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It's no secret that it takes time and effort to grow a business. And if you want to generate leads online, then your business needs a lead magnet.

But here's the thing no one is telling you. Lead magnets aren't enough anymore.

In this week's episode, I'll share a powerful strategy that can exponentially grow your sales, leads, and traffic. Listen now!

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Clarence Fisher: Hey, welcome back to Local Market Monopoly. My name is Clarence Fisher and I am your host and welcome to a new year. Today, we're going to talk about a way, uh, actually it's about lead magnets. And as I was thinking, going through a couple of sites, I thought, you know, this is really awesome. Yes, they can have my email number, my email number, my email address, my phone number, and everything they're asking because this is super awesome. What they're offering me. And I thought most people don't even know about this. Most business owners don't even know about this. They're probably still doing the old school lead magnet thing. So I thought that's what I would share with you today and give you a startling fact about the lead magnets that you have and how we can increase conversion while you're using them, provide incredible value to your visitors as always and increase your Goodwill in the marketplace. But you're going to be super surprised. Well, maybe about what, what I share with you, you're super smart. Maybe not, I'll be right back.

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Clarence Fisher: Okay. So let's talk about lead magnets. We're going to jump right into it. You know, typically I know back in the day, it was just a big deal to get people, to send traffic to their website. So we'd say, Hey, send traffic to your website. Actually, we had a, believe it or not, we had a hard time getting people to understand that they needed a website serious, serious. Now, people kind of know that, that, you know, you need a website now it's like, make sure that your Google My Business is clean, but that's a whole other episode, in the beginning, we're not going to go to the beginning, but at least the beginning of the internet, we would send traffic to websites, right?

Clarence Fisher: And then we thought we should really collect some information about people who visit our websites. Yes, that'd be great. So we started asking for, when I say we, I mean us as the business market that the business owners, we started collecting emails by saying, sign up for my newsletter. And that was enough. Hey, you know, that was back when we got excited when we got it.

Clarence Fisher: Well, you've got mail. Oh, Hey, Hey, gather around. I've got an email.

Clarence Fisher: Then as time went on, we thought, you know what? Everybody's asking to sign for the newsletter and now opt-ins are or are getting fewer and less. So now let's offer something of value. Let's give a free report. So then we started offering PDFs. And that is great. If you had that on your website, keep it on your website. I'm telling you, but this is what we're going to do. I'm going to give you, show you how to upgrade that. Because the startling fact is that the lead magnet, you have probably 80, there's an 80%, 90% chance that it's not enough. And it's again because everyone is doing that. Everyone's giving the lead magnet. Um, if you're not, you're like, man, I'm super bad, right? No worry, you can jump to the front of the line. Okay. Um, here's what happens with the lead magnet.

Clarence Fisher: The same, the same lead magnet you have on every single page of your website is let's say someone comes to your website and they're reading about, I don't know. Let's say it's an agency site and they're reading about Facebook marketing, but the lead magnet on your page is about a report about email marketing. You know, the 100 email tricks, or if you're a veterinarian, say they're reading a blog about how to make sure their cat comes back in the morning and you have a PDF about how to teach your dog new tricks, right? Doesn't fit. So what you want to do is what's called a content upgrade. And this was turned by a guy named Brian Dean over Backlinko and a content upgrade is content specifically designed to enhance a specific piece of content. So let's say, let's, let's go with a cat example.

Clarence Fisher: Please help me get my cat home in the morning while you're reading that blog posts. What didn't you like to, what would help you with that? Would it be maybe a PDF about how to teach your cat new tricks at least like what would enhance that? That's what you want to do is take them a step further in that specific journey. So right now you're thinking well let's talk, let's talk about Brian. When he stumbled on this, he increased his own conversion rate on his website from 0.54% to 4.82% winning, right? That is an incredible increase. So what'd you want to do is solve the problem right now. What problem are they reading about solve that problem right then and there. And you can do more than just the PDF. Let's upgrade that. Okay. So you can do PDFs, you can do checklists, uh, you can do video tutorials.

Clarence Fisher: This is where you can give them worksheets to work it out. How big, how big is your cat? There's your, there's your cat? Uh, have blue eyes. I don't know, um, plugins, you can give them extensions. You can give them coupons for that particular piece of content. But whatever you do solve the problem, right? Then this is not the time when you want to give a 100 page PDF to them. Okay. I know some of us, we have books and we say, Hey, this book can apply to every, every piece of content that they read. Yeah, that's great. If you have that, that's a great place to start, but I do want to challenge you to look at different pieces of content on your website and find out what would be the next logical step and develop a content upgrade for that back content.

Clarence Fisher: Now I know you're like Clarence, that's going to take money. That's going to take time. You can reuse these upgrades on multiple posts. So for instance, it's basically whatever content fits this fits that upgrade and group those together. And you want to have that upgrade on those pages. And then also you can use your content upgrade when you do presentations, maybe you do a zoom presentation. And one of the giveaways is your upgrade. Maybe you do an in-person presentation. Hopefully there are some pockets in the U S where you can do an in person presentation. Oklahoma's probably one of them. But you can give away your content upgrade there. So once all of that is complete you can use a plugin or a service like opt-in monster to help you sync the content, upgrade with your email list.

Clarence Fisher: But basically, I mean, what happens is people are perusing through your website. They're reading a piece of content and no matter where they go, there is a logical next step, not just a singular PDF or a singular book that does not really pertain to what they're reading, try it out. And I get here I go with the guarantees. You are most likely, probably going to increase your conversion rate. All right. So here's the thing that we do. It's called ask Clarence. You could go to Clarencefisher.com every week. We give you a chance to get coaching for your specific business about marketing strategy, offers, sales, whatever it is you need, just go to Clarencefisher.com/ask. That's A S K and you will be asked one question, and that is what's the single biggest question you have about your marketing, about marketing your business online. You're gonna leave a 60-second voice clip and then I'll get it. I'll play it. And then we will answer that in the next episode. Also, if you need some help from either me or my team you can go to Clarence fisher.com/help and grab a strategy session from there, absolutely free at the moment. And we'll get you some help there. Okay. Welcome to the new year. I'm looking forward to hitting some new goals, some new levels with you, and we will see you next week.

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