly About Page that helps boost conversion. Listen to this episode now!

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Clarence Fisher

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Clarence Fisher: Welcome back to Local Market Monopoly. I'm Clarence Fisher, your host getting ready for the New year. New year, new you booboo. That's what all we always say, right? And another thing that we're getting ready for is revamping O the website. And in looking at it, we came across the About Us page and it made me think about you as I was looking at About Us , I thought about you because that is like the most visited page on your website, and from experience, I know that too many companies treat that valuable real estate, kind of like an advertising. You know, you put a paragraph up there about your passion, about making the widgets or whatever you make, and that's it. You miss a huge opportunity. So today, you're going to pull up your website and we're going to go through your About Us page, so many eyes on that content. And these would be some of your best words on your website. Okay? So when we get back, I'm going to share six mistakes that I see companies make frequently, and then you can check yours out and say, Hey, are we on point, or do we need to rewrite?

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Clarence Fisher: All right. Welcome back. Thank you for staying with me. Okay. So now we're talking about the, About US page and I'm telling you for years, I've been saying it's one of the most visited pieces of real estate or pages second to your home page. I mean, people land on your homepage, right? But then the very next thing they do is they go to the About Us page to see who they're going to deal with, right? And the first thing that I want to share with you that is usually the case is it doesn't show your personality for whatever reason. When we get to make an About Us page, we get really stuffy and we start talking corporate lingo and mumbo jumbo, and you don't show any personality on the About Us page. Don't do that. Write as you talk. This is that's, that's the in thing now.

Clarence Fisher: Now it's not stuffy. Stuffy. Just write how you talk. Even as B2B. I'll give you an example that you can go check out. Uh, you can go check out velocity partners, V E L O C I T Y P A R T N E R S go check. I check them out. They're B2B content marketing agency. It'd be really easy for them to be super stiff, right? Instead, they wrote this fun, little blurb about every team member that they have so that potential customers can get an idea of the personalities that's behind that brand. Now of if your brand is really stiff, then you can be that way. But most, most on most brands, I would say, show the personality, the culture of your company. Okay? Now you got that. You got that? So let's move on to number two. Number two, most frequently mistake, most or frequent a mistake is it focuses too much on you.

Clarence Fisher: I know it's an About Us page. I know it's About Us, but when you're talking About Us, at some point, you do have to bring that back around to how that ties into your potential customer, client, or patient, because everybody's favorite radio station is W F I I M, right? What's in it for me, that's all there. That's all they care about. I'll tell you seriously, your potential customer does not care about you really. They don't care about your logo. I'll say that before. All they hear about is what's in it for them. And on the About Us page, they want to know, can you solve the problem that they want? And then also we'll go into this. Can they trust you? Right? And so that moves us to number three, which is it doesn't have a strong headline. You want to make sure you have a strong headline.

Clarence Fisher: If your About Us page just says About Us, you need to fix that, right. It doesn't have to be clever. A lot of times people get even to collaborate. It doesn't have to be clever, but it does need to say what you do. And here's a, here's an example. You can go check out, copyhackers.com. They've got a headline on there and says, helping great businesses build audiences, short, sweet, short to the point. It's what they do. So go look at your website, if it just says About Us, think of something, what you do and change that. And then what I was saying before, uh, brings us to the next mistake that we see a lot. And that's not including social proof. You got social proof, 88% of consumers believe people they don't even know. So you can sprinkle review each of you does this all throughout your website.

Clarence Fisher: Let me give you some, anytime on your website, where you make a claim, support that with a testimonial or a review from someone who purchased that product, right? So if you sell a service on really on each one of your service pages, you should have some type of preferable video. But if you don't have a video have just the text of a testimonial of someone who used that service telling you to increase your conversion rates, just like that. Right? So on your About Us page, you want to have a social proof as well. Testimonials reviews put them on there, and also put them throughout the rest of your website. Okay. And then number five, you want to make sure that it shows your face. Okay? You'd like to, I can't tell you how many times we've done a website and the company doesn't want to put any faces on there. I get it. Sometimes you're like, Hey, I don't want to put these people on here. I don't even know what they're going to be here now, next week, or whatever, but make sure somebody is on there. You want to, you want to have a face, not necessarily just a logo. People do business with other people, right? And the big thing that hardly anybody does, this is huge. Is this huge ready? Drum roll.

Clarence Fisher: Tell them what to do next. Yes. Tell them what you want them to do next. This is, I'm gonna tell you, this is how it goes. They go to your website. They go to the About Us page. They look at you, they say, Oh, okay. These people have a little personality. They're focusing on me. Not just about them. I love that. My favorite, my favorite word in the whole English language is my last name. I love that. I love that. My favorite topic is me. So they're talking about me. Oh, they have a strong headline here. They're telling me exactly what they do. Whoa. These people use them as well. Let me listen to that. Oh, okay. Well that, let me read that. Oh, that's amazing. That is amazing. Well, I wonder what they look like. Whoa, beautiful people. I'm sold. What should I do?

Clarence Fisher: And then you don't tell them what to do next. Okay. I guess I'll X out of here. They almost had me tell them what to do next. What we need you to do is either click here, fill out the form, or we need you to do is make this phone call or make this phone call or click the phone, the form, but tell them what to do. All right. So really quick, really short today. Just pull up your website, press play on this episode, and go through your website, your About Us page. And I'm telling you if you pull up your Google analytics and this is the second most visited page on your entire website. Okay. I would probably bet you one chicken nugget if I was a betting man, but I am not. So you just have to take my word for it.

Clarence Fisher: Okay. So until next time, Oh, I wanted to tell you, Hey, if you want some help with that, I forget. My team is like, Hey man, you need to make an offer at the end of these episodes. Ooh. Okay. I was just like during the episode, but if you would like some help, right? Writing ad, an awesome, we have awesome writers on the team. If you would like some help crafting an incredible high conversion About Us page, just go to Clarencefisher.com/help. And there's a little form there and you just fill it out and if we're a good fit, then we're a good fit. It's that easy. All right. So, like always share the episode, like the episode, review the episode, if you would, and until next week go market your business, make a difference and own the block.

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